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99+ beautiful, luxurious, genuine Korean wallpaper models, good prices

Wallpaper is considered one of the lines of decorative materials that are highly aesthetic and easy to use. Currently, this material has a variety of designs such as: 3D foam wall paper, wood grain, imitation brick, imitation cement,... and can be flexibly applied to many living spaces. Besides aesthetics, the product also brings great experiences to users thanks to its compactness, ease of construction, and reasonable price. The following shares will help you better understand this material.

Wallpaper is a cheap wall decoration material today
Wallpaper is a cheap wall decoration material today (Source: Internet)

What is Korean wallpaper?

Korean wallpaper is a line of interior decoration materials in roll form that is used to stick to the wall surface through a layer of specialized glue. This product helps create highlights for residential spaces, apartments, restaurants, cafes, offices, etc.

Foam paper for wall decoration is a decorative material that is popular with many people
Decorative foam paper for wall stickers is a popular decorative material (Source: Internet)

There are currently many lines of wall decorative paper made from non-woven fabric, woven fabric or plastic-coated paper. Among them, the most popular and popular is the vinyl-coated pre-glued wallpaper, made up of 3 main layers including:

  • Vinyl layer (Polymer plastic): Has the effect of preventing fire and moisture while creating a smooth shine for the product. This material not only enhances the beauty of Korean wall panels but is also environmentally friendly and safe for users.
  • Melium dry glue layer: Increases waterproofing ability and bonds structural layers together. This is also a type of glue with high adhesion, helping your wall not peel off, affecting the quality of the product.
  • Paper base layer: It is a thin, waterproof layer that easily adheres to the wall surface.
Wall decorative paper comes in rolls made of many different layers
Wall decorative paper comes in rolls made from many different layers (Source: Internet)

Advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper

Wall decorative paper is widely used in interior decoration with outstanding advantages:


  • Various models: Possessing a variety of designs from imitation stone, imitation wood to 3D grain, unique patterns,... home wall decoration wallpaper gives you many options to suit decorative styles from classic to modern. From there, improve the ability to synchronize architectural space harmoniously and quickly.
Wall decorative paper has a variety of designs
Wall decorative paper has a variety of designs (Source: Internet)
  • Easy to construct: This is considered one of the easiest and most convenient decorative materials to apply. With just a few simple paste steps, we can use it quickly without wasting time waiting. This product helps us complete the space decoration process effectively without having to spend much effort.
Just a few simple steps and you will have a beautiful wall
Just a few simple steps and you will have a beautiful wall (Source: Internet)
  • Reasonable price: Customers can easily find decorative and wall-protecting papers at reasonable prices. Products currently have many segments from affordable to high-end for users to choose from.


Besides the outstanding advantages, wall paper also has a few disadvantages: Easily torn and scratched when exposed to sharp objects, affecting the aesthetics of the space. At the same time, we will have difficulty cleaning ink and pen stains on the surface of the product. Korean wallpaper cannot be used in wet places and the product's lifespan is not high.

Foam wall paper is difficult to clean when it adheres to ink and is susceptible to yellowing if it absorbs water
Foam wall paper is difficult to clean when it adheres to ink and is susceptible to yellowing if it absorbs water (Source: Internet)

8 popular types of foam wall paper

Current wall covering materials have a variety of patterns, colors, good quality and affordable prices. Based on design, we have the following 8 popular types of wall paper.

3D foam wall paper

3D wallpaper is a material with outstanding effects, giving the feeling of space more depth and openness. On the market there are many lines of 3D wall panels with diverse motifs from natural flowers to artistic abstract images.

3D wall paintings
3D wall paintings (Source: Internet)

Imitation brick wallpaper

This is a product designed with patterns that represent the image or natural beauty of the brick. This type of decorative paper allows us to create spaces that simulate the beauty of many different types of bricks without using real bricks. This helps save significant costs while still ensuring aesthetics and efficiency when decorating.

Faux brick wall foam paper
Faux brick wall foam paper (Source: Internet)

Cement wallpaper

As a unique combination of decorative paper and cement patterns, this material has brought users a living space with a modern style and full of personality. Besides, this product also brings a strong effect, contributing to creating a unique highlight for the interior space.

Cement colored wall decorative paper
Cement colored wall decorative paper (Source: Internet)

Imitation concrete decorative stickers

This type of decorative wall panel is designed with patterns and colors similar to real concrete surfaces. The product brings modern, strong, and sturdy beauty to any space. With its sturdy beauty, this material is commonly used in industrial styles or work or business spaces.

