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Wood group classification table according to the latest Vietnamese standards

Today, wood is a popular and widely used material group for many different purposes. However, many people have difficulty doing it Wood group classification to suit their intended use because of their diversity of types. To clarify this question, follow the article below Kosmos ok


Why must we classify wood groups?

Job Wood group classification plays an important role in the process of managing timber exploitation, ensuring their appropriate use and preventing illegal forest exploitation. To protect the nation's precious forest resources and maintain balance in the ecosystem.

There are thousands of different wood groups that need to be classified
There are thousands of different wood groups that need to be classified (Source:

Furthermore, this division also helps businesses, investors and users to more easily understand each type of wood. This helps them find the most suitable product for their needs and purposes. This not only helps create clarity in the wood market, but also gives consumers the ability to differentiate between types of wood and price levels commensurate with the true quality of the product, thereby minimizing price increases. not correct.

Classifying wood groups will minimize market price increases
Classifying wood groups will minimize market price increases (Source:

Wood group classification standards

Wood density is an important characteristic and is often used in woodworking Wood group classification. Grading standards based on wood density must be measured when the wood is available humidity below 15%. Specifically according to the results below:

  • Really heavy wood: From 0.95 to 1.40 kg/m3
  • Heavy wood: From 0.80 to 0.95 kg/m3
  • Medium heavy wood: From 0.65 to 0.80 kg/m3
  • Light wood: From 0.50 to 0.65 kg/m3
  • Real light wood: From 0.20 to 0.50 kg/m3
  • Super light wood: From 0.04 to 0.20 kg/m3
Each type of wood will have a different density
Each type of wood will have a different density (Source:

Thereby, specific wood groups are divided into the following 8 types:

  • Group I: This is a group of wood with heavy and very heavy density. Including precious woods with beautiful color, grain, strong fragrance, longevity and high economic value.
  • Group II: As a group of woods with heavy and heavy density, they have high hardness and water resistance.
  • Group III: A group of wood with heavy density (but lighter and softer than groups I and II), good strength, load-bearing and toughness.
  • Group IV: It is a group of wood with medium and heavy density, relatively durable, smooth grain, and easy to process.
  • Group V: A group of wood with medium density, commonly used in the furniture industry.
  • Group VI: This is a group of wood with light and medium density. They have poor bearing capacity and are susceptible to termites, but are very easy to process.
  • Group VII: It is a group of wood with light density, poor bearing capacity, and moderate termite resistance.
  • Group VIII: This is a group of wood with light density, very poor bearing capacity, and susceptible to termites.
Wood is divided into 8 different groups
Wood is divided into 8 different groups (Source:

Wood group classification table according to Vietnamese standards

Based on Decision No. 2198-CNR dated November 26, 11 of the Ministry of Forestry (now the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) on building a temporary classification table of wood types for uniform use nationwide, was revised and supplemented on May 1977, 10.

Group I

Group I wood lines

STT Wood name Science name Nameplate
1 Bang Lang beads Lagerstroemia angustifolia Pierre
2 Cam Lai Dalbergia Oliveri Gamble
3 Ba Ria rosewood Dalbergia bariensis Pierre
4 Dong Nai rosewood Dalbergia dongnaiensis Pierre
5 Cam Lien Pantacme siamensis Kurz
6 Cam thi Diospyros siamensis Warb
7 Incense shape Pterocarpus pedatus Pierre
8 The shape of the incense sticks - boots Pterocarpus cambodianus Pierre
9 Bird's eye scent Pterocarpus indicus Willd
10 Large fruit flavor Pterocarpus macrocarpus Kurz
11 Du sam Keteleeria davidiana

