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The 5 most popular types of wall decorative plastic splints

Using wall decorative plastic splint is a new and unique idea in the field of furniture. The following shares will give you a better overview of the most popular types of plastic braces today.


Structure of plastic brace

Decorative plastic braces are used to cover the joints between the material panels on the wall, ceiling or floor, and they also contribute to creating accents for the living space. Currently, decorative plastic braces are composed of several layers:

  • Surface protection layer: This is a transparent coating to limit scratches on the brace.
  • Decoration class: Is a layer of color film printed with highly aesthetic textures.
  • Glue layer: A strong adhesive layer contributes to the durability of the brace.
  • Plastic base layer: This is the main component of the brace, also known as the brace core, which is made from good quality plastics.
Wood imitation plastic braces for ceiling decoration
Wood imitation plastic braces for ceiling decoration

The plastic core of the brace can be made from a variety of materials. The most common are PVC, SPC, PS, PU:

  • PVC wall decorative plastic brackets: PVC material is a synthetic plastic, consisting of two main components, Vinyl Chloride and Phthalate. This is a plastic with stable plasticity, good bearing capacity, effective moisture resistance, especially non-toxic, safe for users' health.
  • SPC plastic splint: The main component of the product is Composite plastic, the substrate is plastic (Plastic). They are equipped with a stone powder component (Stone) to create a durable material (Stone Plastic Composite). SPC plastic brace has absolute water resistance and long-term durability, is the first choice of many families today.
  • Splint from PU plastic: PU plastic or Polyurethane is a material with high flexibility, good heat resistance and long-term durability. However, PU braces are not as popular as PVC or SPC braces.
  • PS plastic brace: PS (Polystyrene) plastic has high hardness and is less durable than other materials. This material is often used to create cheap decorative braces.

Types of plastic braces for wall decoration

Based on the model, plastic decorative braces are divided into the following types:

Splint Type Uses Picture
Splints Cover the corners of the walls and columns to protect the corners and improve the aesthetic value of the living space. splint
Splint Joining the floor, connecting the panels to create the connection and protect the decorative materials. splint t
Splint Used to decorate the surface of floor materials, effectively bonding and covering gaps. splint pussy
Splint F Finish the floor and cover any gaps in the floor. splint f

In addition to the model, we can also rely on the installation location to classify decorative braces, including:

  • Corner decorative brace
  • Decorative wall brackets
  • Border decorative plastic splint
  • Plastic decorative ceiling brackets,…

Advantages and disadvantages of wall decorative plastic braces

This accessory is the most unique decoration material today. However, any product will have its own advantages and disadvantages:


Compared to other decorative accessories, plastic decorative braces are relatively cheap. Therefore, this product is suitable for many customers today. Besides, they are light in weight, making the construction and installation more convenient.

In addition, splint accessories have many beautiful designs because of the application of modern printing technology on the decorative film layer. Users will easily choose the type of brace that suits the decoration style of their family.

More specifically, this accessory has good adhesion and long-term moisture resistance. You can use them in areas with high humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms without worrying about affecting product quality.

Plastic decorative wall brackets with high aesthetics
Plastic decorative wall brackets with high aesthetics


Wall decorative plastic brackets usually have a fairly low heat resistance, so you should only install this accessory in indoor areas, limiting exposure to outside weather elements. Because they are made of plastic, they cannot withstand too high impact, can be deformed if hit hard.


How to use plastic brackets to decorate the wall

The use of plastic brackets for wall decoration is not too complicated. However, you need to follow the right steps to ensure the durability of the brace. Here are the basic ways to use plastic brace:

  • Wall cleaning: Before installation, you need to clean the wall so that the wall surface is clean and flat enough, make sure the brace is firm.
  • Prepare the appropriate brace: Depending on the purpose of use as well as the installation location, you can consider choosing the right type of plastic brace. For example, when you want to protect right angles, you need to use a V-shaped plastic brace, cover the joint between the material sheets, you can use a U brace, a T brace, etc.
  • Cut the brace according to the installation size: At that time, the construction worker will use a cutter to cut the brace according to the size at the position to be installed.
  • Paste the brace: Using special glue to stick the brace to the position to be installed.

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Plastic decorative wall brackets is evaluated as a material with high durability and contributes to bringing aesthetic value to every living space. Hopefully the above sharing of Kosmos will help readers better understand this accessory line.

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