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Is it worth it to invest in faux wood for interior decoration?

Laminate wood imitation is listed in the list of high-end decorative materials. Usually used for projects with large space. Or the investment architecture designed according to the modern concept.

Vietnam's economy is developing day by day, people's material life is getting better and better. They began to invest in creating a more aesthetic living space. In recent years, the blue bar has gradually become popular with wide coverage. However, they are also quite new, so it is inevitable that customers will wonder if they are worth investing in, using or not.

What is interior wood plastic laminate?

The original blue bar was known as the natural wood material. It has a narrow, long, dense appearance. The beauty of the blue bar comes from the arrangement of many bars next to each other. Form a flat surface with a unique, eye-catching shape.

The beauty of blue is gradually spreading widely
The beauty of blue is gradually spreading widely

Laminate wood imitation is a new material, replacing expensive natural wood. With relatively low prices, they are suitable for the economic conditions of many households. Let the beauty of the wood be more widely known.

The appearance of the fake wood slats has been recreated to resemble natural wood as much as possible. But there is one point that cannot be reproduced, which is the gut layer. Laminate wood has a hollow structure, to save raw materials. During construction, an iron core will be added to reinforce the rigidity.

Currently, there are 3 lines of materials that reproduce the beauty of wooden slats on the market:

  • Imitation wood plastic bar
  • Fluted panel plastic wall panel
  • Railing
The faux wood laminate is designed with a very realistic wood grain
The faux wood laminate is designed with a very realistic wood grain

Wood imitation plastic bar for interior decoration

PVC laminate has high toughness and durability. Primary plastic material ensures safety for users' health. With the 100% waterproof nature of plastic, users are not afraid of damaging the bar every time they clean the house.

The luxurious beauty of wooden slats in the interior makes the house more valuable. But in order for the beauty to be preserved from harmful insects, it is only possible thanks to artificial wooden bars such as PVC bars.

100% waterproof and termite resistant plastic bar
100% waterproof and termite resistant plastic bar

By reinforcing iron cores of compatible sizes to the inside of the intestine. Blue bars are significantly increased in life, giving them many pluses such as:

  • Ability to withstand heavy loads.
  • After hitting the surface, it did not break the plastic spokes.

The beauty of the sharp wood grain on the plastic bar comes from the decorative film layer. Although they are quite easy to fade by sunlight, if only installed in an enclosed space, the aesthetics are maintained for a very long time. The manufacturer has intentionally covered an extra layer of UV protection, to slow down the color fading of the plastic spokes.

Laminate wood plastic for interior and exterior decoration

Railing (WPC) has a structure that is not different from the fake wood plastic bar. But the proportion of plastic wood bars is much heavier. That's because the inside of the plastic core is mixed with wood pulp, accounting for 60% of the ingredients. The rest is 30% Pe resin powder and 10% additives.

Wood pulp makes the WPC laminate have a uniform color from the surface to the core. Regardless of any decorative grain, its beauty is kept fixed. The only time the color changed was when it was just installed, the WPC blue was about 10% lighter.

Plastic wooden bar has a durable beauty regardless of the weather
Plastic wooden bar has a durable beauty regardless of the weather

Can withstand water and is not afraid of the sun. Laminate wood is a type of wood that is sought by users for the purpose of installation in outdoor spaces.

We often see their presence in the form of:

  • The resort has an open architecture,
  • Pergola flower truss,
  • Forming a corridor,
  • Facade cladding,
  • Making innovative fences…

What's more, they are UV resistant. Used as a wall cladding material outside the apartment, it partly protects the homeowner from invisible dangers.

Fluted panel plastic wall panel

For architectural works with limited area, but want to own the innovative beauty of the bamboo wall. You can refer to the fluted panel plastic wall panel.

Like blue bars arranged tightly, next to each other. The surface of the fluted panel is rippled with small spokes, like ocean waves. The size is somewhat smaller but still makes the wall come alive and fresh.

Laminate wall tiles, the right choice for small apartments
Laminate wall tiles, the right choice for small apartments

Light weight and doesn't take up too much space. Job Fluted panel construction a lot easier. This will be the material to catch up with all home design trends in the near future.

The corrugated board has 2 materials that are similar to the bar: PVC plastic and WPC plastic wood. Recently, a unit specializing in supplying and distributing Kosmos interior decoration materials, brought back a new fluted panel, fluted panel Korea.

New Korean fluted panel line, following the modern trend

The Korean wave is not much different from the regular fluted panel in terms of appearance. But made up of words like PS. Carrying a solid inner layer, but Korean fluted panel is much lighter in weight.

In comparison, PVC has many advantages over PS. In return, the decorative layer of the Korean fluted panel is printed directly, not easy to peel off. The design is extremely modern, suitable for the tastes of today's youth.

Korean wave, capturing the vision of young people
Korean wave, capturing the vision of young people

Owning a bamboo wall with Korean fluted panel, you get a much fresher air space. Thanks to the amount of carbon contained in the PS blue, it has the effect of purifying the air.

Popular applications of wood-imitation plastic slides in life

To know if it's worth it to invest in faux wood veneers to decorate your home space. Then take a look at the usability of plastic bars, see what they can do!

Wall cladding with fake wood slats

The wall in the interior is left blank and painted. It is common to decorate with flat panels. The bamboo wall brings a new breeze, more innovative, more eye-catching.

Wood plastic slats can be applied in many styles such as side panels to leave a blank wall in the middle to hang pictures, hang clocks, place TVs, etc. focus on the center of the wall.

Wall cladding with fake wood slats
Wall cladding with fake wood slats

Wood-imitation plastic ceiling with bar

The ceiling with fake wood plastic slats is a high-class plastic ceiling. To make the space become luxurious and full of class. Expressing the personality of the owner is a person who knows how to break his own limits. Few people own a ceiling made of blue, right?

The materials that make up the blue bar, all types have the function of heat dissipation and heat resistance. Make sure the space is cool.

When installing the bar, we can coordinate with tempered glass. Make a splendid greenhouse space, full of sunlight. Suitable for places that want to take the outdoors as a highlight such as restaurants, cafes, etc.

Wood-imitation plastic ceiling with bar
Wood-imitation plastic ceiling with bar

Improve the space with wooden plastic bars

There are countless ways to apply fake wood plastic bars, but mainly for wall and ceiling tiles. Here, the article will show you a few ways to take advantage of the beauty of blue in interior architecture.

The blue bar can be used as a partition to divide the space, separating each area according to each separate function, for example:

  • Barrier between the living room and the kitchen,
  • Blue wall as the boundary of the balcony area,
  • Laminates for the stairway, …
Improve the space with wooden plastic bars
Improve the space with wooden plastic bars

Helps to divide boundaries without making the atmosphere stuffy and stuffy. The space is airy, more comfortable than ever. Especially the architecture of rest huts like Pergola, make full use of the function of the blue bar.

Note: This improvement cannot be applied to fluted wall and ceiling plastic panels

In summary, the investment in interior decoration is completely worth it. Smash the old-fashioned interior decoration. Enliven space with the vibrancy of blue. Express your personality, as well as create an unforgettable impression for those who visit your home.


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