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Kosmos Vietnam outdoor wood plastic warranty policy

Policy outdoor plastic wood warranty ensure the interests of the Client. Through this, customers will know which cases are warranted, which are not, and what to do when having problems with outdoor plastic wood products provided and distributed by Kosmos Vietnam.


Warranty period for outdoor plastic wood of Kosmos Vietnam

Kosmos Vietnam is currently supplying and distributing 2 brands of wood and plastic to the market Kosmos , and Galawood. Each brand will have a different warranty period.

note: This warranty period only applies if the Customer uses accessories and follows the manufacturer's recommendations.

Kosmos plastic wood warranty period – is 5 years

Kosmos plastic wood is a line of exterior decoration materials (made from HDPE plastic, wood powder and additives) launched by Kosmos Vietnam in 2019 with many diverse products such as: floors, blisters, panels, bars, pillars, accessories (step tips, splints,...). All have a lifespan of up to 15 years and are committed to a 5-year warranty.

In early 2024, Kosmos just launched another product ASA plastic wood paneling (made from PVC, wood pulp, additives and coated on both sides with Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate). The product has good flexibility, fade resistance, and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Their lifespan is from 2 to 20 years and are guaranteed with a quality warranty is 5 years.

Galawood plastic wood warranty period – is 3 years

In 2023, Kosmos Vietnam distributes the Galawood plastic wood brand. This brand's product portfolio can be expanded in the future and all are guaranteed by Kosmos Vietnam with a 3-year warranty. In terms of lifespan, the product can be used for up to 10 years.


Conditions for applying the plastic wood warranty policy

Customers use properly.

Warped, cracked, deformed due to manufacturer error.


The damage to the product must be visibly evident and substantiated.

Within the first 3 months, plastic wood products have a certain degree of color fading and reach a stable state later. This is a normal phenomenon due to the nature of the product & natural effects, not the fault of the manufacturer.

  • In the first 3 months, Kosmos plastic wood can fade color 10%.
  • In the first 3 months, Galawood plastic wood can fly color 20%.

Customers use the correct accessories and follow the correct techniques as recommended by the manufacturer.

Invoices, vouchers or warranty cards must be intact (not crumpled, patched, stamped or repaired).

The product is still within the warranty period.
  • Kosmos outdoor plastic wood warranty period is is 5 years.
  • Galawood outdoor plastic wood warranty period is is 3 years.


Cases that are not covered by the outdoor plastic wood warranty

Damage due to improper transportation or construction.

Not using the correct accessories and following the correct technique as recommended by the manufacturer

Damage due to force majeure circumstances.

Force majeure events such as natural disasters, fires or being impacted by strong external forces.

Damage caused by improper maintenance by the user.

Wear and tear during use.

The product exceeds the warranty period.

Overdue is 5 years since purchasing Kosmos wood plastic composite products.

Overdue is 3 years since purchasing Galawood plastic composite wood products.

Accessories and frames are rusted.

Damage due to direct installation under glass or corrugated iron or poly roofs

This will cause the product to absorb more heat. If construction, it is necessary to make an insulation layer below the roof, keeping a distance from the roof of at least 300mm (30cm).


Note when using plastic wood outdoors

Use only very little diluted detergents to clean the product.

Concentrated cleaning solution has the risk of fading the color of the product, flying the pattern.

Note: If you have to install plastic wood in an area with strong sunlight and need regular cleaning, you can consider using a striped surface or switching to products with 3D wood grain.

Do not use sharp objects to clean stains on plastic wood.

We can clean products made of plastic wood by spraying water directly. High water pressure can remove stains on products. Absolutely do not use sharp objects to impact the product surface.


Note when installing plastic wood

1. It is mandatory to thread the galvanized/stainless steel bar into the core of the bar/plastic wooden post.

2. Compulsory installation of wood-plastic cladding/flooring on the frame.

3. The connection point of the plastic wood panel/slats must be placed on the frame.

4. Requirements for plastic wood floor skeleton:

  • 4.1: Thickness ≥25mm in case of use
    plastic wooden beam.
  • 4.2: Thickness ≥30mm in case of use
    galvanized/stainless steel iron bars.
  • 4.3: Distance between bars ≤350mm.

5. The plastic wood panel frame is required to have a thickness of ≥25mm and the distance between bars ≤350mm.

6. Anti-rust paint on the iron/stainless steel frame connection point.

7. Need to ensure drainage ability for plastic wood floors,
Avoid flooding.

8. Leave gaps when installing plastic wood floors, ensuring durability
airy and open space.

9. In case of constructing plastic wood ceilings at Poly/glass roofing projects:

  • The distance between the plastic wood ceiling and the Poly/glass/corrugated roof is ≥300mm.
  • It is mandatory to install an additional layer of insulation between the ceiling and roof.
Detailed instructions on installation steps

Construction of wood plastic wall panels.

Construction of plastic wood paneling for the ceiling.

Install wooden plastic wall paneling.

Construction of plastic wooden pillars to make Pergola flower trusses.

Install detailed plastic wood blister.

Install outdoor plastic Laminate flooring.

Construction of flower hanging on the wall with multi-purpose plastic wood

Construction of ASA plastic wood panels.

Instructions for construction/installation of ASA plastic wood panels

1. Do not shoot nails directly onto the panel.

2. Use stainless steel glue and silicone glue to install the panel firmly (except OP140X12).

3. Use stainless steel screws and silicone glue to securely install OP140X12.

4. Use galvanized iron bars and stainless steel bars to make the skeleton.

5. Distance between frames ≤ 350mm (35cm).

6. It is mandatory to use skeleton frames when installing ceilings/awnings.

7. In case of constructing plastic wood ceilings at Poly/glass roofing projects:

  • The distance between the plastic wood ceiling and the Poly/glass roof is ≥300mm (30cm).
  • It is mandatory to install an additional layer of insulation between the ceiling and roof.

Note: Please follow the instructions above to enjoy the ASA plastic wood panel warranty policy.

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Plastic wood products are mass-produced, so it is difficult to avoid technical errors, which are rare but still possible. Therefore the policy outdoor plastic wood warranty of Kosmos Vietnam helps to ensure the highest customer benefits. Please call the Hotline right away (+84) 903 093 221 If you need urgent advice on warranty policy, Kosmos staff is always ready to assist you.

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