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7 types of ceiling materials you can't ignore

Types ceiling materials that you cannot ignore are: corrugated iron, gypsum board, wooden plank, plastic sheet, aluminum, plastic wood paneling and imitation wood cement board.


Corrugated iron - The best ceiling material today

Ton Sheet metal is a sheet metal produced from steel as the main and some other components such as: silicone, aluminum, zinc, etc. This sheet metal is transcribed from the word "tole" (roughly translated: iron sheet) in French. Since it is a metal, it is a good conductor of heat. That is also the reason why we need to apply more heat-resistant measures for corrugated iron roofs when using such as heat-resistant paint, insulation panels, glass wool, etc.

There are many types of corrugated iron available in the market such as:

  • Cold sheet: steel plate coated with 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon.
  • Galvanised aluminium: 100% zinc coated steel plate.
  • Heat-resistant corrugated iron: This is a combination of 2 layers of corrugated iron and a layer of heat-resistant plastic (PU/EPS/..) in the middle.
  • Corrugated iron: Corrugated steel panels using CNC folding technology.
  • Tile imitation: This type of corrugated iron has an imitation tile surface design that is 100% similar.

In particular, the best type of corrugated iron ceiling today is insulating corrugated iron. Using this type of corrugated iron, we will not need to apply any other heat protection measures.

Corrugated iron - The ceiling material is popular with many people
Corrugated iron is a popular ceiling material

In addition to the disadvantage of poor heat resistance, other types of corrugated iron than heat-insulated corrugated iron are still popular because of characteristics such as:

  • Low cost, high durability.
  • Light weight, easy to install.
  • There are many colors and designs.
  • Not easy to get dusty or moldy.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Good weather resistance.
Shrimps for the ceiling have many preeminent features
Ceiling corrugated iron has many superior properties

Plasterboard – Heat-resistant interior ceiling material

The ceiling materials that users look for the most are those that are resistant to heat. In addition to insulating corrugated iron, Kosmos proposes to you another material that is equally resistant to heat plasterboard. Based on production technology, this material is divided into many types according to features such as sound absorption, water resistance, fire resistance, etc.

Gypsum (Calcium Dihydrate) is a mineral that is not water-resistant, so gypsum board is only used for ceiling cladding in interior spaces. It can be considered as a support material for corrugated iron roofs, reducing hot air flow on hot sunny days.

Plasterboard - Effective heat-resistant ceiling material
Gypsum board – An effective heat-resistant ceiling material

However, there are some cases where the plaster ceiling suddenly cracks, making many people feel worried about the durability of the product. Based on the content of the interview between a reporter of VNEXPRESS newspaper and an architect of the architectural and interior design consulting company T&T, most of the errors are due to construction techniques. When making ceilings with plasterboard, you should note:

  • The distance between the main bones should not exceed 80cm.
  • The distance between the auxiliary bone bars should not exceed 60cm.
  • The distance between the laces to hang the main bone is not more than 1m.
  • The laces to hang the main bone bar must be caught in a highly fixed position.
  • Anti-cracking tape must be used at plasterboard joints.

>>> You can refer to beautiful plaster ceiling backdrops for interior spaces.


Wooden planks - Material to make impressive backdrops

An impressive font material that Kosmos recommends to you right here is wooden plank. Whether it is industrial wood or natural wood, it is also possible to cover the ceiling through an iron skeleton system. Under the scarcity of wood materials, industrial wood boards are the most chosen by users because of their low cost.

Today's ceiling tiles have a design that is not inferior to real wood. Owning a wooden font makes the space dignified and noble. It can be said that wood plank is the most suitable ceiling material for sanctuary such as ancestral house, worship room, etc.

Wood plank is a unique material for making canvas
Wood plank is a unique material for making canvas

Despite its impressive beauty, wooden planks still make users hesitant to use. They do not have good water resistance and are an attractive food source for termites. However, you can consider high-class laminate flooring equipped with water-resistant anti-termite for ceiling tiles such as German and Malaysian imported wood floors.


