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Quotation for PU molding construction and the most beautiful models

Construction PU molding Gold-plated or neoclassical style models have been in great demand recently. The unit cost of constructing PU plastic molding is not high, they completely meet the aesthetics and durability within the price range. Kosmos will provide all information about PU cornices to you right here!

Beautiful PU molding construction work
Beautiful PU molding construction project (Source:

What is PU molding?

This is a decorative molding made of Polyurethane plastic, odorless, non-toxic, and safe for health. Polyurethane (PU) plastic material Helps the cornice have high durability and flexibility, making it easy to install at curved corners. They are classified based on installation location as:

Bare neck PU cornice: Molding installed at the corner of the wall and ceiling, used to cover the edges of wall panels, ceiling panels or simply for decorative purposes, making the corner of the wall more soft.

Bare neck PU cornice
Bare neck PU cornice (Source:

PU wall skirting: Molding installed at the corner of the wall and floor, used to cover the edge of floorboards, wall panels or protect this position from external impacts such as: floor mops, table and chair legs,...

PU wall skirting
PU wall skirting (Source:

PU relief (PU plastic decorative pattern): This is a decorative material embossed on the wall surface, produced from PU plastic, shaped on a mold. The product brings exquisite and noble beauty to projects with classic, royal styles,...

PU relief
PU relief (Source:

PU ceiling tray: This is a decorative material that often comes with chandeliers, bringing a luxurious feeling to the space. Pu plastic ceiling panels are prefabricated with sophisticated patterns and many shapes such as: square, round, dome, etc., suitable for many architectural projects.

PU ceiling tray
PU ceiling tray (Source:

Picture frame PU cornice: This is a decorative wall molding, installed in a framed form to create a highlight for an empty wall surface. We can use them to border doors, window borders, etc. or combine them with pictures, mirrors, and wall lamps to enhance interior space.

Photo molding PU picture frame
Image of molding PU picture frame (Source:

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Characteristics of PU plastic molding

Moldings are made of high-quality plastic materials such as Polyurethane, which do not contain toxic substances or unpleasant odors, ensuring safety for users. They are named in many large and small projects because of the following advantages:

PU molding sizes are diverse

PU plastic moldings are produced in many different sizes, making it easy to choose the product that suits the size and design of the room.

PU molding sizes are diverse
PU molding sizes vary (Source:

Rich designs, high aesthetics

PU moldings can create a highlight for your space, bringing unique beauty and making the space more luxurious.

Reasonable price for PU plastic molding

At a reasonable price, PU plastic molding offers outstanding value compared to the aesthetics and durability it brings.

PU plastic cornice can be bent

The flexible bending ability of PU plastic molding helps us easily create soft curves for decorative spaces.

PU plastic cornice can be bent
Bendable PU plastic cornice (Source:

PU moldings are highly durable and easy to clean

Decorative moldings made from PU plastic have good bearing capacity and are not easily distorted or broken under the influence of external forces. PU plastic material also makes them immune to termite attacks, 100% waterproof and mold-free, saving maintenance fees. Besides, because the surface is waterproof, this product can be cleaned easily.

Simple PU molding construction

With simple construction, PU plastic molding helps save time and effort during the interior decoration process. Kosmos will list the steps to construct PU cornices for you below!

Simple PU cornice construction
Simple PU cornice construction (Source:

Instructions on how to construct simple PU molding

B1 Choose a suitable PU plastic molding model

Gilded, gold-plated cornices or elaborate motifs such as reliefs and ceiling trays will be suitable for projects with neoclassical, luxurious architecture. Meanwhile, the smooth molding model will be suitable for small rooms with a minimalist, modern style.

Choose a PU plastic molding model suitable for the installation space
Choose a PU plastic molding model suitable for the installation space (Source:

B2 Prepare PU molding construction tools

  • PU cornice.
  • Measuring tools.
  • Highlighter.
  • Glue Guns.
  • Kosmos Pond glue.
  • Nail gun and headless nails 3cm, 1.5cm.
  • PU molding cutter (should choose one with more than 80 teeth).

B3 Measure and produce drawings, prepare construction sites

The molding construction site is usually clean, flat and dry. We need to check the flatness of the wall on the drawing according to 2 principles:

  • Principles of golden ratio in architecture and interior design.
  • Principle of symmetry.
Measure the location of PU cornice construction
Measuring the location of PU cornice construction (Source:

B4 Cut PU molding by machine

The way to handle beautiful PU cornice joints is:

  • Cut the cornice at an angle 45 degrees at right angle position.
  • Cut the cornice at an angle 30 degrees in the position to be extended.

