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100+ Most popular plastic skirting patterns

Basement wool (baseboard) is a decorative accessory that is installed at the junction between the wall and the floor. Let's explore the plastic skirting pattern , which is the most favorite one through the following article!


Why use plastic skirting wool?

Plastic wall skirting models are increasingly popular and are used in many interior spaces. This accessory helps protect the base of the wall, hides the gap between the wall and the floor, and creates a highly aesthetic living space. On the current market, field wool comes in the form of bars about 3m long. When installed, the construction worker will cut them into small pieces. size fit.

Beautiful wood-colored plastic skirting board
Beautiful wood-colored plastic skirting board

In particular, the line PVC skirting board has good waterproofing ability, no termites, warping and difficult to peel off. Besides, plastic is light in weight, so the construction process will also be quick and convenient for users and construction workers.


The most popular plastic skirting patterns

The most popular models of skirting wool have wood grain patterns, imitation stone, imitation cement,... in a variety of colors including EG wool, LEG wool, LP wool, LT wool. From there, it is easy to synchronize with the wooden floor colors, bringing high aesthetic value to the building.

Wool EG

This model of plastic skirting makes a strong impression by its colors and natural wood grain patterns. The most diverse are the colors from light wood to dark wood. Wool EG is easily combined with wood floors to bring a unique style to the living space.

Wool LEG

This type of skirting is not only unique with a surface like natural wood, but also has accents up and down. This factor has made a difference for wool LEG, and at the same time help living space become more innovative and flexible.

Len LP

Len LP features a variety of designs from wood grain to unique stone patterns. Users can use this plastic skirting pattern for many different interior styles. Wood-colored LP wool will be suitable for luxurious spaces, promoting natural beauty and easy to synchronize with wooden floor colors. Neutral gray wool, cement color will suit those who love a free, dynamic style.

Len LT

This accessory is also chosen by many users with rustic, natural colors. Len LT and other accessories have contributed to creating a beautiful, attractive living space and effectively protecting the walls of the house.


Notes when using plastic skirting wool

In order for plastic wall wool accessories to bring high aesthetics to your living space, you need to note a few factors:

  • Choose wool skirting with designs and colors that are in harmony with the floor pattern as well as the color of the walls. You should prioritize choosing colors that match or contrast with the color of the living space.
  • Users can also choose to combine plastic skirting with some other materials such as plastic wall panels, contributing to creating a unique living space with high aesthetics.
  • Using special glue and nails to fix the wool to the base of the wall. When installing, it is necessary to clean the corners and the base of the wall to ensure the durability of the wool.

Video tutorial for the construction of plastic baseboards.

Many plastic skirting pattern are increasingly diverse and unique, giving users a high-class living space and great experiences. Hopefully the above sharing will help readers have a better overview of this accessory.

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