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K series accessory set color 019

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The light wood grain K series accessories set code 019 are not simply decorative details, but also play an important role in perfecting the overall space, creating continuity and unity for the elements. interior.

According to many surveys, 70% of projects using K series accessories have reduced construction time and increased aesthetics by 50% compared to traditional methods.

What is the K series accessory set in color 019 light wood grain gold?

The K series accessory set, color 019, light wood grain yellow, is a set of high-end interior decoration products of the Kosmos brand, made from SPC plastic material with light wood grain yellow color code 019.

Outstanding with light wood grain color code 019, bringing natural beauty, warm but no less delicate. The harmonious combination of wood grain and light yellow color creates a unique visual effect, suitable for many different interior design styles.

What does the light wood grain K series accessory set code 019 include?

The light wood grain K series accessories set, code 019, includes a diverse set of products, each with its own function and position in the interior space. Below is a detailed list of the kit's components:

  • End brace: This is an important detail used to create accents and finish edges and corners of walls, floors or ceilings.
  • Negative corner cornice: This product is specially designed to handle concave corners in interior architecture, creating softness and continuity between intersecting planes, while concealing possible defects in wall corners.
  • Bare neck float: This is a decorative detail installed at the junction between the wall and ceiling, helping to increase the aesthetics of the space.
  • The back of the wall: This accessory is used to create accents and divide areas on the wall surface, helping the space become more vivid and deeper.
  • Decorative cornice: Used to decorate walls or ceilings, creating a unique highlight for the project.
  • V brace: An accessory with a V-shaped cross-section, often used to cover the last edge and corner of a decorative surface.

Advantages of K series accessories set color 019

Kosmos' K series accessories set, color 019, light wood grain yellow, possesses many outstanding advantages, contributing to enhancing the aesthetic value and functionality of the interior space. Below are the outstanding features of the product:

  • High aesthetics: Pale wood grain yellow color code 019 creates a natural, warm beauty for the space.
  • Outstanding durability: SPC plastic material has good resistance. High color fastness, moisture resistance, effective termite resistance.
  • Easy installation and maintenance: Light weight, easy to transport and manipulate during installation.

With these outstanding advantages, the K series accessories set in color 019 light wood grain yellow not only meets aesthetic needs but also ensures practicality and sustainability in use. The product is the ideal choice for those who are looking for high-quality interior decoration solutions that provide long-term use value.

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