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3 types of materials to make the floor beautiful but still durable

When seeking for best flooring materials which are beautiful but still durable, you will immediately see 3 names that are constantly mentioned: industrial wood flooring, imitation wood plastic flooring and porcelain tiles.

Waterproof, termite resistant laminate flooring

Laminate flooring (Laminate Flooring) is a flooring material that replaces natural wood floors. Specifically, they are thick boards made of wood chips, through a process of heat pressing and high pressure pressing. Integrating a number of additives and advanced production technology has made this material line possess features that natural wood floors do not have. High-quality laminate flooring has good termite resistance and outstanding water resistance.

Construction of industrial laminate flooring

The structure of a laminate flooring consists of 4 layers:

  • Core Layer (Core Layer): Usually HDF wood core.
  • Back layer: Keep wooden boards balanced, reducing warping under the impact of heat and moisture.
  • Decorative Film Layer (Design Layer): Reproduce diverse and beautiful printed designs.
  • Wear Layer: Most are transparent aluminum oxide, protecting the film layer from discoloration against UV rays. Helps prevent stains and limits the spread of fire.

Besides, this type of floor material has a quite flexible installation and dismantling mechanism by smart yin and yang locking system right next to the board.

Construction of industrial wood floors.
Construction of industrial wood floors.

Features of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is preferred because it is cheaper than natural wood. They use less wood resources and reduce current deforestation. Not only that, this type of flooring still has the ability to regulate the temperature of wood and high mechanical strength. Some advantages of laminate flooring that Kosmos can summarize are:

  • Easy to install, durable, low maintenance.
  • Bring high aesthetics to the apartment.
  • Warm winter - cool summer, stable temperature regulation.
  • Not easy to slip and fall when moving and limit injury when bumping.
  • It is resistant to termites, water, and reduces fire-spread well in terms of products in the high-end segment.
Malaysian laminate flooring has perfect termite resistance.
Malaysian laminate flooring has perfect termite resistance.

The disadvantage of this floor material is that it cannot be installed outdoors, where it is exposed to direct sunlight. And they are only capable of preventing fire, not completely, so should be avoided in places with high heat sources.

On the other hand, natural wood floors only need sanding and coating to look like new as soon as they are scratched. In return, laminate flooring can only be replaced when it is scratched. If you choose to buy laminate flooring, choose a floor with a high AC scratch resistance index (AC4 or higher). At the same time, don't forget to limit cleaning the floor with sharp objects and strong cleaning chemicals.

Laminate flooring - a durable floor material

Plastic floor lock (click lock vinyl) is a plastic flooring material equipped with a tongue and groove system for installation. With spc plastic (PVC mixed with stone powder), the floor has high bearing capacity and is 100% water resistant. With plastic flooring, there are no limits to interior design. They can cover many designs such as: wood grain, stone grain, cement grain,... depending on the color film layer. With a suitable price, this type of flooring is also a suitable choice to replace natural wood floors.

Structure of plastic floor lock

The structure of a locking plastic floor lock includes 4 layers:

  • Sole layer: Made of Polyvinyl Chloride plastic mixed with stone powder. This is also the layer that determines the thickness of the board, usually about 3 - 4 mm.
  • Color Film Layer: Printed clearly and eye-catching, determining the aesthetics of the floor.
  • Nano Coating: Also known as an anti-abrasion layer about 0.3mm thick. This layer helps protect the color film layer from damage by scratches.
  • UV Coating: Transparent, evenly coated on the surface to limit the harmful effects of UV rays that cause the floor color to fade.

And of course, the locking plastic floor is designed with a system of blades and grooves on the edge of the board for installation.

Structure the layers of plastic floor lock.
Structure the layers of plastic floor lock.

Features of vinyl flooring

There are many types of plastic floors on the market, but lock plastic floors are the most durable and beautiful floor material. They do not need to use glue when installing, providing better water resistance and more flexibility in the disassembly and installation process. The floor is also not easily scratched, is anti-slip and does not develop mold. Thanks to many designs, lock plastic flooring is a favorite choice of consumers.

Like any other type of vinyl flooring, laminate flooring is prone to fading if exposed to UV rays for too long. We need to avoid installing the floor in a place where there is direct sunlight. Besides, high temperature will cause the floor to expand and warp. You should not install plastic flooring next to the fireplace or gas stove!

Porcelain tiles – waterproof floor lining material

Porcelain Tiles (Porcelain tiles) is a material that makes the floor become more·tough than ceramic tiles. They are impact resistant and suitable for high-traffic areas. Porcelain material makes this material good waterproof (water absorption rate is only about 0.5%). Not only that, this type of tile can have a glossy surface without having to be glazed.

Porcelain tile is a good waterproof flooring material.
Porcelain tile is a good waterproof flooring material.

How to make a Porcelain brick

The structure of porcelain tiles includes clay, stone powder and additives. These ingredients will be finely ground and mixed together. The above material mixture will be dried at high temperature and then incubated for 49 hours before being put into a hydraulic press mold.

After being pressed into shape, the brick will be dried again and proceed to create decorative patterns. There are hundreds of ways to create the beauty of a brick, bringing variety in design. Finally, these bricks will be fired at a high temperature of about 1200 - 3000 degrees Celsius to turn into porcelain.

Features of porcelain tiles – Porcelain Tiles

The most noticeable quality of this flooring material is rigidity. When creating a floor out of porcelain tiles, you can be certain that the work will last for a long time. In addition, porcelain's ability to be waterproof is a significant benefit that deserves our attention.

However, the advantage is also the disadvantage. The rigidity of this tile makes machining more difficult. The expensive cost that we have to spend to own a porcelain tile floor also makes many people take it into careful consideration.

Porcelain tile is a material that makes floors harder than ceramic tiles.
Porcelain tile is a material that makes floors harder than ceramic tiles.

Top 3 best flooring materials nowadays have been found and thoroughly analyzed by Kosmos above. Hope the above information will be of great help to you. If you want to see more useful information like this as soon as possible, you can subscribe to the Kosmos news here.

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