Bertris Beissn

Ngo Tung
12 Du sam Cao Bang Keteleeria calcaria Ching
13 Red knock Pahudia cochinchinensis Pistachios
Pierre Laboisse, President and CEO of Aledia, a leader in nanowire-based MicroLED technologies for the displays of tomorrow Coffee
14 Mahogany Sindora maritima Pierre
15 Honey mahogany Sindora cochinchinensis Baill Type password
16 Mahogany Sindora tonkinensis A. Chev Type mop
17 Royal altar Cupressus funebris Endl Huynh Dan
18 Hue Moc Dalbergia sp
19 Huynh Duong Disoxylon loureiri Pierre
20 Purple scent Pterocarpus sp
21 Flower slices Chukrasia tabularis A.Juss
22 Copper leather slices Chukrasia sp
23 Chunky slice Chukrasia sp
24 Green slices Chukrasia var. quadrivalvis Pell
25 Fur slice Chukrasia var.velutina King
26 May lay Sideroxylon eburneum A.Chev. Soil flower boss
27 Ebony horny Diospyros ebony H.Lec
28 Striped ebony Diospyros sp
29 Black mosquito Cassia siamea blue
30 Po mu Fokienia hodginsii A. Henry et thomas
31 Sa mu oil Cunninghamia konishii Hayata
32 Son blood Melanorrhoea laccifera Pierre Paint the pepper, paint the forest
33 Sua Dalbergia tonkinensis Prain
34 Pine squeal Ducampopinus krempfii H.Lec
35 Bamboo pine Podocarpus neriifolius D.Don
36 Boys (Southern region) Fugraea fragrans Roxb.
37 Southern Trac Dalbergia cochinchinensis Pierre
38 Black Trac Dalbergia nigra Allen
39 Trac hat boots Dalbergia cambodiana Pierre
40 Frankincense Aquilaria Agallocha Roxb.
41 Gold Check Dalbergia fusca Pierre
Group I wood includes woods with heavy and very heavy density
Group I wood includes types of wood with heavy and very heavy density (Source: Internet)

Application of group I wood types

These are good and rare types of wood, most of them are on the list of prohibited exploitation and are protected. Group I wood is often used in construction for durable projects or used for high-end interior decoration, making fine arts, etc.

Group II

Group II wood lines

STT Wood name Science name Nameplate
1 Car plug Xylia dolabriformis Benth.
2 Stone skin Xylia kerrii Craib et Hutchin
3 Black oil Dipterocarpus sp
4 Palace Markhamia stipulata Seem
5 Chicken liver nutrition Markhamia sp.
6 Dinh Khe Radermachera alata P.Dop
7 Secret palace Spuchodeopsis collignonii P.Dop
8 Rotten palace Hexaneurocarpon brilletii P.Dop
9 Golden palace Haplophragma serratum P.Dop
10 Golden Palace of Hoa Binh Haplophragma hoabiensis
P. Dop
11 Green Palace Radermachera brilletii P.Dop
12 Green Lim Erythrophloeum fordii Oliv. Lim
13 Grind Parapentace tonkinensis Gagnep Glass
14 Kien kien Hopea pierrei Hance (Southern)
15 Peach chancre Hopea ferrea Pierre Chancre
16 Blue Star Homalium caryophyllaceum Benth. Load snails, crossbow
17 Honey honey Fassia pasquieri H.Lec Planted sage
18 Sand sand Fosree cochinchinensis Pierre Sooty pus
19 White cheese
20 Gallant Vatica tonkinensis A.chev.
21 Eight mountains Vatica thorelii Pierre
22 Drinking water Vatica philastreana Pierre
23 Evil eye Hopea sp
24 Glass boy Garcimia fagraceides A. Chev Trai
25 Turn Dialium cochinchinensis Pierre Deer are wrong
26 South African Lim
27 Vap Mesua ferrea Linn Watch
Group II wood includes wood types with high hardness and water resistance
Group II wood includes wood types with high hardness and water resistance (Source:

Application of group II wood types

Surely you have heard of the phrase "Ding - Lim - Sen - Tau", this is a quite common phrase and they all belong to group II natural wood types. Furniture products such as tables, chairs, counters, beds, cabinets, doors... made from these types of wood often have outstanding quality. Ancient communal houses, ancient pagodas, and ancient houses that are hundreds of years old, using columns, rafters, mortises, and doors made from Dinh - Lim - Sen - Tau wood still maintain their stability and are less susceptible to termite attacks. .

The ancient communal house was built from group II wood
The ancient communal house was built from group II wood (Source:

