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3 types of waterproof wall panels you should not ignore

Moldy walls are an inevitable phenomenon in tropical climates with abundant rainfall and high humidity. Use the waterproof wall panels To protect, strengthen the wall of the house and refurbish the living space is the choice of many families today.


How are moldy walls affected?

Moldy walls are quite common, especially on wet days. The white, black or yellow stains, patchy will cause unsightly to the living space.

Besides, this phenomenon also affects human health. Mold stains on the walls will cause unpleasant odors, they can also spread into the air. Living in this environment for a long time will make human health decline.

The phenomenon of the house wall is moldy
The phenomenon of the house wall is moldy

The reduced bearing capacity of the wall is also a harmful effect from the phenomenon of prolonged mold. Mold growth will weaken the base of the wall, damaging the structure of the house. Over time, the building will be at risk of collapsing or when the risk of mold is high, it will easily cause electrical short, dangerous to residents.

In order to overcome the above situation, many families have chosen to use Waterproof Materials to protect the wall at the same time decorate the living space. Currently popular are waterproof wall panels with long-term durability and high applicability.


Stone-grained PVC – Cheap waterproof wall panels for every home

Stone grain PVC or imitation stone wall paneling is one of the popular and increasingly popular materials in many places. This type of panel has a composition of plastic powder, stone powder combined with some coloring ingredients and adhesives.

Stone grain PVC - Highly aesthetic waterproof wall panel
Stone-grained PVC – Waterproof wall panels with high aesthetics

With plastic as the main material, stone-grained PVC is 100% waterproof. Users do not have to worry about the wall getting moldy when used for a long time. This material helps to protect the wall effectively, and at the same time brings high aesthetics to all works. Currently, stone-grained PVC panels are mainly applied in interior spaces such as wall cladding, indoor ceiling cladding, column cladding, etc.

In addition to being in the top lines of good waterproof wall panels, stone-grained PVC also attracts users by its uniformity. Experiencing modern production technology, this type of panel is equipped with decorative layer, uniform in color as well as other textures. Therefore, stone-grained PVC has brought its own unique features compared to natural materials such as wood, stone, etc.

Video testing the water resistance of stone PVC panels.


Nano Panels – Durable waterproof wall panels

Nano Panels is a type of interior decoration material, especially with internal voids. This factor has contributed to the increase of waterproofing as well as thermal insulation, limiting noise for living space.

Because of the above features, Nano panels help the wall to be durable, not peeling or moldy. At the same time, users do not have to worry about blistering or difficult to clean because this material has a high-quality surface protection layer.

Nano panels - Waterproof wall panels create a modern, lively living space
Nano panels - Waterproof wall panels create a modern living space

Species plastic wall panels This model has a variety of designs from marble, granite, ... to natural wood grains with high similarity. Users can freely choose the model of the panel that suits their preferences as well as the interior style of their family.


Wood plastic composite panels

With the composition ratio of 60% wood pulp, the remaining 30% plastic powder is the necessary additives, plastic wood paneling possesses many outstanding features. In particular, the most prominent is the good waterproofing ability, suitable for the climatic conditions of Vietnam.

Therefore, this type of waterproof wall panels is commonly used for outdoor items, often exposed to water. Some works also use this material for interior spaces. However, when constructing plastic wood panels, it is necessary to install a skeleton system, because this is a heavier material than plastic panels.

Application of wood plastic wall panels to decorate the exterior space
Application of wood plastic wall panels to decorate the exterior space

Wood plastic composite materials are also chosen by many users because of their high aesthetic appeal. Possessing an appearance like real wood panels with natural and rustic colors, plastic wood is the first choice of those who love simple, natural but luxurious style.

Above are the sharing about the top 3 types waterproof wall panels most popular today. These are all good waterproofing materials, with long-term durability, contributing to creating a luxurious and modern living space.

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