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5 popular types of outdoor flooring materials and their advantages and disadvantages

Outdoor spaces such as terraces, balconies, corridors, swimming pools, gardens, etc. often use outdoor flooring materials such as plastic wood floors, paving stones, bricks, etc. The following article will help you to understand. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of these outdoor flooring materials.

outdoor flooring materials


What is outdoor flooring material?

Outdoor flooring materials are plastic wood flooring materials, natural wood floors, concrete, tiles, paving stones, etc., which are used for flooring outside areas such as gardens, swimming pools, balconies, etc. corridors, etc. These materials are heat resistant, good bearing, resistant to all weather effects.

Depending on your family's needs, you can choose the right outdoor flooring material. The following shares will help you better understand the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor flooring materials.


5 popular types of outdoor flooring materials today

Although there are many types of outdoor flooring products, each type has its own strengths. There are types with beautiful designs but not high quality, there are durable types but the appearance is not eye-catching, etc. The information below will help readers have a better overview of these materials.

The most popular outdoor plastic wood flooring material

This material line currently has two popular forms: Plastic wood floors and composite wood plastic blisters:

Laminate flooring in the form of long material sheets with common sizes of 2.2m and 3m. Inside are round or square hollows of different stiffness. Blister wood plastic composite are square and rectangular panels. The surface layer of the blister is plastic wood, the base layer is made of plastic and is equipped with convenient joints for installation.

Use plastic wood flooring to pave the yard inside the house
Use plastic wood flooring to pave the yard inside the house

Currently, plastic wood outdoor flooring materials are mainly applied to outdoor areas including swimming pools, parks, gardens, terrace areas, balconies, ... This is one of the lines of lining materials. Outdoor decking is new and popular in Vietnam.

Thanks to the application of modern production technologies and standard ingredients ratio (60% wood pulp, 30% plastic powder, 10% additives). Plastic wood has gradually replaced the old material lines. Featured with the ability to resist termites, not to be brittle, ... Besides, this is also a highly durable material that can withstand pressure up to 3 tons without being affected.

With increasing demand for use and high aesthetics. Outdoor plastic wood was born as an effective solution for those who love the rustic beauty of wood but are concerned about the cost or the susceptibility to termites.

Blister wood plastic composite used for lining the balcony floor
Blister wood plastic composite used for lining the balcony floor

For more information about wood plastic flooring materials, you can contact at Kosmos Vietnam Fanpage for more specific advice!

Advantages of plastic wood materials

  • Outdoor floor lining material against heat, good insulation: Wood plastic composite has outstanding heat insulation ability. Bring comfort and ease to the user. At the same time, they also limit the rapid spread of fire, prevent heat, and effectively prevent fire.
  • Environmentally friendly: Currently, natural wood is increasingly scarce. The use of outdoor plastic wood will limit deforestation. Not only friendly but also contribute to environmental protection.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: Just wipe the outdoor plastic wood floor with water and soap, wipe off the stains and you're done.
  • Effective waterproof and water-resistant outdoor flooring material: Because it contains plastic powder, outdoor plastic wood has very good water resistance. Provides high durability and will not warp or shrink if flooded.

Disadvantages: Users do not have many choices because plastic wood does not have too many colors. However, they are all modern colors, leading in the current exterior design trends.

Natural wooden floor

Whether in a modern or classic style, natural wood floors are always beautiful and appreciated

  • Advantage: Laminate flooring is a good insulating outdoor flooring material. Because natural wood does not absorb much heat. Bring comfort when walking, playing on the floor.
  • Disadvantages: Due to the limited supply, natural wood flooring has a high cost. Most types of natural wood floors will be termite when placed outdoors for a long time. Only a few types are able to withstand termites as well as the effects of outside weather.

Stone lining

Stone lining is also a favorite material because of the naturalness, size and thickness of the stone.

Use stones to pave the way to the garden
Use stones to pave the way to the garden
  • Advantage: Stone lining is highly durable and can withstand the effects of sun and rain. Good anti-slip ability. Suitable for many different design styles. Suitable for placement in gardens, parks,...
  • Disadvantages: Lining stone has a high cost because it is naturally mined. The construction and installation process takes a lot of time because this is a heavy material.

Brick – Beautiful and luxurious outdoor flooring material

When it comes to the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor flooring materials, brick materials cannot be ignored. In the past, tiles were very popular for outdoor flooring applications. Although there are now many other alternative materials, this is still a material loved by many families because of its luxury and class.

Tiles are a popular flooring material
Tiles are a popular flooring material
  • Advantage: Using floor tiles will bring luxury and class to living space. The construction process is easy because there are not many stages.
  • Disadvantages: The surface of the brick will often be covered with moss, which is easy to cause slippery and dangerous if not careful. The bricks are linked together by lime and cement, so the process of renovation and change faces many difficulties.

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Concrete outdoor flooring materials

Concrete is also one of the most popular outdoor flooring materials.

Using concrete as an outdoor floor
  • Advantage: Concrete has high durability thanks to its rigidity. Besides, cleaning on concrete floors is also quite easy. Fast construction time.
  • Disadvantages: Difficult to renovate, repair, need to demolish to be able to renovate. Every time it is repaired, users have to spend extra costs of sand, stone, cement, etc.

So you can see, today there are many types of outdoor flooring materials to choose from. Hopefully the above sharing will be useful and help you choose the right material for your family.

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