Group III

Group III wood lines

STT Wood name Science name Nameplate
1 Water bladder Lagerstroemia flos-reginae Retz
2 Purple peacock Lagerstroemia loudonii Taijm
3 Binh Linh Vitex pubescens Vahl.
4 Firm coffee Shorea Obtusa Wall Mountain Cho, Ca Chi
5 Guava Castanopsis indica A.DC. Chestnut
6 Chai Shorea vulgaris Pierre Mountain scallops, Ca chan
7 Cho chi Parashorea stellata Kury. Black pig
8 Cho Chai Shorea thorelii Pierre Chai
9 Sour Chukrasia sp
10 Chu Litsea longipes Meissn Du, Khao Xanh
11 Green Chieu Lieu Terminalia chebula Retz Chieu Lieu
12 Yellow strawberry
13 Huynh Heritiera cochinchinensis Kost Huan, Huynh
14 Clean up Vatica dyeri King White tat
15 Type of receptor Pterocarpus sp Sandalwood
16 Remit Actinodaphne sinensis Benth Litsea leaves are oblong
17 Odd chancre Lagerstroemia tomentosa Presl By larva
18 Black star Tepana odorata Roxb
19 South sea star Hopea hainanensis Merr et Chun Big leaf star
20 Teak Tectona grandis Linn Cheap price
21 Secret school Paviesia anamonsis
22 Sour school Nephelium chryseum Rambutan
23 Gold rhinestones Shorea hypochra Hance Goat
Group III wood is a collection of wood types with high strength and flexibility
Group III wood is a collection of wood types with high strength and flexibility (Source:

Application of group III wood types

Group III wood is quite light and soft but has very good strength and toughness. Therefore, they are often used for floors, ceilings, walls, etc.

The floor is made from group III wood
The floor is made from group III wood (Source:

Group IV

Group IV wood lines

STT Wood name Science name Nameplate
1 Literally Litsea laucilimba Litsea fruit is big
2 Litsea gold Litsea Vang H.Lec.
3 Cucumber Cyanodaphne cuneata Bl.
4 Star fruit Disoxylon translucidum Pierre
5 Chau chau Elaeocarpus tomentosus DC Com fur
6 Jackfruit oil Dipterocarpus artocarpifolius Pierre
7 Hair oil Dipterocarpus sp
8 But her life Dipterocarpus dyeri Pierre
9 Beng tea oil Dipterocarpus obtusifolius Teysm
10 Wash sticky rice Aglaia gigantea Pellegrin
11 Central wash Aglaia annamensis Pellegrin
12 Shampoo with oil Aphanamixis polystachya JVParker
13 Gioi Talauma introduced A.Chev.
14 Ha nu Ixonanthes cochinchinensis Pierre
15 Red pine Dacrydium pierrei Hickel Fake royal altar
16 Kim delivered Podocarpus Wallichianus Presl.
17 Hey dad Machilus odoratissima Nees. Yes Huong
18 Cooking oil Nothaphoebe sp.
19 Camphor Cinnamomum camphora Nees
20 Jackfruit Artocarpus integrifolia Linn
21 Fat Manglietia glauca Anet.
22 Recommend Cinnamomum parthenoxylon Meissn.
23 Green Re Cinnamomum tonkinensis Pitard Green squeak
24 Re red Cinnamomum tetragonum A.Chev.
25 Re ginger Litsea annamensis H.Lec.
Group IV wood is a group of wood with medium and heavy density
Group IV wood is a group of wood with medium and heavy density (Source:

Application of group IV wood types

Group IV wood has many useful applications in life, for example:

  • Washed wood: Used to make beds, wardrobes, dressing tables, etc.
  • Jackfruit wood: Used as statues, worship objects, fine art objects, etc.
  • Fat wood: Used as chopsticks, ice cream sticks, etc.
  • Yellow heart wood: used as sarcophagi, chests, spiritual items, etc.
Table and chair set made from jackfruit wood
Table and chair set made from jackfruit wood (Source: Internet)