Be very careful with patterned molding, we will cut so that the pattern is seamless when joined.

Cutting PU moldings by machine at an inclined angle will not see the joints
Cutting the PU molding by machine at an angle will not see the joints (Source:

B5 Apply glue to the back of the PU molding and then stick it to the wall

We will construct PU cornices with glue, make sure to use a sufficient amount of glue, do not spill over the edges and evenly cover the surface to be glued.

Apply glue to the back of the PU molding and then stick it to the wall
Apply glue to the back of the PU molding and then stick it on the wall (Source:

B6 Fix the PU cornice with nails

Glue is not enough. To fix the PU plastic molding bar on the wall, we need to shoot nails, especially at the connection positions. To cover the nail holes, we will use putty or silicon glue with the color most similar to the cornice.

B7 PU molding paint to preserve color

When painting PU cornices, make sure the cornice surface is clean and free of dirt.

Paint the PU plastic molding surface to preserve the color
Paint the PU plastic molding surface to preserve the color (Source:

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Quotation for PU molding construction

PU cornice type the size PU molding price PU molding finishing price
Bare neck Version 5 – Version 19 23.000 – 112.000 VND 135.000 – 185.000 VND
Footrests Version 9 55.000 – 65.000 VND 60.000 – 100.000 VND
Reliefs Version 20 – Version 27 200.000 – 3.000.000 VND X
Ceiling tray Version 17 – Version 70 50.000 – 450.000 VND X
Wall back cornice Version 6 – Version 9 37.000 – 55.000 VND 60.000 – 100.000 VND
Wall cornice Version 2 – Version 5 31.000 – 46.000 VND 50.000 – 95.000 VND

Note: This is the market reference price in November 11, may vary by brand and supplier.


4 beautiful PU molding models

4 beautiful PU cornice models that you cannot ignore are:

  • Modern smooth cornice.
  • Molding with neoclassical motifs.
  • Luxurious gold-plated cornice.
  • Luxurious gold-plated cornice.

Modern smooth PU cornice model

Smooth molding is always the top choice for minimalist and modern apartments. Among them, plain white PU cornices are the most popular choice. However, choosing molding that matches the wall color will be safest, creating a seamless feeling for the space.

Modern smooth PU molding model
Modern smooth PU molding model (Source:

Wood grain PU cornice

This product brings a cozy feeling to the space with its rustic wood grain pattern. Without fear of termites or mold, this is an ideal interior wall/ceiling decoration material for those who love the beauty of natural wood.

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PU plastic moldings imitating wood grain
Wood grain PU moldings (Source:

Neoclassical PU molding model

Neoclassical style is an intersection between modern style and some ancient features in European architecture. Neoclassical PU molding models often have many sophisticated details, meticulously embossed on the molding body. PU reliefs and PU plastic ceiling trays are suitable products for this style of house.

PU plastic molding model with neoclassical motifs
PU plastic molding model with neoclassical motifs (Source:

Gold-plated PU molding model

This is a PU plastic molding with a thin piece of 24k gold meticulously applied to the surface, made by a skilled craftsman. Using thin gold leaves to decorate shows the luxury of the space, enhancing the class of the homeowner. However, they are quite expensive and are often used in villas, high-end restaurants, luxury hotels, etc.

Gold-plated PU plastic molding model
Gold-plated PU plastic molding model (Source:

Gold-plated PU molding model

This is a PU plastic molding coated with yellow emulsion paint, the color sparkles under the light. The price is cheaper than the gold-plated type, but they still produce an eye-catching effect, bringing luxurious beauty to the interior space.

Gold-plated PU plastic molding model
Gold-plated PU plastic molding model

Kosmos Vietnam – A supplier of quality PU cornices

Kosmos is proud to be the supplier of PU molding for over 500 Agents throughout every province and city in Vietnam. We have a large warehouse system with more total area 10.000m2, ready to provide bulk orders to customers whenever needed without needing to import goods in advance.

Besides PU plastic molding, you can choose more Korean PS plastic molding, PVC plastic molding,.. at the warehouse.


PU thread With excellent flexibility, it will quickly upgrade your space without spending much money. Please contact us via number 0903.093.221 when you need to become an agent. On the other hand, Kosmos depot is ready to provide information about the nearest dealer if you need to buy retail.

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