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7 types of popular cheap wall cladding materials today

Want to decorate your home, change your living space without much expense? List of types cheap wall cladding materials The most popular today is what you need right now!


Wallpaper - the cheapest wall decoration material today

Wallpaper is one of the most popular and cheapest wall covering materials available today. This material has many different designs, textures and colors to suit the decorative needs of the user. Besides, the installation of wallpaper is very easy, saving us a lot of time and effort.

Wallpaper is the cheapest decoration material today.

However, wallpaper also has a drawback that it is not as durable and waterproof as other wall materials. They are prone to peeling or tearing if not used or cleaned properly. Therefore, if using wallpaper near wet areas such as bathrooms or kitchens, care must be taken.

To ensure that the space is not cluttered, we should only use a plain paper pattern for the whole house or just stick it on a few key walls for the type with many textures. And you should also remember, wallpaper is not the perfect material to cover defects like mold.


3D foam board – a material for creating unique wall effects at a low cost

Want to spend a low cost and still have a wall with a unique effect? 3D foam board is the ideal wall covering material for you!

Wallpaper is a unique cheap wall covering material.

Lightweight soft foam board, installed directly on the wall with a pre-adhesive base. The surface of the panels has a variety of 3D effects such as: imitation leather, imitation brick, imitation wood, etc. They have the ability to quickly cover the yellow stained walls quickly, bringing depth to the apartment. Not only that, 3D Foam Sheet is more appreciated than wallpaper in terms of water resistance and ease of cleaning.


Ceramic tile - popular cheap wall cladding material

Ceramic tile is a widely used material for wall cladding in construction projects. Produced from clay and fired in a kiln at high temperatures, ceramic tiles are resistant to impact. They are not susceptible to abrasion and carry good water resistance.

Cremanic tiles are a common wall covering material.

This material is manufactured in a variety of sizes and colors to suit every design and style requirement of each building. With diverse features and affordable prices, ceramic tile is the most popular wall covering material today.

Although ceramic tiles are highly durable, if not stored and installed properly, they can still break or be damaged during use. To ensure durability and safety for users, the selection and use of ceramic tiles must be done properly, in compliance with technical regulations and according to the manufacturer's instructions.

When installing tiles, it is necessary to use additional tile adhesives to align them evenly.

Mosaic tiles - cheap wall decoration tiles

Mosaic tiles are decorative wall tiles manufactured from small pieces that are assembled into patterned shapes, or abstract motifs. The length of the sides of this brick is about 2 to 10cm. They are often used to create decorative accents for interior spaces, from living rooms, bedrooms to public areas such as airports, train stations, cafes, etc.

Mosaic tiles are decorative wall tiles of small size.

The outstanding feature of mosaic tiles is the variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Mosaic tiles are manufactured from many different materials such as ceramics, natural stone, glass, ceramic tiles… With high durability and good heat resistance, mosaic tiles are often used to decorate areas. wet areas, such as bathrooms, swimming pools, flower gardens, etc.

Not only diverse in materials, mosaic tiles also bring many other advantages such as high aesthetics, easy installation, easy cleaning and maintenance. With these features, mosaic tiles are the perfect choice for those who want to create accents for their living space. Of all the mosac tiles, the one made with ceramic tiles is the cheapest!


Plywood - cheap wall materials

Plywood (Plywood) is a cheap wall covering material. To create a thick plywood board, thin wooden boards have been stacked, pressed tightly with glue under high temperature conditions. They bring a new look to the walls depending on the plank arrangements such as herringbone, staggered, etc.

The plywood board is easily fixed on the wall with a nail gun. For a long life, we can cover the surface of the sheet with a layer of waterproof paint.

Plywood is a cheap wall material.

This cheap wall cladding material can be machined into different sizes and shapes to suit a wide range of uses. Designers and architects have made full use of plywood into many impressive projects such as: winding plywood walls, combining plywood with dark colors, ....


Plywood – low cost wall paneling industry

Veneer is best understood as the coating on industrial wood panels. This type of material is also known as peeled board. They are thin wooden panels sliced/peeled from natural wood trees. The thickness of this type of board is about 0.3 - 0.6 mm. With natural wood grain, veneer often contributes to luxurious and classic projects.

Venetian veneer brings aesthetics to industrial wood cores wall cladding such as: MDF, plywood, chipboard, ... as well as increase their resistance to warping. The thickness of a veneered plywood board is usually between 3 and 25 mm.

Laminate is a thin layer of wood that is peeled from natural wood.

The pattern of the wood grain pattern on the veneer depends a lot on the dissection technique such as:

  • Stay-log pelling.
  • Rift pelling.
  • Rotary peeling.
  • Flat cut (Flat cut).
  • False quarter cut (False quarter cut).

Plastic panels - cheap home wall cladding materials

Another cheap wall cladding material that can bring the beauty of wood into a living space is plastic panels. The beauty of this material comes from the color film layer, which simulates all designs such as wood, cement, natural stone, etc.

Plastic wall panels easily simulate many unique patterns.

There are many types of cheap plastic wall panels on the market such as: nano panel, fluted panel , and stone grain pvc. We can classify these types of panels by plastic reinforcement such as: ps, pvc and spc.

One note when looking to buy plastic wall panels is to choose only those with primary plastic reinforcement. Panels made of recycled plastic may be cheaper, but they are not healthy for you.

Plastic panels are the most popular cheap wall cladding material today.

The biggest disadvantage of these types of plastic panels is that they are easy to fade before UV rays. However, after a series of advantages such as: beautiful design, water resistance, moisture resistance, etc., this is the most popular cheap interior wall cladding material today!

All of the above cheap wall cladding materials can bring high aesthetics to your home. Kosmos hopes you can find a suitable wall covering material that fits your budget. To receive other helpful materials newsletters, you can subscribe to Kosmos at HERE.

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