Group V

Wood lines of group V

STT Wood name Science name Nameplate
1 Vehicle version Albizia Lucida Benth.
2 Literally paper Litsea polyantha Juss.
3 Ca bu Pleurostylla opposita Merr. et Mat.
4 Cho hai Dipterocarpus pilosus Roxb.
5 Green chow Terminalia myriocarpa Henrila
6 Cho loi Schima Crenata Korth.
7 Rambutan Nephelium bassacense Pierre
8 Bundle of bags Hydnocarpus anthelminthica Pierre
9 Purple gong Calophyllum saigonensis Pierre
10 White gong Calophyllum dryobalanoides Pierre
11 Sinking gong Calophyllum sp.
12 Horse strip Swietenia mahogani Jaco.
13 Oil Dipterocarpus sp.
14 Otter oil Dipterocarpus alatus Roxb.
15 Bottle oil Dipterocarpus intricatus Dyer
16 Red oil Dipterocarpus duperreanus Pierre
17 Water oil Dipterocarpus jourdanii Pierre
18 Greasepaint Dipterocarpus tuberculatus Roxb
19 Thorn rag Castanopsis tonkinensis Seen
20 Small-seeded hemp rag Castanopsis chinensis Hance
21 Fragrant rag Quercus sp.
22 Areca rags Quercus platycalyx Hickel et camus
23 Raging stalks Quercus chrysocalyx Hickel et camus
24 Black rag Castanopsis sp.
25 Red rag Lithocarpus ducampii Hickel et A.camus
26 Rag of chicken fat Castanopsis echidnocarpa A.DC.
27 Blue rag Lithocarpus pseudosundaica(Kickel et A.Camus) Camus
28 Oak rag Lithocarpus tubulosa Camus Golden oak
29 Deci rag Castanopsis brevispinula Hickel et camus
30 Shampoo Aglaia sp. Wash the guard
31 Royal Spirit Peltophorum dasyrachis Kyrz
32 Treasured honey Cinnamomum sp.
33 Ke Nephelium sp. Khe
34 Thunderstorm tail embankment Markhamia cauda-felina Craib.
35 Ken Aesculus chinensis Bunge
36 Lim rang Peltophorum tonkinensis Pierre Lim sizzling
37 Life core Gmelina arborea Roxb.
38 Muong Cassia sp. Sticky winged mosquito
39 Tendons Cassia sp.
40 Digging for wood Cryptocarya obtusifolia Merr
41 Sua plating Helicia cochinchinensis Lour
42 Nan Alangium ridley king
43 Forest longan Nephelium sp.
44 Casuarina Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. Willow
45 Re grumbled Cinnamomum botusifolium Nees
46 Sa Moc Cunninghamia chinensis R.Br
47 Afterwards Liquidambar formosana hance Posthumous
48 Angry
49 Chancre Xanthophyllum colubrinum Gagnep.
50 White chancre Lophopetalum duperreanum Pierre
51 Stone oak Lithocarpus cornea Rehd Soo oak
52 Crane Celtis australis persoon Apply photos
53 Thanh barbs Cratoxylon formosum H.
54 Melaleuca horn Eugenia chanlos Gagnep.
55 Purplish indigo Syzygium sp.
56 Prefer Acer decandrum Merrill Like 10
57 Many forests Néphelium lappaceum Linh Lychee
58 Horsetail pine Pinus Massoniana Lambert Ship clearance
59 Pine resin Pinus Merkusii J et Viers Through me
60 To Hap Dien Bien Altmgia takhtadinanii VTThai
61 Clog fabric Mischocarpus sp.
62 Abstain from gold Nauclea purpurea Roxb.
63 Sesame Careya sphaerica Roxb.
64 Mother of pearl Khaya senegalensis A.Juss
65 Mango Mangifera indica Linn.
Group V wood is commonly used in the furniture industry
Group V wood is commonly used in the furniture industry (Source:

Application of wood types of group V

This type of wood is suitable for projects that do not require high strength, making boards, molds, etc. Some typical applications include making tables, cabinets, and kitchen shelves at affordable prices.

The round table is made from Mahogany wood
Round table made from cassia wood (Source:

