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Is Kingwood plastic wooden door review good? Selling price, types

Kingwood plastic wooden doors – a name that is attracting the attention of consumers when looking to choose a door for their home. Because of that, evaluating the quality of Kingwood doors becomes an important part before deciding to buy. The article below will answer all your questions from A-Z about Kingwood composite doors.

Kingwood composite wooden door
Kingwood composite wooden door (Source: Kingwood Vietnam)

What is Kingwood plastic door?

Kingwood plastic wooden doors is a door brand that uses blanks from Kingwood Group. Manufactured with main ingredients from PVC combined with wood powder and additives, Kingwood composite doors are designed to provide durability and aesthetics.

Similar to Kosdoor composite door, Kingwood wooden plastic doors are highly flexible, often widely used in all different civil projects such as houses, offices, hotels, restaurants,...

Composite wooden doors with PVC color code K-37
Composite wooden door with PVC color code K-37 (Source:

Advantages of Kingwood wooden plastic doors

Kingwood composite door There are 4 outstanding advantages: water resistance, high aesthetics, ease of construction and safety for users. Let's explore these advantages in detail below.

Good water resistance

With main ingredients from plastic and wood pulp extruded in whole sheets, composite plastic wood door has better water resistance than natural wooden doors. This feature makes Kingwood doors the ideal choice for spaces in direct contact with water such as balcony doors, bathroom doors, kitchen doors, etc.

Kingwood door with PVC film code 37
Kingwood door with PVC membrane code 37 (Source:

Good water resistance prevents the door from deforming, warping or being damaged by termites, etc., making this product usable for more than is 25 years.

Ingredients are safe for users' health

Kingwood plastic wood uses safe and contain-free ingredients formaldehyde during production. Therefore, this brand's doors are very safe for users, especially in families with young children.

Wood plastic composite door with PVC film K-36
PVC film composite wood plastic door K-36 (Source:

Diverse and eye-catching designs

With flexibility in shaping and simulating wood grain with a variety of colors, Kingwood composite wooden plastic doors provides many options for consumers. From the samples given Luxury interior design style come Rustic style.

Eye-catching and authentic wood color of Kingwood K-39 door (Source:
Eye-catching and authentic wood color of Kingwood K-39 door (Source:

Easy to construct and install

Compared to natural wooden doors, wooden plastic doors are lighter in weight, making the transportation and installation process easier, reducing effort and costs. Besides, Kingwood doors are designed with precise machined dimensions, making installation faster.

Composite wooden doors have extremely good water resistance
Composite wooden doors have extremely good water resistance (Source:

Quotation for Kingwood composite wooden doors

Below is a detailed price list Kingwood composite wooden door and accompanying accessories that you can refer to.

Door price list

Door type Height x thickness (mm) Width (mm) Unit price (VND/set)

Wooden doors covered with PVC Film

2000 x 150 <800 ~ 3.500.000
2200 x 150 <800 ~ 3.600.000
2000 x 150 800-910 ~ 3.550.000
2200 x 150 800-910 ~ 3.700.000
2400 x 150 <910 ~ 3.900.000

Accessory price list

Product Type Unit price
Horizontal aluminum only ~50.000 VND/line
Vertical aluminum thread ~70.000 VND/line
Glass box ~300.000 VND/set
Lightning ~300.000 VND/set
Oh wow ~500.000 VND/set
Hinge ~25.000 VND/piece


  • If the door size is not the same as the table above, the selling price will be calculated according to the actual project.
  • The above price list was updated in November 12.

Kingwood door production process

Kingwood plastic wooden doors Manufactured through advanced technological processes and compliance with strict 7-step standards.

  • Step 1: Bamboo, wood, etc. are crushed and ground into powder through a large capacity machine.
  • Step 2: Mix wood powder, PVC plastic and additives together.
  • Step 3: Put all the mixture and ingredients into the extruder to create components such as doors, door frames, door trims, glass trims, etc.
  • Step 4: Check the quality of the workpiece carefully before applying the film coating to the surface.
  • Step 5: Carry out processing according to size and design according to specific requirements.
  • Step 6: Continue to check the quality of kingwood plastic wood panels to ensure compliance with technical standards.
  • Step 7: Finally, the product is shipped and transported to the construction site.
Kingwood doors are created through 7 steps
Kingwood doors are created in 7 steps (Source:

3 types of Kingwood door blanks

Currently, Kingwood is producing 3 types of door blanks:

40mm door blank with 5mm face thickness 40mm door blank with 5mm face thickness
40mm door blank with 7mm face thickness 40mm door blank with 7mm face thickness
Standard door leaf 38mm Standard door leaf 38mm

2 lines of beautiful, quality Kingwood composite doors

Kingwood composite wood plastic doors have two outstanding lines: PVC film coated plastic wooden doors and PU painted doors. Below are the design details of each product.

Wooden doors covered with PVC Film

The PVC film surface helps Kingwood plastic wooden doors not only limit scratches but also help increase the water resistance of the product. Below are 7 Kingwood composite wood door models you can refer to.

PU painted door

This door line still has main components from wood pulp and plastic, however the surface is covered with a layer of PU paint to increase durability and create aesthetics for the product. Below are 9 beautiful PU painted door models.

With the variety, colors and designs of wooden and plastic doors as above. You can easily choose products that suit your needs and style. Besides, choosing other interior decoration materials to make the overall space harmonious is also necessary.

In particular, the selection of flooring materials such as laminate flooring or wood plastic floor are all smart choices when combined with wooden and plastic doors. They not only have an elegant and natural appearance but are also highly durable and easy to clean and maintain.

When diving into the evaluation Kingwood plastic wooden door, we see that this product has outstanding advantages and diversity in designs. Kingwood doors truly deserve to be one of the top choices when you are looking for a quality product that suits your needs.


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