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Types of decorative braces for interior

Decorative braces are accessories used in the construction of wall panels, floors, ... to create accents for the house. Contributing to bring more modern and luxurious to every living space. If you still have many doubts about decorative braces, do not skip the following article!

Ceiling decorative plastic brackets
Ceiling decorative plastic brackets

What is a decorative brace?

Decorative braces are thin splints used as accessories to connect joints between panels or cover the edges of panels, floors, etc. The length of flexible braces depends on the needs of the user.

Currently, braces used for decoration are very diverse in form and material. Each type of brace will be applied in different positions. Splints are also increasingly popular because of many advantages. Typically, it does not peel, is difficult to fade and is resistant to scratches, …

Construction of plastic wall panels combined with decorative aluminum braces

At the same time, with a variety of colors, this accessory is also sometimes used as a form of improvised decoration. Help attract and create accents for living space more lively.


Types of popular decorative braces today

In the market, this type of accessories is very diverse to meet the needs of users. Based on the composition, we have 2 common types of braces: plastic brace , and alloy brace.

Plastic splints – Decorative splints for interior space

Plastic splints, also known as decorative plastic splints, are indispensable accessories in the construction of plastic wall panels and wood / plastic flooring. Decorative plastic brace consists of 4 layers. These are the surface protection layers, the imitation wood grain layer, the German Kleiberit glue layer and the PVC base layer. Because the original PVC material is used, the plastic brace is non-toxic.

Below is a table of information about plastic braces that you may be interested in:

Product's name the size Installation location Illustration
Splint 3x40x2700 mm Install on the floor, at the door position nep-t-T301
Splint F 3x40x2700 mm Installed at the end of the floor with plastic boards, wooden boards nep-f-F235
Splints 25x25x2700 mm At a right angle to help protect the corner of the wall nep-v-V439
Plastic floor brace 3x40x2700 mm Where there is a 90-degree right angle, cover the edge of the panel, floorboard, … nep-san-nhua-228

Alloy brace

This is a decorative brace that is often present in the construction of plastic wall panels with imitation of stone / imitation of wood, flooring, etc. The most prominent feature of the alloy brace is that it is not corroded because it undergoes the anode process. .

T-shaped alloy brace joins 2 wooden floor boards together
T-shaped alloy brace joins 2 wooden floor boards together

This is also a type of brace that is light in weight and easy to install. Currently, there are many different types of alloy braces, which are analyzed in detail in the following table.

Product's name the size Installation location Illustration
Splints 15x15x2500 mm Square roots such as the edge of a wall, where it is easy to hit nep-nhom-V15mm-mau-vang
Splint 2500 mm Installed at the joint between 2 plastic floor boards, 2 wall panels nep-nhom-T8-mau-vang
Splint F 3x40x2700 mm Placed at the position adjacent to the wall, replacing the skirting board nep-f-F109
Outer corner aluminum splint 2500 mm Square outside wall nep-nhom-goc-ngoa-mau-vang
Inner angle aluminum splint 2500 mm Right angle inside the wall nep-nhom-goc-trong-mau-vang
H-shaped brace 2500 mm At the position of the end of the carpet, the position of the carpet connection between the rooms  nep-nhom-chu-H-mau-vang
Aluminum splints 2500 mm On the wall, cover between the 2 joints of the panels Picture

Uses of decorative wall braces in interior design

Each type of decorative brace is installed in different positions. Therefore, they will have separate uses.

  • Use of plastic splints in interior decoration

During the construction of wooden floors, plastic floors, plastic braces will effectively cover the gaps in the floor. At the same time, it helps to fix and connect the joints together, supporting the construction process of the panels. Contributing to improving the aesthetics of the interior space.

  • Uses of alloy braces in interior decoration

Alloy splint handles well the gaping joints, joints between materials. This element contributes to creating accents for the space to be more impressive. In addition, splints are also used to cover sharp corners and avoid injury.

V-shaped aluminum brackets help cover the corner gap of the floor steps
V-shaped aluminum brackets help cover the corner gap of the floor steps

In addition, when there is an impact force, the alloy brace will have the effect of protecting the wall. At the same time, solving the problem of connecting the gap in the wooden floor, supporting easy installation and construction.

In general, decorative braces will cleverly cover gaps or angular parts in an extremely aesthetic way. Looking at it, it will be difficult to recognize the joints, instead it is an accessory to create accents and decorate the house. Hope the above sharing of Kosmos will help readers. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us Kosmos Vietnam Fanpage for specific advice!

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