Group VI

Wood lines of group VI

STT Wood name Science name Nameplate
1 Sesarmid Cophepetalum wallichi Kurz
2 Lemon Eucalyptus Eucalyptus citriodora Bailey
3 Red eucalyptus Eucalyptus robusta Sm.
4 Eucalyptus willow Eucalyptus tereticornis Sm.
5 White eucalyptus Eucalyptus camaldulensis Deh.
6 Leaves are oblong Garcinia oblongifolia Champ.
7 Leave the house Garcinia loureiri Pierre
8 Mountains Garcinia Oliveri Pierre
9 Fake Bodhi Albizia lebbeckoides Benth.
10 Furnace stretcher Betula alnoides Hamilton
11 Civet Ivringia malayana Oliver Konia
12 Cheer purple Engelhardtia chrysolepis Hance
13 Chieu Lieu Terminalia chebula Roxb.
14 Sticky rice
15 Brown chow Dipterocarpus tonkinensis A.Chev.
16 Cho chewing Anogeissus acuminata Wall Shady
17 Guava chow Platanus Kerrii Cho water
18 Da Cerlops divers
19 Mangrove Rhizophora conjugata Linh.
20 Post-release Cinnamomum iners Reinw Pig cinnamon
21 Ring the bell Actinodaphne sp.
22 Wow Symplocos ferruginea
23 Rotten Machilus sp.
24 Gold mine Machilus bonii H.Lec.
25 Star fruit Averrhoa carambola Linn.
26 The heart carries Pterospermum diversifolium Blume
27 Wear abstinence Pterospermum truncatolobatum Gagnep.
28 Ma Nham
29 Money code Strychnos nux – Vomica Linn.
30 Blood Knema Conferta var tonkinensis Warbg. Blood beast
31 Wild plum Prunus triflora
32 Fish sauce Avicennia officinalis Linn.
33 Crutches Eberhardtia tonkinensis H. Lec.
34 Jack insisted Artocarpus asperula Gagret.
35 Blindness Calophyllum inophyllum Linn.
36 Spoon Mangifera foetida Lour.
37 Soot Diospyros erientha champ Sweet grapes
38 Noi Bischofia trifolia Bl. Swim
39 Pig's throat Holoptelea integrifolia Pl. Guava indigo, Foul
40 Milling Duabanga sonneratioides Ham.
41 Quao Dolichandrone rheedii Seen.
42 Cinnamon Cinnamomum cassia Bl.
43 Cinnamon builds orchids Cinamomum Zeylacicum Nees.
44 Clear stone Ormosia pinnata
45 Obviously jackfruit Ormosia balansae Drake
46 Obviously confidential Ormosia sp
47 Clearly purple Ormosia sp.
48 Re Cinnamomum albiflorum Nees.
49 Yang Sapindus oocarpus Radlk.
50 Crocodile Dracontomelon duperreanum Pierre
51 Purple crocodile Sandorium indicum Cav.
52 Oak Castanopsis fissa Rehd et Wils
53 Reflective oak Quercus resinifera A.Chev. Angry rag
54 Yellow oak edges Castanopsis sp
55 Chancre Ehretia acuminata R.Br. Rough leaves
56 Pink filling Canarium sp. Ca na
57 Melaleuca Melaleuca leucadendron Linn.
58 Come on dad Alangium Chinensis Harms.
59 Stop lemon Evodia meliaefolia Benth.
60 Forest town Diospyros rubra H.Lec.
61 Trin Schima Wallichii Choisy
62 Snail scales Dalbergia sp.
63 Golden noise Machilus trijuga Golden reputation
64 Pot of medicine Schima superba Gard et Champ.
65 Whoosh of incense Cinnamomum balansae H.Lec Hunchback
66 Xoan me Melia azedarach Linn.
67 Smooth Spondias mangifera Wied.
68 Manni Pygeum arboreum Endl. et Kurz
69 Xoan Moc Toona febrifuga Roen
70 Fish bone Canthium didynum Roxb.
Group VI wood has poor bearing capacity and is susceptible to termites
Group VI wood has poor bearing capacity and is susceptible to termites (Source:

Application of wood types of group VI

This group of wood is considered popular and does not have too many restrictions on exploitation management. Many types of wood in this group are often planted forests, so the supply of group VI wood is very diverse. This leads to often lower prices. Wood in this group is often widely used in the construction industry, popular furniture production and is also used in the production of particleboard and veneer for the wood industry.

Veneer is a product commonly used to produce group VI wood
Veneer is a product commonly used to produce group VI wood (Source:

Group VII

Group VII wood lines

STT Wood name Science name Nameplate
1 Rubber Hevea brasiliensis Pohl
2 The whole thing Caryodapnnopsis tonkinensis
3 Cam Parinarium aunamensis Hance
4 For whom Terminalia bellirica roxb Bang shy
5 Bird's feet Vitex parviflora Juss
6 Silver leaf powder Elaeocarpus nitentifolius Merr
7 Com floor Elaeocarpus dubius ADC
8 Dung nam Symplocos cochinchinensis Moore
9 Golden dipper Adina sessifolia Hook
10 Garg patter Castanopsis lecomtei Hickel et Camus
11 White rag Quercus poilanei Hickel et Camus
12 Wild rose Diospyros Khaki Linn
13 Yellow bear large leaves Pterospermum lancaefolium Roxb
14 Red Army Flacourtia cataphracta Roxb Bo Quan, Muong Quan
15 Good and bad Cratoxylon ligustrinum Bl Thanh prong foul
16 Parasol eagle Dillenia heterosepala Finetet Gagnep
17 Potato core
18 Me Tamarindus indica Linn So sour
19 My Lysidica rhodostegia Hance
20 Code Vitex glabrata R. Br
21 Crab crab Alstonia scholaris R.Br Crab blind, Milk
22 Ngat Gironniera subaequelis Planch
23 Micro-milling Sarcocephalus orientalis Merr
24 Cow lung Meliosma angustifolia Merr
25 Rumble Calophyllum balansae Pitard
26 Micro teeth Carallia sp
27 Blood chancre Horsfieldia amygdalina Warbg
28 Delirium Sterculia lanceolata Cavan Sang ve
29 Cloudy sky
30 Mrs. Department Dillenia pentagyna Roxb
31 Spinning book Dillenia turbinata Gagnep
32 Oak pops Lithocarpus fissus OctedVar. tonlinensis H. et C
33 White oak Pasania hemiphaerica Hicket et Camus
34 Sui Antiaris toxicaria Lesch
35 Black filling Canarium nigrum Engl
36 White filling Canarium album Raeusch
37 Salt Vatica fleuryana tardieu
38 Thung Tetrameles nudiflora R. Br.
39 Baby ears Hymenodictyon excelsum Wall Buffalo ears
40 Ink rope Wrightia annamensis
41 Than cool Millettia ichthyochtona Drake
42 Thau plays Aporosa microcalyx Hassh
43 Ugh Storeulia lychnophlora Hance
44 Egg wine Endospermum sinensis Benth
45 British gold Saraca divers Hoang Anh
46 Xoan Tay Delonix direction Poinciana
Group VII wood has a light density but is very easy to process
Group VII wood has a light density but is very easy to process (Source:

