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Top 5 most effective waterproof and mold-proof wall covering materials

Nowadays, consumers are becoming more and more careful in choosing products waterproof wall cladding material, anti-mold to protect human health and decorate living space with high aesthetics. Discover the top 5 most popular moisture-resistant wall covering materials today!


Top 1: Plastic wood paneling

Plastic wood paneling is one of the new material lines made from a mixture of wood pulp, plastic particles and additives. Through modern extrusion technology, plastic wood panels possess outstanding properties of both wood and plastic. Typically, 100% waterproof, termite prevention, resistant to all impacts of the external environment,...

Plastic wood paneling - Absolutely waterproof wall cladding material
Plastic wood paneling – Absolutely waterproof wall cladding material

Plastic wood panels are considered as one of the effective waterproof wall cladding materials today. Not stopping there, plastic wood has brought users new experiences with the same appearance as real wood. At the same time, the surface design of stripes and 3D veins has high aesthetics. Application of plastic wood paneling also increasingly diverse and popular in many items of interior and exterior construction.


Top 2: Types of plastic wall panels

Currently, plastic wall panels are also the leading waterproof and mold-resistant materials. There are many different types of plastic wall panels, the most popular are the following products:

Stone grain PVC

This type of cladding is inspired by the beauty of natural stone, bringing unique features and the perfect choice for users. Stone grain PVC has a structure of 4 layers: PVC Plasker layer, Hot Melt Pur glue layer, decorative paper layer, UV coating on the surface. Each structural layer has separate functions, contributing to improved waterproofing, fire resistance, color fastness and no deformation in the panel.

Decorate and protect the house wall with stone PVC panels
Decorate and protect the house wall with stone PVC panels

Fluted panel

This is one of the waterproof wall cladding materials with the main composition of PS plastic, outstanding for its perfect moisture resistance. Therefore, this material is very suitable for the tropical climate of our country.

Because it's made of plastic, fluted panel PS is 99,99% termite resistant and has good heat resistance and contributes to the elimination of noise. In addition, the fluted panel component also contains an activated carbon compound, which has the ability to disinfect, remove unpleasant odors, and bring a great user experience.

Fluted panel from PS plastic effectively resists moisture
Fluted panel from PS plastic effectively resists moisture

Nano Panels

Nano Panels are made from PVC, mainly used for interior space. This material is 100% waterproof, no termites, equipped with a convenient locking system for installation. In addition, the Nano panel also stands out with holes in the middle, contributing to increased sound insulation, and bringing the most satisfied experience.

Cover the wall behind the TV with Nano panels - A popular waterproof wall covering material
Cover the wall behind the TV with Nano panels – Popular waterproof wall covering material

Top 3: Waterproof wall paneling

The use of waterproof corrugated iron wall cladding has become one of the choices of many families today. This material has a solid structure consisting of many layers, so the corrugated iron can withstand the impact of weather elements.

Besides, corrugated iron has a corrugated shape with ridges that help resist moisture well and prevent water from stagnating. Long-term durability, safety for human health, and cost savings are also factors that make waterproof wall panels among the top popular materials today.

Application of waterproof corrugated iron for house walls (Image:
Application of waterproof corrugated iron for house walls (Image:

Top 4: Moisture-proof wall tiles

The most popular moisture-proof tiles used for wall cladding today are granite and ceramic tiles. Types Waterproof Materials have almost zero water absorption. They help prevent dampness, seepage,... which can keep the wall surface from being moldy and ensure long-term durability.

Besides, moisture-proof bricks also have good heat resistance and bearing capacity. At the same time, effectively limit the accumulation of dust and dirt. This is the first choice of many families living in tropical climates.

However, on the market today, not all types of bricks have good waterproofing ability. Users need to choose quality bricks with uniformity in color, texture, thickness,... At the same time, wall tiles must be flat, not warped to ensure the aesthetics of the living space.

Use moisture-proof tiles for the bathroom area
Use moisture-proof tiles for the bathroom area

Top 5: Bamboo charcoal fiber multi-function panels

Multi-purpose bamboo charcoal fiber panel The structural layers are linked together through modern heat pressing technology. Therefore, this waterproof wall covering material has good moisture resistance, ensuring high adhesion and stability. Bamboo fiber also has antibacterial and anti-mold properties from the bamboo tree's properties, so this is considered a versatile panel line, the top choice for interior spaces.

Bamboo charcoal fiber multi-function panel (Image:
Bamboo charcoal fiber multi-function panel (Image:

At the same time, the above product also has an anti-fire feature, preventing it from catching fire when a fire occurs. Bamboo charcoal fiber multi-purpose panel has a light wood smell, completely free of odor Formaldehyde should be safe for users' health and environmentally friendly.

Types waterproof wall cladding material are increasingly popular not only in houses and apartments but also in decoration of restaurants, hotels, spas, commercial centers,... Hope the above sharing will be useful and help you to read. Learn more about waterproofing wall materials.



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