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Wood-imitation plastic partitions: Classification, advantages and disadvantages, quotes, applications, beautiful models

Wood-grain plastic partitions (wood-grain plastic partitions) are partitions whose main components are plastic and are covered with a decorative layer of faux-wood grain on the surface with the main purpose of dividing space reasonably while still Ensuring project aesthetics. This ... read more
10 - 05 - 2024

Instructions for constructing wood-imitation plastic partitions

Construction of wood-imitation plastic partitions is the process of installing partitions with beautiful wood grain surfaces to divide interior space. Currently, faux wood partitions are increasingly popular in office buildings, houses, apartments, showrooms,... to create a ... read more
10 - 05 - 2024

Galawood double-sided plastic partitions: Structure, advantages, applications, collections

Galawood double-sided plastic partition is a product used to divide interior space. It has a thick core layer made of PVC and stone powder, 2 sides are covered with high quality wood grain film. The product has a durability of over 2 years! Thanks to the core layer with... read more
07 - 05 - 2024