Application of wood types of group VII

Most of Group VII wood is wood from planted forests, with abundant raw materials and reasonable prices. They are widely used in furniture making, construction, handicraft production, as well as in the peeling of veneer and chipboard production.

The process of peeling veneer is done manually
The process of peeling veneer is done manually (Source:

Group VIII

Group VIII wood lines

STT Wood name Science name Nameplate
1 Ba bet Mallotus cochinchinensis Lour
2 Ba soi Macaranga denticulata Muell-Arg
3 Dear Bay Sterculia thorelii Pierre
4 Bodhi Styrax tonkinensis Pierre
5 Soapnut Sapindus mukorossi Gaertn
6 Locust Gleditschia sinensis. Blue
7 Silver cotton Vernomia arborea Ham.
8 Bang Ficus Championi Green banyan
9 Bo Sterculia colorata Roxb
10 Uncover Capparis grands
11 Chay Artocarpus tonkinensis A. Chev
12 Toad Spondias Pinnata Kurz
13 Coi Pterocarya tonkinensis Dode
14 Northern mulberry Allospondias tonkinensis
15 Strawberry with oval skin Allospondias lakonensis Stapf
16 Paper capacity Symplocos laurina Wall
17 easy Schefflera octophylla Hams
18 Forest springs Coclodiscus musicatus
19 Topic Ficus religiosa Linn.
20 Red tops Cratoxylon prunifolium Kurz.
21 Dipper Adina polycephala Benth
22 Rice Bombax malabaricum DC
23 gòn Eriodendron anfractuosum DC Cotton
24 Gioi Eugenia jambos Linn Roi, Dao Tien
25 Hu Mallotus apelta Muell. Arg Thung
26 Hustle Mallotus barbatus Muell. Arg
27 Hu hehe Trema orientalis Bl.
28 Hu hehe Trema orientalis Bl.
29 Forest hybrid Aleurites moluccana Willd
30 Lai Aleurites fordii Hemsl
31 Lei Crypteronia paniculata
32 Plate plate Pithecolobium clyperia var acumianata Gagnep
33 Buffalo plate Pithecolobium lucidum benth
34 Mop Alstonia spatulata Blume
35 White mosquito Zenia insignis elastic
36 Thorny mosquito Cassia arabica Jackfruit morning glory
37 Hot Sideroxylon sp
38 Nuc nac Oroxylum indicum Vent
39 Ylang ylang Cananga odorata Hook et Thor
40 Sung Ficus racemosa
41 Oak wick Sapium discolor Muell-Arg
42 Compare chopsticks Sesbania paludosa
43 Go to the country Heynea trijuga Roxb
44 Thanh That Ailanthus malabarica DC
45 Trau Aleurites montara willd.
46 White toss Heteropanax fragans Hem.
47 Trom Sterculia sp
48 Vong Erythrina indica Lam.
Group VIII wood has light density and very poor bearing capacity
Group VIII wood has light density and very poor bearing capacity (Source:

Application of group VIII wood types

This is a fairly diverse source of wood, including some types of wood from the forest, with a fast growth rate. Group VIII wood is often grown in many local areas and is commonly used to produce paper, pallets, veneer, as well as for manufacturing. Wood Industry and make cheap furniture products.

