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3 types of cheap outdoor wall panels with the best quality today

Outdoor wall panels is an exterior protection material to increase longevity, and at the same time increase the aesthetics of a luxurious building. Especially with today's increasing demand, more types of cladding panels are produced. Here are the 3 most popular and high quality materials available today.


Outdoor wood plastic – Outdoor wall panels protect 15 years

This material can also be called wood plastic WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) or Composite panel, ... Wood-plastic Composite Made of wood pulp and plastic powder, which increases resistance to environmental impacts. With a design that looks like real wood, it is being used by many homeowners and architects for their projects. When looking at us, it is difficult to distinguish whether it is fake wood or real.

Outdoor plastic wood panels protect walls.
Outdoor plastic wood panels protect walls.

Features of Composite outdoor wood imitation wall panels:

Plastic wood material is composed of 60% wood pulp, 30% PE resin and 10% colorants and other safe additives. Products have diverse appearance designs, there are many choices for customers with many different wood grain.

  • Very resistant to termites and molds.
  • High quality flame retardant.
  • Wall Panel Effective heat resistance.
  • Has good waterproof properties.
  • Non-scratch, anti-slip surface.
  • Able to withstand heavy pressure without deformation or warping.
  • Warranty coming 5 year.
Outdoor plastic wood paneling withstands sun and rain well.
Outdoor plastic wood paneling withstands sun and rain well.

What is the application of plastic wood outdoor panels?

Currently, plastic wood wall panels can be used in many different roles such as wall panels, ceiling panels, etc. Thanks to many superior features that not everyone knows about, the cost is also quite lower. . There are many suppliers of this material in the Vietnamese market with many different prices.

Because the wood is like that has a very long durability (about over 15 years), suitable for Vietnam's climate, so it is gradually replacing natural wood in many constructions, especially public constructions.

Plastic wood panels for gates.
Plastic wood panels for gates.

Cement board outdoor wall panels

Cement board is a wall cladding material made up of cement, sand and lime. The mixture is mixed in certain proportions for the best durability. Thanks to the quiet color, and diverse appearance, rich in size, the product is very popular to use. In particular, they have high aesthetic value.

What are the characteristics of cement outdoor cladding panels?

  • Has a very high impact resistance.
  • Can resist moisture well.
  • Pure white cement with various surface designs to increase aesthetics.
  • High durability
  • The price of cement wall panels is quite soft
  • Safe for human health
  • Easy to install and transport during construction.

The application of cement board outdoor wall cladding materials

Products of cement panels are diverse in size, with many different smooth or 3D surface designs. They have high aesthetic value and are suitable as ceiling and wall cladding materials in both interior and exterior. In particular, cement panels are in harmony with all constructions, are not picky and will be the ideal choice for offices, restaurants, cafes, houses, etc.

Super durable outdoor cement panels
Super durable outdoor cement panels.

Cement panels are easy to find, unique and contain a luxurious mysterious color that is different from other materials. This will be a great choice for homeowners who love dark colors.


Stone outdoor wall cladding materials

Stone material The interior and exterior have been very familiar to us since ancient times. With a wide range of applications in construction and many other fields, it always has a special attraction for every project.

Features of beautiful stone wall panels

  • It is a good soundproof wall panel.
  • Not weathered during use by weather.
  • High resistance to environmental changes.
  • Insulation from the outside.
  • Waterproof.
  • Durable over time.
  • Does not fade or degrade.
  • Withstands great impact.
  • The price is quite high.
Beautiful classical style stone wall tiles
Beautiful classic style stone wall tiles.

The application of stone outdoor waterproof wall panels

Stone wall It is a great alternative to traditional monotonous paints and mortars. With preeminent features, diverse colors suitable for all projects, homeowners will be completely satisfied when choosing and using.

Unique wall stone will often be used for different projects such as villas, resorts, houses, entertainment centers, cafes, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Customers who love the beauty of natural stone, or stone veins of all kinds will find it unique and impressive. The type of stone that is hot right now is black laterite, Slate stone, etc. Wall stone materials have many construction methods depending on the requirements and preferences of the homeowner. Products Bring to the ceiling wall full of eye-catching colors.

Combination of stone and wood wall panels
Combination of stone and wood wall panels.

So, this article has shared it with you 3 types of cheap outdoor wall panels best today. Please refer to the characteristics to note and floor types, contact Kosmos immediately here or hotline +0903 093 221 XNUMX advice and choose the most suitable type.

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