Plastic panels – Material to make beautiful ceilings

Want to own a beautiful wooden ceiling without fear of termites, water, cheap cost? plastic plates is the most ideal material that Kosmos proposes to you. Plastic panels easily cover the wood grain design by the elaborately printed film layer. Not only that, this ceiling material also gives you more choices with imitation stone pattern, imitation cement pattern, etc., depending on the design idea.

Plastic panels - Durable and beautiful ceiling material
Plastic panels – A durable ceiling material

Plastic panels have a variety of designs and shapes, so they are considered the most beautiful ceiling material today. To make the space more modern and eye-catching, you can choose corrugated plastic panels instead of the traditional flat form.

Plastic ceiling panels with a variety of designs
Plastic ceiling panels with a variety of designs

Plastic ceiling panels can be made of PS plastic, PVC plastic or PVC mixed with stone powder (spc). Any type of plastic is durable, beautiful and safe for health as long as it is virgin plastic. Some popular plastic ceiling panels on the market today are: Nano panels, stone-grained PVC, Korean fluted panel,...

Recycled plastic can help a lot in environmental protection, but in the case of ceiling materials, Kosmos does not recommend it. Impurities in recycled plastic panels easily evaporate through the air, causing unpleasant odors and affecting user health.


Aluminum – Heat-resistant ceiling material

Aluminum (Aluminium) is a metal in the earth's crust, accounting for about 17%. This material is lightweight with a specific gravity of only one-third that of iron and copper, and is easily malleable or machined. It is difficult to find pure aluminum in nature, so the aluminum materials we often see every day are aluminum alloys.

Heat resistant materials are suitable for ceilings
Heat resistant materials are suitable for ceilings

Thanks to its good abrasion resistance, rust resistance, and high durability, aluminum is used in many applications in life, including ceiling tiles. The thermal conductivity of aluminum is quite low, only 50% of copper, so covering the ceiling with aluminum material helps prevent heat well. Types of aluminum ceilings currently on the market are classified according to shape as:

  • Checkered aluminum ceiling
  • Striped aluminum ceiling
  • Sink aluminum ceiling
  • Floating aluminum ceiling
  • Multi B-Shaped Aluminum Ceiling
  • C-Shaped Aluminum Ceiling
  • Wood imitation aluminum ceiling

Plastic wood panels - Durable ceiling cladding material

Plastic wood paneling are decorative materials with high durability, we can use them to cover interior and exterior ceilings. This type of ceiling cladding material has a natural wood appearance and has more than 60% wood pulp in its construction. However, with other ingredients such as 30% plastic beads and some additives, the panels are water-resistant and resistant to termites.

Plastic wood paneling - High quality ceiling material
Plastic wood paneling – High quality ceiling material

This ceiling material comes in two forms, flat and fluted panel with a handy snap design. If the fluted wood plastic panel can only cover the ceiling and wall, the flat plastic wood panel can also cover the gate. They are not afraid of fading in the sun, not breaking the structure in the rain, keeping the space as beautiful as new.

Note: Plastic wood paneling is a heavy material that needs to be Installed via skeleton.

Ceiling panels made of wood and plastic materials
Ceiling panels made of wood and plastic materials

Cement board imitation wood ceiling

A material used to make a fairly new ceiling that you cannot ignore is imitation wood cement panels. This is a material with more than the main component being cement (accounting for about 70-80%) combined with cellulose fibers. The surface of the imitation wood is quite realistic, but the durability of this fiber cement board is many times higher than that of wood.

Ceiling imitation wood cement panels are produced in many different specifications. With high-tech technology, the surface of the plate is embossed with impressive wood grain. Besides, with cement material, the material is non-flammable and non-flammable. At the same time, the panel also has a mechanism to hydrate when it encounters moisture and release water as soon as the temperature is high, without affecting the overall structure of the product.

Imitation wood cement panels - Highly aesthetic ceiling material
Imitation wood cement panels – A material for making ceilings with high aesthetics

7 ceiling materials that Kosmos suggested above has been used by many people, so you can consider it. If you are looking for another type of material, you can suggest it at contact, Kosmos will collect information on the market to answer you. New Kosmos materials newsletters will be updated regularly at HERE.

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