Timber forests are grown to produce paper
Timber forests are grown to produce paper (Source:

Types of wood are processed for export in Vietnam

Below is a list of natural wood types that can be exported or used to produce products for the export market. For more details and specific regulations, you can refer to the Decision "On the export of wood and forest products" No. 664-TTg, signed by Prime Minister Phan Van Khai on January 18. October 10 and still in effect today. At the same time, you also need to review other related documents to ensure full compliance with regulations and proper implementation of procedures.

The wood construction process is allowed according to Government regulations
The wood construction process is allowed according to Government regulations (Source:
STT Name of wood type Science name Wood group
1 Sandalwood Pterocarpus Pedatus Pierre Group 1
2 Black Trac Dalbergia Nigrescens Kuiz Group 1
3 Mahogany Sindora tonkinen Sis Group 1
4 Mun Diospyros Mun Group 1
5 Cam turmeric Dalbergia Bariaen Sis Pierre Group 1
6 By Lang bead Lagerstroemia Angustifiolia Group 1
7 Green Bach Calocedrus Macrolepis Group 1
8 With guava and lentils Lagerstroemia Angustifiolia Group 1
9 Rosewood Dalbergia Baplaen Sis Pierre Group 1
10 Cam Lien Pentamer Seamen Sis Group 1
11 Royal altar Cupressus Funebris Endl Group 1
12 Sandalwood Pterocarpus pedatus Pierre Group 1
13 Purple scent Pterocarpus SP Group 1
14 Trai Fagraea Fragrans Roxb Group 1
15 Honey mound Sindora Cochinchinen Sis Group 1
16 Sea mound Sindora Iracitime Pierrei Group 1
17 Black mosquito Cassia Siamea Group 1
18 Red mound Pahudia cochinchinen Sis Group 1
19 Blue Star Hopea Ferrea Pierre Group 2
20 Car plug Xylia Dolabrifornus Group 2
21 Rub ram Homalium Ceylanium Group 2
22 Green Lim Erythophloeum Fordii Group 2
23 Blue Star Hopea Ferrea Pierre Group 2
24 Black star Hopea Odorata Group 2
25 Blind Shoepa cochinchinen Sis Group 2
26 Kien kien Hopea Pierre Hance Group 2
27 Turn Dialum cochinchinensis Group 2
28 Chieu Lieu Terminalia Ivorien Sis Group 3
29 Beng tea oil Dipterocarpus Obtusifolius Group 3
30 Binh Linh Vitex Pubescens Group 3
31 Made of paper Lagerstroemia Tomentosa Group 3
32 Lagerstroemia Lagerstroemia Sp Group 3
33 Cho chi Parashorea Stellata Group 3
34 Guava Castaropsis Indica Group 3
35 Truong Quan Nephelium Chryseum Group 3
36 Teak TecTona Grandis Group 3
37 Venetian Anisoptera cochinchinensis Group 3
38 Jackfruit Pinus Kesiya Group 4
39 White pine Podocarpus Imbricatus Group 4
40 Hair oil Dapterocarpus Sp Group 4
41 Re white Litsera Sp Group 4
42 Gioi Talauma Gioi Group 4
43 Iroko Lophora Excelsa Group 4
44 Hey dad Machilium Odoratissima Group 4
45 Camphor Cinamomum Comphora Group 4
46 Worry Brownlovia Tabularis Group 4
47 But her life Dipterocarpus Dyeri Group 4
48 Tram land Syzygium Sp Group 5
49 Thia ma Swiettaria Sp Group 5
50 Thanh barbs Cratoxylon Formosum Group 5
51 Abstain from gold Naudea Purpurea Group 5
52 Casuarina Casuarina Equisetifolia Group 5
53 Pine 2 leaves Pinus Mekusii Jung Group 5
54 Mother of pearl Khaya Seneglen Sis Group 5
55 Mango Thanh Ca Mangifera indica Group 5
56 Horn brooch Eugenia Chanlos Myrtaceae Group 5
57 Otter oil Dipterocarpus Alatus Group 5
58 Red oil Dipterocarpus Puperreanus Pierre Group 5
59 Green chow Terminalia Myriocarpa Group 5
60 Horned rag Pasanta Thomsoni Group 5
61 Forest longan Nephelium Sp Group 5
62 Horse loin Swittenia Mahogani Group 5
63 Civet Irvingia Malayany Group 6
64 Money code Stry chosos nus Group 6
65 Wild plum Prunus triflora Group 6
66 Red eucalyptus Eucalptus Robusta Group 6
67 Soot Diospyros Erientha Group 6
68 From Ceriops Divers Group 6
69 Thi white Diospyros Sp Group 6
70 Lim sizzling Peltophorum tonkinensis Group 6
71 Quao DolichDnrone Rheedii Group 6
72 Chieu Lieu Terminalia Ivorien Sis Group 6
73 Fish Irvingia Malayany Group 6
74 Melaleuca leaf acacia Acisia Auriculiformis Group 7
75 Da Artocarpus Asperula Group 6
76 Xoan Moc Tooma Suremi Moor Group 6
77 Purple crocodile Sandoricum Indicum Group 6
78 Xoan me Melia Adedarach Group 6
79 Manni Pygeum Arboreum Group 6
80 White filling Canarium Sp Group 6
81 Crocodile Dracontomelum Duperreanum Group 6
82 Golden Machilus Trijuga Group 6
83 Red eucalyptus Eucalptus Robusta Group 6
84 White eucalyptus Eucalptus Camaldulen Sis Group 6
85 San ma Carallia Lucida Group 7
86 Pork fried scallop Enteralobirum Cyclocarpum Group 7
87 Golden dipper Adina Sessilifolia Group 7
88 Limit Wrightia Annamen Sis Group 7
89 Pink bran Parinarium Annamen Sis Group 7
90 Rice Bombax Malabarycum Group 8
91 gòn Ceiba Pentadra Group 8
92 Trom exclaimed Sterculia Foetida Group 8
93 Spring rolls Erythrina Indica Group 8
94 Chay Astocarpus Tnkinensis Group 8

