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Kosmos activities at Vietbuild Expo Ho Chi Minh City 2023 – 1st time

Vietbuild Expo is one of the biggest exhibition events of the year. Join Kosmos to learn about the activities at this event through the following sharing!

A day at the fair

VIETBUILD International Exhibition HCMC 2023 – 1st time Directed by the Ministry of Construction together with the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, the event was held with the theme "Construction - Construction materials - Industrial machinery and equipment - Housing - Architecture and Interior and exterior decoration". This event has long been seen as an impressive traditional festival. Here are Kosmos's activities at Vietbuild exhibition program:

Scenery at the Vietbuild fair gate

  • Product showcase: Kosmos participated in sharing about the achievements and comprehensive development in the field of interior and exterior decoration. Monitor and absorb the sharing of many other units in the field of construction, architecture, ...
  • Visit the booths: Contact and exchange and units in other fields. Organize reportage to add cohesion, learn more experiences and new knowledge.
Visit the booths at the exhibition
Visit the booths at the exhibition
  • Workshops - Business forum conferences: Kosmos introduces new products, services and technologies in the field of interior and exterior decoration. Listen to the sharing from experts as well as other units and businesses.

Visit the wooden floor booth of Kiet Rau Dealer

Kiet Rau dealer booth is located at booth 779-780, area A4. From gate 2 of Phu Tho Stadium, look to the left is area A7, move straight up to see area A4. Here display the product lines of industrial wood flooring, natural wood flooring, outdoor plastic wood, ...

Booth displaying products of Kiet Rau Dealer
Booth displaying products of Kiet Rau Dealer

The most special is the display of a wooden floor water test model so that everyone can see the water resistance of Egger, Robina, etc. Besides, there are interior and exterior decoration materials. distributed by Kosmos.

The products at Kiet Rau wood floor stall are of long-lasting quality and have high aesthetic value. The top is also installed with a lighting system to help viewers see clearly the design as well as the beauty of the product.


Kiet Rau's booth is also prominent and eye-catching with its open space. There is an arrangement of walkways so that viewers can stop and interact with and visit the products. On the other hand, the booth is also equipped with shelves displaying catalogs so that customers can actively search for information about products.

If you have any questions about the product, the staff will explain and guide you carefully. Because of these factors, Kiet Rau wooden floor booth at Vietbuild Expo always has a stable number of customers. Attracting many customers in need as well as viewers stopping to visit the booth.

Interesting things at Vietbuild Expo

With many years of experience in organizing conferences and exhibitions, Vietbuild has been of national and international stature. This is a place for businesses to promote brands, introduce products and exchange information with each other. The exhibition also contributes to bringing economic benefits, trade promotion, technology transfer, etc.


Besides, there are attractive prizes for units with good achievements as well as businesses that have accompanied Vietbuild.

In the program, there are also specialized seminars, this is an opportunity for the units to learn new technologies and knowledge. Encourage and motivate units to launch new products and services and meet market needs well.

Give credit to the producers

On the other hand, the International Exhibition VIETBUILD HCMC 2023 – The 1st is also the meeting point of foreign businesses. They will learn as well as find new directions to serve the development of their business.

Waterfall shelf advertising wooden floors at Vietbuild

The water resistance of wooden floors is shown through the waterfall shelf model. Specifically, Egger Aqua laminate flooring and Robina Aqua wood flooring.

Displaying Egger Aqua Laminate Flooring at Vietbuild Expo

Egger Aqua laminate flooring is a laminate flooring that is water resistant up to 1000 hours. Products from the German brand Egger are applied the most advanced production technologies. Egger Aqua Plus is submerged for 1000 hours with other outstanding features such as scratch resistance, impact resistance, fire prevention, safety for human health, etc. Has left a strong impression on all users.

Waterfall shelf display wooden floor Egger Aqua
Waterfall shelf display wooden floor Egger Aqua

Currently, Egger Aqua laminate flooring not only has European standard quality but also has a variety of designs. Satisfy all needs of Vietnamese consumers. Kosmos Vietnam is the exclusive importer and supplier of all kinds Egger wood flooring on the market. There are 4 popular Egger wood flooring styles that users can choose from: Light Urban, Future Retro, Pure Nature Perfect Imperfection.

Through the waterfall shelf model, it shows the peak water resistance of Egger Aqua laminate flooring. Unlike ordinary wooden floors, just soaking in water for too long will be damaged. Egger Aqua laminate flooring is water resistant up to 1000 and has good termite resistance, this is the best choice today.

Robina Aqua Laminate Flooring

This is the first water-resistant laminate flooring product line of Robina Flooring Sdn Bhd. Robina Aqua laminate flooring imported from Malaysia has outstanding water resistance with the ability to lock surface water for 72 hours. At the same time, this rough floor can withstand being submerged for up to 10 days (240 hours). Because of this feature, Robina Aqua laminate flooring is very suitable for Vietnamese climate conditions.

Waterfall model displaying wooden floor Robina Aqua
Waterfall model displaying wooden floor Robina Aqua

If we have mentioned water resistance, we should not ignore the other highlights of the product. Referring to Robina Aqua is also talking about laminate flooring that is extremely resistant to termites. Diverse designs lead the way in today's interior decoration trends. Robina Laminate Flooring is also one of the Kosmos product lines being distributed on the market today.

Through the waterfall shelf model, we will also easily see the extremely good water resistance of Robina Aqua laminate flooring. This material has also passed rigorous testing on the standards of a laminate flooring. Promisingly, Robina Aqua wood flooring will bring great experiences to users.

To better understand these product lines, come to the exhibition to see and touch the best water-resistant wood floors on the market today.

Above are the sharing of Kosmos activities at Vietbuild's trade fair. Hope these sharing will be useful to readers. If you have more questions about Vietbuild Expo events or waterproof wooden floors, please contact us immediately Viet Nam Kosmos Joint Stock Company or contact here you!

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