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Is Laminate coated plastic wood review good? Price, application

Laminate-covered plastic wood gradually becoming popular and widely appearing in many different projects thanks to many outstanding features such as water resistance, fire resistance, anti-corrosion, etc. To understand more about this material, explore the following article with Kosmos .


What is Laminate Plastic Wood?

Laminate-covered plastic wood understand simply plastic wood (With main ingredients including wood powder, plastic and additives) Laminate panels are then glued onto the surface.

Laminate, also known by its scientific name High-pressure Laminate (HPL), is a material made from high-quality synthetic plastic. This material has many outstanding features such as scratch resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, preventing static electricity, etc.

Laminate plastic wood panels
Laminate plastic wood panels (Source:

Previously, people knew Laminate industrial Laminate flooring more, but nowadays Laminate is also used to cover plastic wood surfaces to increase aesthetics and maintain product durability.


Structure of Laminate panels

Laminate panels include 3 main layers:

  • Overlay: Manufactured from pure cellulose, applied to the surface of aesthetic paper, giving shine and scratch resistance to the material.
  • Decorative paper layer: is a layer of decorative paper embedded with Laminate glue. This layer of paper combined with the coating layer will undergo a pressing process at high temperature and pressure, causing the coating layer to melt and adhere tightly to the paper, forming a layer of paper. Laminate film sheet, keep the color stable.
  • Kraft papers: is the layer placed at the bottom of the surface, consisting of many layers of paper compressed together at high temperature, increasing the thickness of the Laminate panel. This layer is mainly made from pulp and additives, has tough, rough and durable properties. The thickness of the paper layers can be adjusted depending on the requirements of the specific design.
Structure of Laminate panels
Structure of Laminate panels (Source:

Characteristics of laminate-coated plastic wood

Laminate plastic wood has long been one of the popular choices for many spaces thanks to the unique characteristics it brings. To know more clearly whether laminate-coated plastic wood is good? Let's explore the pros and cons of this material.


Laminate film-coated plastic wood includes the following 6 outstanding characteristics:

  • Outstanding water resistance and fire resistance.
  • Scratch resistance helps maintain the beauty of the product.
  • Diverse designs and colors.
  • Not affected by mold or termites.
  • Installation and construction are easy thanks to its light weight.
  • Friendly, safe for both the environment and users.
Laminate film-coated plastic wood for bedroom walls
Laminate film-coated plastic wood for bedroom walls (Source:


Besides the outstanding features mentioned above, Laminate covered plastic wood There are still some limitations such as:

  • Poor bearing capacity.
  • The price is higher than some other types of industrial wood.
  • Plane design is only suitable for Modern design style.
  • Complicated production process.

What applications does Laminate film-coated plastic wood have?

Laminate plastic wood is a multi-purpose solution in interior and living space design.

Make kitchen cabinets

Laminate is water-resistant, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant, which is very important in a kitchen environment with frequent contact with water, grease, etc. At the same time, cleaning and preservation also becomes easy. Moreover, it helps kitchen cabinets always maintain their original beauty for a long time of use.

Kitchen cabinets made of laminate wood and plastic
Kitchen cabinets made of Laminate plastic wood (Source:

Ceiling and wall cladding

Plastic wood covered with Laminate surface has diverse applications in ceiling and wall cladding, creating aesthetic highlights for living and working spaces. With a variety of colors, patterns and naturally reproduced wood grains, Laminate not only enriches the space but also brings modernity and luxury.

The wall is decorated with laminate wood
The wall is decorated with laminate wood

Cladding stairs and railings

Laminate plastic wood Highly durable so can be used for Stair surface cladding, railings are areas that are exposed frequently and are susceptible to wear and tear.

Bridge cover made of wood and plastic laminate
Wood and plastic laminate bridge cover (Source:

How much does Laminate plastic wood cost?

The price of Laminate-coated plastic wood products will be calculated depending on the type of plastic wood core used by the supplier plus the price of Laminate panels and the price of surface processing services. Below are detailed prices for each type.

Price list of plastic wood types


the size Unit price (Vnd/Plate)
1220 2440 x x 0.7mm ~ 150,000
1220 2440 x x 0.8mm ~ 160,000
1220 2440 x x 0.9mm ~ 180,000
1220 2440 x x 1mm ~ 200,000
1220 2440 x x 2mm ~ 310,000
1220 2440 x x 3mm ~ 450,000
1220 2440 x x 4mm ~ 570,000
1220 2440 x x 5mm ~ 690,000
1220 2440 x x 6mm ~ 810,000
1220 2440 x x 7mm ~ 920,000
1220 2440 x x 8mm ~ 1,040,000
1220 2440 x x 9mm ~ 1,170,000
1220 2440 x x 10mm ~ 1,280,000
1220 2440 x x 11mm ~ 1,400,000
1220 2440 x x 12mm ~ 1,500,000

Note: The above price list was updated in December 12 and will vary somewhat between distributors.

Can see, Laminate covered plastic wood Truly a reliable choice in terms of aesthetics and performance.


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