Types of wood are banned from exploitation in Vietnam

Below are the types of wood banned from exploitation according to Decree No. 18/HDBT of the Government dated January 17, 1 regulating the list of precious and rare forest plants and animals and the management and protection regime:

Rare woods must be banned from exploitation to protect forest resources
Rare wood species must be banned from exploitation to protect forest resources (Source:

Group IA

STT Wood name Science name
1 Green Bach Calocedrusmacrolepis
2 Red pine Taxus chinensis
3 3 puffs Cephalotaxus fortunei
4 Bamboo pine Podocarpus neriifolius
5 Thong Pa Co Pinus Kwangtugensis
6 Da Lat Pine Pinus dalattensis
7 Clear water Glyptostrobus pensilis
8 Limestone image Keteleeria calcarea
9 Sam cotton Amentotaxus argotenia
10 Sam is cold Abies nukiangensis
11 Agarwood (gourd wind) Aquilaria crassna
12 Royal altar Copressus Torulosa
13 Pine has 2 flat leaves Ducampopinus krempfii

Group IIA

STT Wood name Science name
1 Rosewood Dalbergia oliverii Gamble
Ba Ria rosewood Dalbergia bariaensis
Rosewood Dalbergia oliverii Gamble
Dong Nai rosewood Dalbergia dongnaiensis
2 Coffee (Red Knock) Afzelia xylocarpa
3 Mahogany
Honey mahogany Sindora cochinchinenensis
Mahogany Sindora tonkinensis – A. Chev
4 Sandalwood
Sandalwood Pterocarpus pedatus Pierre
Cambodian Christmas Pterocarpus cambodianus Pierre
Bird's eye scent Pterocarpus indicus Wild
5 Slice
Flower slices Chukrasia tabularis A.juss
Copper leather slices Chukrasia sp
Chunky slice Chukrasia sp
6 Trac
Trac Dalbergia cochinchinenensis Pierre
Tie wire Dalbergia annamensis
Trac Cambot Dalbergia combodiana Pierre
7 Po mu Fokienia hodginsii A. Henry et Thomas
8 Mun
Mun Diospyros ebony H.lec
Striped ebony Diospyros SP
9 Nail Markhamia pierrei
10 Honey honey Madhuca pasquieri
11 Grind Burretiodendron hsienmu
12 Green Lim Erythophloeum fordii
13 Kim delivered Padocapus fleuryi
14 Three antlers Rauwolfia verticillata
15 Three sizes Morinda offcinalis
16 Lis lilium brownii
17 Panax Panax vietnammensis
18 Samantha Anomum longiligulare
19 Cardamom Anomum tsaoko

Above is all the information that Kosmos has collected about the board Wood group classification according to the latest Vietnamese standards. Hopefully they will help you understand more about the wood industry and choose the most suitable wood line for yourself.


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