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Is Dewoo plastic wooden door review good? Selling price, classification

Dewoo plastic wooden doors are increasingly popular and widely used in the market because of their high aesthetics and outstanding features. To clearly understand the quality and classification of this product, explore the following article with Kosmos.

Dewoo composite plastic doors
Dewoo composite plastic door (Source: DEWOO DOOR)

A few words about the Dewoo brand

Dewoo Group is the father of door lines from the Dewoo Door brand. Currently, the company has launched two main products to the market: Dewoo Composite wood plastic doors and Dewoo ABS doors.

Dewoo Group's wooden and plastic door factory
Dewoo Group's plastic wooden door factory (Source:

Since its establishment in 2017, Dewoo Group has always affirmed its position through product quality. With 3 factories with a total area of ​​more than 20.000 square meters2, equipped with modern equipment and advanced production lines. The door lines here are always popular with consumers.


2 lines of beautiful, quality Dewoo plastic wooden doors

Dewoo plastic wooden door line has long been a symbol of aesthetics and quality in the furniture industry. Currently, Dewoo has two product lines of wooden and plastic doors:

Dewoo composite wooden plastic door

Dewoo composite wooden plastic door The main ingredients include PVC plastic and wood powder along with additives, extruded at high pressure and temperature to form a liquid mixture. Then, this mixture is put into molds that adjust to the shape of the door, including the door, frame and cornice. The surface is covered with PVC film with wood grain lines, creating an appearance similar to a natural wooden door.

In particular, with the design of a vacuum-filled space and a gasketed door frame, opening and closing is smooth and easy. composite plastic wood door Has good sound and heat insulation.

Dewoo composite door cross section
Dewoo composite door cross section (Source:
Actual cross-section of Dewoo composite plastic door
Actual cross-section of Dewoo composite plastic door (Source: DEWOO DOOR)

Below is a collection of 14 most beautiful and high-quality Dewoo wood-plastic composite door models.

ABS plastic wooden door

ABS Dewoo door is a pressed-panel door, the skeleton is made of natural laminated wood, combined with water-resistant Honeycom/XPS foam, the surface of the 2,2mm thick composite wood-plastic door is covered with wood-grain PVC film. The components of ABS plastic wooden doors are bonded with PUR glue.

Cross-section of Dewoo ABS plastic wooden door
Cross section of Dewoo ABS plastic wooden door (Source:
Dewoo ABS plastic doors at Vietbuild exhibition
Dewoo ABS plastic doors at Vietbuild exhibition (Source: DEWOO DOOR)

Dewoo currently launches 3 ABS door codes with the following colors:


Advantages of Dewoo brand doors

Not only do they have eye-catching designs, door lines from the Dewoo brand also win the hearts of consumers because of the following outstanding advantages:

  • Absolute water resistance
  • Limit warping and termites
  • Good resistance to fire spread
  • It is an environmentally friendly material, safe for users
  • High aesthetics, similar to natural wooden doors
  • Light weight, easy to install, limits door sagging after use
  • Good sound insulation
  • Diverse designs and colors
Dewoo doors are of outstanding quality
Dewoo doors have outstanding quality (Source: DEWOO DOOR)

Latest updated price of Dewoo plastic wooden doors

Door type the size Unit price Product details
Length (mm) Width (mm)

Dewoo composite wooden plastic door

<800 <2300 4.430.000 VND/Set
  • Door: WPC whole panel 38-40mm thick
  • Frame: 105/125 x 40mm
  • Edge band: 50x60mm
  • Surface covered with wood grain PVC film (PVC color options)
  • Damping rubber gasket
  • 4 specialized stainless steel hinges
801 – 900 <2300 4.580.000 VND/Set
901 – 980 <2300  

4.795.000 VND/Set

ABS plastic wooden door <1000 <2300 3.900.000 VND/Set
  • Natural wood skeleton door with 40mm thick slats combined with scratch-resistant Honeycom/XPS form.
  • The door surface is 2.5mm thick covered with wood grain PVC film.
  • Frame: 100/125mm x 42mm.
  • Edge band 50x50mm.
  • Shock-absorbing rubber gasket.
  • 4 specialized stainless steel hinges.


  • The above price includes installation costs but does not include the cost of dismantling the old door.
  • Depending on each supplier, the price will have a certain difference.
  • Price list updated on December 12.

Besides choosing a beautiful door, you should also pay attention to the issue of choosing flooring materials to make the overall living space harmonious. Therefore, careful consideration between these two factors will create a perfect living space, showing the class of the family.

If you do not have much experience in choosing a floor, we will offer a few options worth considering such as: laminate flooring, wood plastic floor. They are all materials with high aesthetics and durable quality that Customers can consider.

In short, Dewoo composite plastic doors are a quality product line that meets many different needs of consumers. The combination of quality, design and utility of these two products can be a choice worth considering when building or upgrading your living space.


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