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Kosmos Vietnam plastic flooring warranty policy

Kosmos Vietnam warranty is 3 years for plastic floor lock Kosmos SPC & Galamax SPC. In order for consumers to fully enjoy the benefits, Kosmos will provide full warranty conditions and the company's implementation process.


Kosmos Vietnam warranty card issuance process

After completing the construction work of products provided by Kosmos Vietnam, agents (or construction units) please update the information and address of the project for us.
The company will issue warranty cards in 2 copies, each card has its own number to identify and be assigned to customers to keep 1 copy, Kosmos keeps 1 copy.
All information required on the back of the sheet should be clearly written and signed by the agent (construction unit).
Warranty card for SPC plastic flooring from Kosmos Vietnam
Warranty card for SPC plastic flooring from Kosmos Vietnam

Warranty conditions for vinyl flooring with SPC lock

To warranty for vinyl flooring with SPC lock then you need to know the warranty acceptance conditions and avoid the supplier's warranty refusal cases.

Conditions of acceptance of SPC plastic floor warranty

Use SPC vinyl flooring according to the instructions.

  • Do not pour water directly on the floor for cleaning.
  • Wipe the floor only with a damp, wrung out cloth.
  • Stains should only be cleaned with diluted bleach.
  • Do not place the floor near high heat sources such as fireplaces, gas stoves, ..
  • Suitable temperature for plastic floor < 50 degrees celsius.
  • Do not use sharp objects to clean stains on the floor.
  • Do not drag heavy, sharp objects on the plastic floor.
  • Prevent rainwater from splashing on the floor through the window.
  • Carefully check the water pipes, in case of leaks.
  • Do not install plastic flooring in the exterior (outdoor) area.

Construction of SPC plastic floor properly

  • The distance between the floor and the wall is 10 mm.
  • The floor surface must be flat (Difference is not more than 2 mm on 1m).
  • Many floor foam board not stacked on top of each other.
  • Using styrofoam 1-2mm . thick When paving the floor with a thick edge 1.5 mm.
  • Installation must first be straight & level.
  • Tightly fit the locking hem to avoid running out later.
  • Only hammer the edge of the board through a spacer.


  • We should check the plastic floor slats thoroughly before installing. If the product is found to be damaged, notify the supplier immediately.
  • Remove debris from the side of the coffer before installation (if any).

SPC lock vinyl flooring is damaged due to manufacturer's fault.

Technical errors (floors manufactured to the wrong specifications/sizes) or warping, shrinking, or deforming.

These errors must be really obvious, visible to the naked eye.

Still retain the warranty card issued by the company.

When providing warranty, Kosmos Vietnam needs customers to present the warranty card, voucher or invoice issued by the company.

Note: Warranty related documents must be kept intact, not crumpled, stamped or repaired.

Case of refusal of SPC plastic floor warranty

Wear and tear during use

After a long time of use, the product will not be as new. These cases are not counted as defects to enjoy the warranty policy.

The damage comes from the customer side.

Customers do not follow the supplier's recommendations when applying and using. Especially when the customer has arbitrarily disassembled and relocated the product after the construction unit handed over the completed project.

Flooring damaged by another carrier.

Kosmos Vietnam will be responsible if the flooring is broken or broken during the transportation company. And the company reserves the right to refuse warranty if the fault comes from another carrier.

The product fails due to force majeure circumstances.

Force majeure events such as natural disasters, fires, floods, external forces, etc., which are beyond human control are not covered by the warranty of Kosmos Vietnam.

Failed to present valid warranty card, purchase voucher, invoice.


SPC lock plastic floor warranty process

B1 Customers contact the Agent (Construction Unit) to discuss the problem of the project.


B2 Please present the invoice, purchase voucher or warranty card issued by the company.


B3 Dealers come to the site to check.


In case of construction error
The dealer will be responsible for the warranty.

In case of product failure
Agents send photos/videos to Kosmos. From 3-5 days, Kosmos will send someone along with the agent to survey the status, exchange and issue a warranty document with a handling plan for you.


If you encounter any difficulties during the process plastic floor warranty of Kosmos Vietnam can immediately contact us via the hotline (+84) 903 093 221, Kosmos staff will assist immediately!

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