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Types of waterproofing materials, recommended for humid areas

Types Waterproof Materials currently popular are glass mesh, cement mortar, concrete,... suitable for use in wet areas.


Waterproof paint – Mould-free wall protection material

Waterproof paint is one of the effective waterproofing and wall protection materials. This is a paint made from resin (Acrylic, Polyurethane, Epoxy), solvent, film-forming agent and some other additives, which helps prevent leakage during construction or when there is an external environment.

There are two common types of paint that are interior paint and exterior paint.

  • Interior paint: With wet areas in the house such as bathrooms, kitchen areas, plumbing systems,... it is necessary to use waterproof paint. This type of paint acts as a protective layer to help prevent damage to the building, limit water absorption and the effects of harsh weather conditions.
  • Exterior paint: This is the type of paint used for the outside areas of the building. Not only has the effect of waterproofing, this type also helps users save construction costs when not having to use a primer. This material is also considered as a decorative layer to increase the aesthetics of every building.
Waterproof paint is applied in many different categories
Waterproof paint is applied in many different categories

Self-adhesive film

This is also one of the most widely used waterproof materials today. Self-adhesive waterproof membrane has a flat form, is synthesized from polymer and bitumen materials. The front of the material is coated HDPE, the back is covered by silicone layer. Therefore, the membrane is good at preventing water and has the ability to limit corrosion.

Besides outstanding water resistance, this material also has the following preeminent features:

  • Has good elasticity and high elasticity index.
  • High adhesion ability, good bond to the mounting surface.
  • Long-term durability, can be up to several decades.
  • Good heat resistance, resistant to UV rays.
  • The construction process is easy, the cost is reasonable.

Because of its many outstanding advantages, this material is highly appreciated and used in many different categories. Some of the main applications of the membrane are as a waterproofing material in the construction of toilet floors, terrace floors, tunnels, as waterproofing sheets for corrugated iron roofs, large-area shrimp and fish ponds,...

Self-adhesive waterproofing membrane - Popular waterproofing material today
Self-adhesive membrane – Today's popular waterproofing material

Glue – Material that resists water penetration

This is an outstanding glue with good adhesion to firmly bond the surface of the material sheets. Along with its high durability and special properties against all water ingress, this glue ensures good waterproofing ability.

Although not as popular as paint or self-adhesive film, this material is still very important and chosen by many users. The main applications of waterproof glue currently: filling cracks on the surface of wooden floors, concrete, rusted bolts, anti-leakage of corrugated iron roofs,... Besides, glue is also used to bond joints between walls and ceilings or outdoor wall areas.

Waterproof glue material
Waterproof glue material

Hydrophobic concrete – Popular waterproof material

Hydrophobic concrete is also known as concrete waterproof, is commonly used from the middle of the 20th century to the present. This is fresh concrete that comes with some waterproofing admixtures. Typically Bitumen liquid solutions, Polymer-Silicate-based components,...

This material has contributed to improving the lifespan of the building, is widely used in the following items: concrete floors, basement walls, fish tank bottoms,... Currently, concrete has many types (B6, B8, B10, etc.) B12, B30,…) and each type will have different waterproofing levels. Depending on your needs, you can consider choosing the right type of concrete.

Waterproof concrete - Modern waterproofing material
Concrete – Modern waterproofing material

Convenient waterproof spray bottle

Waterproof spray bottle is considered as a convenient and easy-to-use product. You only need to simply spray directly onto the surface to be used. This product is also favored by many users because of many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Bringing quick effects and high aesthetics to the applied area.
  • No hardening, no malformations on flat surfaces.
  • Can be used in many different environments (dry, hot, wet, ...).
  • Save construction and repair time.

However, on the market today, there are many waterproof spray lines of unknown origin. Therefore, water resistance cannot be guaranteed. Users need to learn and choose carefully before using a waterproof spray bottle. On the other hand, this product is more expensive than waterproof paint lines and is not suitable for use in large areas.

Convenient waterproof spray bottle
Convenient waterproof spray bottle

Waterproof powder

In addition to paints, films, and glues, waterproof powder is also one of the commonly used materials in many constructions today. With a hydrophobic base, this product plays the role of binding and filling even the smallest gaps on the surface of the building.

Besides, waterproof powder is also used to reinforce the floor surface and effectively prevent wear. Therefore, this material is very suitable for use in areas subject to high corrosion such as parking lots, warehouses,...

Waterproof powder
Waterproof powder

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Glass mesh

This is a type of mesh waterproofing material woven from glass fibers. They have good anti-oxidation, bearing, water-proof, anti-cracking properties. Currently, glass mesh often combined with liquid repellents. Thereby creating a membrane system with high strength to help reinforce in many cases such as:

  • Swimming pool construction
  • Construction of walls with sound-insulating materials
  • Use wall surface reinforcement (inside and outside)
  • Anti-cracking for drywall,...
Glass mesh - A popular waterproofing material in many construction projects
Glass mesh – A popular waterproofing material in many constructions

Waterproof cement mortar

This material is a mixture of cement-based powder and liquid that is waterproof in a certain ratio. Waterproof cement mortar also has many outstanding features, preventing salting, corrosion, moisture, protecting walls,...

Although there are many outstanding advantages, when using cement users need to note the following information:

  • Mix cement in small parts, limiting clumping because it will cause unsightly construction.
  • When sweeping cement, it is necessary to sweep evenly and fill holes in the wall.
  • Seal the wall surface to avoid water as well as chemical splashes until the cement dries.
Waterproof cement mortar
Cement mortar – Easy-to-use waterproofing material

Waterproof Materials plays an important role in every construction project with many preeminent features. Hope the above sharing will help readers have more useful knowledge. If you have more questions about waterproof materials, you can contact here.

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