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K series accessory set color 010

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In modern interior design trends, choosing decorative accessories plays an important role in creating a beautiful, luxurious and sophisticated living space. The K series accessory set, color 010, scratched dark brown, emerges as the optimal solution, meeting all aesthetic and quality criteria.

According to a report by the Vietnam Interior Design Association, the trend of using dark brown interior accessories is increasing and accounting for about 25% of the market share in 2022.

Constructed from high quality SPC plastic

The highlight of the K series accessory set color 010 is the SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) plastic material, made up of PVC combined with stone powder and other additives.

Thanks to this special structure, the K series accessory set color 010 has many outstanding advantages compared to traditional plastics such as:

  • High durability, resistant to strong impacts
  • Good scratch resistance and abrasion resistance
  • Effectively waterproof and anti-mold
  • Does not warp or shrink over time
  • Safe for health, environmentally friendly.

Variety of accessories

K series accessories set code 010 dark brown and scratched includes many different types of products, meeting all interior decoration needs.

End braceUse to finish cornice edges, creating a highlight for the space
Negative AngleUsed to decorate hidden wall corners, hide flaws and create soft beauty
Bare neckUsed to decorate the junction between wall and ceiling, creating seamlessness and harmony
Pointing the back of the wallUsed to decorate, create accents on the back of the wall, making the wall more luxurious
Decorative floatsUse to create accents and decorate walls, ceilings, columns, etc.
SplintsUsed to cover the finished edges of materials, creating seamlessness and aesthetics

K series accessory set code 010 dark brown and scratched for diverse applications

With the advantages of material and color, the K series accessories set in 010 dark brown scratched color is combined with materials (Nano panels, fluted panels,...) of the same or different colors to decorate and create many highlights. Different interior spaces such as:

  • Living room, bedroom, dining room of apartments and villas
  • Reception halls, reception rooms of companies and offices
  • Restaurants, hotels, cafes, showrooms…

With outstanding advantages in material, style, color as well as high applicability, the K series accessory set in scratched dark brown color 010 deserves to be the top choice for all interior projects. The product not only brings luxurious and cozy beauty but also ensures long-term durability, saving costs and construction time.

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