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9+ beautiful, high-end 3D aluminum ceiling models and construction price list

3D aluminum ceiling is one of the favorite types of aluminum ceilings with a special design, bringing unique pattern effects. Currently, this type of ceiling is commonly used in many interior spaces with a variety of designs. Kosmos has researched and compiled data to bring readers information and information Beautiful 3D aluminum ceiling models.

3D aluminum ceilings are highly appreciated for their aesthetics (Source: Internet)

What is 3D aluminum ceiling?

This type of ceiling has a special structure, outstanding with vivid 3D effects for the space. Current 3D aluminum ceiling models always have differences and diversity in design, they bring depth and create unique spatial effects.

Species aluminum ceiling This is currently widely used in many interior decoration projects from houses, offices,... to many public spaces such as hotels, restaurants,... contributing to bringing aesthetics and uniqueness to the house. space.


Structure and characteristics of 3D aluminum ceiling panels

3D aluminum ceilings are often constructed in the form of drop ceiling, hide bones. The ceiling panels stand out with embossed or embossed patterns depending on the model. Typically, perforated aluminum ceiling models, wood grain, classic patterns, etc. When installed, they will be arranged one after another to create a uniform pattern block for the ceiling system.

3D aluminum ceiling is a type of ceiling with beautiful effects (Source: Internet)

3D aluminum ceiling panels are made from high-quality aluminum material, difficult to fade or stain, usually have a thickness of 0.5 - 1.0mm, common sizes are: 600×600mm, 300×300mm. The surface is often electrostatically painted or Anode technology is applied to improve corrosion resistance during use.

Besides beautiful, flat aluminum ceiling models, there are currently many 3D ceiling models with levels: level 1, level 2, level 3,... for users to choose from. Comes with that may be molding, decorative LED lights,... to add elegance and uniqueness to the living space.

3D aluminum ceiling model (Source: Internet)

The current need to use 3D aluminum ceiling models

The trend of using metal ceilings in general and 3D aluminum ceilings in particular is increasingly popular. The bare metal market share chart below demonstrates the strong growth of current demand.

Metal ceiling market share chart in 2022 (Source: Internet)

According to statistical data, the use of aluminum ceilings has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to its high aesthetics, effective sound insulation, easy maintenance and recyclability. Especially with design flexibility, modern 3D aluminum ceiling models have attracted many users to choose.

In addition, featuring convenience in installation and ease of maintenance, 3D aluminum ceiling models are increasingly having a variety of applications in residential projects, offices, hotels, schools, airports, etc. ... Along with that, population growth is also a factor contributing to promoting and expanding the aluminum ceiling market. Both interior and exterior design projects can use this material.

It can be seen that aluminum ceilings are the leading material in the metal ceiling market. Not only popular in Asia, they are also increasingly growing in Europe, America, etc. and many other places around the world.

In 2022, the metal ceiling market size is valued at USD 4,2 billion. In 2023, it is 4,4 billion USD and is expected to increase to 6,2 billion USD in 2032. Below is a detailed chart showing this market growth.

Estimated valuation chart of the metal ceiling market until 2032 (Source: Internet)

Collection of the latest 3D aluminum ceiling models

With a simple structure and high aesthetics, 3D aluminum ceilings are the perfect choice for many decorative ceiling projects. The combination of high-quality aluminum materials and delicate 3D effects has contributed to bringing modernity and luxury to every project. Below are the latest 3D aluminum ceiling models that you can refer to:

3D aluminum ceiling model with impressive patterns (Source: Internet)
Aluminum ceiling combined with decorative ceiling lights (Source: Pinterest)
Luxurious white 3D aluminum ceiling (Source: Internet)
Highly aesthetic aluminum imitation wood ceiling model (Source: Internet)
Eye-catching perforated aluminum ceiling model (Source: Pinterest)
Unique 3D aluminum ceiling model (Source: Pinterest)

Price list for 3D aluminum ceiling construction

How much does a 3D aluminum ceiling cost is always a question of many users today. In fact, the price of 3D aluminum ceiling models depends on many factors such as: ceiling panel size, installation area, decorative accessories, etc. The following is a detailed price list of 3D aluminum ceilings updated in November/ 11:

3D aluminum ceiling price list
Type Reference price (VND/m2)
Construction of 3D aluminum ceiling does not include accessories About 650.000 VND/m2
Complete 3D aluminum ceiling construction includes accessories About 750.000 - 1.600.000 VND/m2

Note: Prices may change depending on time and construction unit.


The warehouse provides reputable ceiling materials

Kosmos Vietnam is a reputable warehouse distributing ceiling, wall and floor materials on the market today. Products at Kosmos have a variety of designs, sizes, etc. and are always highly appreciated for their aesthetics and quality. Some outstanding ceiling materials include:

Kosmos provides ceiling materials with a variety of designs

In addition to the variety of high-quality products, Kosmos also has a wide distribution network across the country. From there, we can meet the needs of all users in the fastest and most professional way. If you are in need of decorating your interior and exterior space, please choose products from Kosmos Vietnam.

Highly appreciated for its aesthetics and long-term durability, 3D aluminum ceiling models Always the perfect choice for every project. Hopefully this article will help readers have a more general view of this type of ceiling. If you have any questions, please contact us here for a quick response.


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