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The latest price list of Walnut wood flooring

When it comes to Walnut wood floor, many people feel impressed and excited. But is this type of flooring really as unique as its name suggests? Kosmos will help you answer all the information through the article below.


About Walnut Wood Flooring

Walnut Flooring, also known as Walnut laminate flooring, is a type of natural flooring made from Walnut wood. This is a type of wood imported directly from the US or Europe. The wood has a light brown or chocolate core, and may have light red or yellow slats.

Walnut boards have a natural and soft look, with waves or swirls forming beautiful and luxurious spots on the surface. Not only beautiful, walnut wood is also very hard and anti-collision. This type of flooring is capable of adapting to all weather conditions in Vietnam. With these characteristics, Walnut wood board becomes a strong opponent for other types of wood wood floor other on the market.

Walnut flooring has natural color and high durability
Walnut floor has natural color and high durability

6 advantages of walnut wood flooring

Walnut flooring has many attractive advantages, including:

  • High aesthetics: Walnut floor has beautiful natural colors, creating luxury and warmth for living space.
  • Durable: The floor is made from quality natural wood, which is resistant to abrasion and withstands great pressure. This floor can be used for a long time without deformation or damage.
  • Easy to install: Natural Walnut Flooring is designed with advanced technology, making installation easy and quick.

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  • Water resistant and easy to clean: Walnut wood floor surface is treated well against moisture, so it does not absorb water and is easy to clean. Another advantage is that this floor is less dusty and free of termites, helping to maintain a clean and safe living space for health.
  • Good sound and heat insulation properties: Walnut floor has good sound insulation, helps reduce noise and create a quiet space for the house. Moreover, wooden floors also retain heat well, creating favorable conditions for maintaining a stable temperature in the room.
  • Environmental friendliness: This type of floor is manufactured from natural wood and does not contain harmful chemicals, contributing to the protection of the environment and human health.
Walnut flooring brings a lot of value to users
Walnut Floor brings a lot of value to users

The latest price list of Walnut wood flooring

Walnut wood plank is a special material, known for its many preeminent properties and luxurious beauty. Although the price is high, but it is worth the value that the product brings. With a beautiful and attractive wood grain, walnut is a rare natural wood. This is considered the first choice to bring outstanding class to living space.

Here is the price list of walnut wood flooring you can refer to: 

Product the size Price/m2
Walnut Floor 15mm 15x90x450mm 1.000.000
15x90x600mm 1.300.000
15x90x750mm 1.450.000
15x90x900mm 1.550.000
15x90x1050mm 1.600.000
15x90x1200mm 1.650.000
Walnut Floor 18mm 18x120x600mm 1.800.000
18x120x750mm 1.900.000
18x120x900mm 2.000.000
18x120x1050mm 2.050.000
18x120x1200mm 2.150.000
18x120x1800mm 2.900.000
Herringbone Walnut Wood Flooring 15x90x450mm 1.500.000
Composite Walnut Wood Flooring 15x120x900mm 1.000.000

Note: The above price list was updated in early 2023, product prices may change from time to time.

Walnut flooring products with reasonable price
Walnut flooring products have reasonable prices

How to use the floor to increase life

When using wooden floors, especially Walnut wood floors, you need to note a few things to ensure the durability of the product:

  • When cleaning wooden floors, use a dry towel to wipe, and turn on the fan to help the floor dry faster.
  • Always maintain a regular cleaning process for wooden floors. If you accidentally spill water or carbonated drinks on the floor, use a soft cloth to wipe it off immediately. Avoid leaving stubborn stains on the floor surface for too long so as not to increase the difficulty of cleaning.
  • To avoid scratching the floor, lift off heavy objects such as cabinets, beds, chairs, etc. when moving.
  • In Vietnam, we have two main seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. During the rainy season, the door should be pulled open to prevent rainwater from splashing on the floor. In the dry season, you should pull down the curtain to block the sunlight, to avoid the high temperature coming into contact with wooden surfaces.
Use curtains to avoid direct sunlight on the floor surface
Use curtains to avoid direct sunlight on the floor surface

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7 notes when choosing walnut wood flooring

When choosing Walnut wood flooring, you should note the following:

  • Choose flooring with clear origin and good quality. Walnut natural wood flooring is beautiful and more durable than artificial wood.
  • Check the thickness and hardness of the walnut floor before purchasing. Wood floors that are thick and have good hardness will be more durable and will not warp or deform after a period of use.
  • Choose the color and wood grain to suit the space and design needs. Walnut floor has a mixed brown color and beautiful natural wood grain, creating a cozy and luxurious feeling for the space.
Choose the right color for the space
Choose the right color for the space
  • System check lock of the floor to ensure easy installation and no looseness after time of use.
  • Determine the floor's water resistance to suit the area of ​​use. You need to choose a type with good water resistance to avoid mold and damage caused by contact with water.

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  • Check your supplier's warranty policy to ensure support and protect your interests in the event of a floor failure.
  • Compare the price and quality of different types of Walnut laminate flooring. Don't just choose based on the low price, but consider the overall value and use of the product.


In addition to walnut wood flooring, you can also refer to many other types of industrial wood flooring with walnut texture such as: Egger wood flooring, Robina laminate flooring, Thaixin wooden floor,... Because it is laminate flooring, the price will be much cheaper than natural floor But the visual and sensory effects are almost the same.

Above is the share about the price of walnut wood flooring and other related information. Hope this article will be useful to you, hope in the future, Kosmos will be supported and become a reliable companion of customers.

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