Faux concrete wall stickers
Faux concrete wall stickers (Source: Internet)

Wood grain foam wall paper

With realistic motifs in warm colors, wood grain wallpaper not only enhances the beauty of the space but also creates a feeling of closeness to nature. This product helps create the impression of real wood but at a much cheaper cost. This factor has contributed to helping us save costs and protect the environment effectively.

Wallpaper with natural wood grain patterns
Wallpaper with natural wood grain patterns (Source: Internet)

Imitation stone wallpaper

This is a beautiful, unique wallpaper model with a surface that looks like natural stone. The flexibility in the patterns of marble, Granite, Marble,... helps us easily customize the interior space according to our own style without having to use real stone.

Foam paper decorated with imitation stone
Foam paper decorated with imitation stone (Source: Internet)

Patterned wallpaper

This wall decoration paper has patterns from modern to classic, suitable for many decorative styles. These are a popular decorating choice because they create a fresh and lively living space.

Wall decorative paper with floral motifs
Wall decorative paper with floral motifs (Source: Internet)

Monochrome wall decorative paper

This is a material sample designed with a single color, without patterns or complicated patterns. Instead of standing out with elaborate patterns, monochrome wall decoration paper focuses on using color as an accent. Therefore, this product is loved for its simplicity, sophistication and easy compatibility with many different spaces.

Simple monochrome wallpaper
Simple monochrome wallpaper (Source: Internet)

Collection of 99+ beautiful wallpaper samples

Beautiful interior space will bring a feeling of comfort and ease. Below are popular foam wallpaper models in everyday living spaces.

Sample of wallpaper for the worship room

A peaceful, cozy worship room space not only comes from the decoration but is also influenced by the materials we use. Foam paper decorating the altar room wall with many delicate designs will contribute to creating a meaningful sacred space. You can refer to the following samples of decorative stickers for beautiful and sophisticated worship room spaces.

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Living room wallpaper sample

The living room is always a space that requires meticulousness and high aesthetics. We can use modern, classic, foam wallpaper models... for this space depending on preferences and decoration style. Below are decorative paper samples suitable for many different room spaces.

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Bedroom wallpaper sample

The feeling of comfort and peace is what we get when entering the bedroom space. Everyone wants their private space to be beautiful and express their personal style. We can use a variety of bedroom wall paper, from delicate monochrome patterns to rich, unique patterns to create interesting elements in interior design.

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Kitchen wallpaper sample

The kitchen area is a place with high humidity and temperature, so we should use waterproof and fireproof wallpaper. Below are decorative paper samples suitable for a modern, warm kitchen space that you can refer to.

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4 notes when using foam wallpaper you need to know

The use and selection of wall decoration paper needs to be based on many of the following factors.

  • Use age-appropriate wall paper: For children, we should choose products with fresh colors. As for adults, they can use foam paper decorated with unique patterns, etc. Depending on their needs and age, we will have flexible options to create a lively living environment.
  • Choose wall decoration paper suitable for the space area: This is an important factor we need to pay attention to. For small spaces, priority should be given to using materials with bright colors and compact patterns to make the room look more open and create a feeling of increasing the space's size.
  • Choose decorative paper according to feng shui: In addition to beautifying and protecting home walls, using wall decoration paper with colors and designs corresponding to your destiny also brings luck and fortune.
  • Use products with good adhesion: The adhesion of the glue will determine the aesthetics as well as the quality of the wall decoration foam paper. We should choose materials with good adhesion, ensuring quality and convenience for the construction process.
Use materials with high adhesion
Use materials with high adhesion (Source: Internet)

Latest wallpaper price list

Current wallpaper prices depend on many factors such as size, origin, etc. The following is the product price list updated in early 2023:

Beautiful wallpaper pattern Reference price
3D Vanity pattern About 150.000/1m2
Imitation brick pattern About 150.000/1m2
Cement activity About 150.000/1m2
Concrete texture About 150.000/1m2
Wood grain pattern About 150.000/1m2
Stone pattern About 150.000/1m2
Floral motifs About 150.000/1m2
Monochrome color About 150.000/1m2


  • The price list above includes installation costs, supplies and accessories.
  • Price does not include VAT and shipping fees.
  • The price list is only relative, product prices may change depending on time and supplier.
Foam wall paper is an affordable material
Foam wall paper is an affordable material (Source: Internet)

How to properly apply foam wall paper

When constructing wall decoration foam paper, you need to follow the correct process to ensure the quality and beauty of the project:

  • Step 1: Clean the wall before construction

This is a simple step but plays a huge role in the process of constructing decorative materials. Especially with old walls, we need to clean and flatten them so that the material can easily adhere to the construction surface.

  • Step 2: Peel off the paper layer protecting the glue

In this step, we will peel off the paper layer that protects the glue underneath the foam wall paper.

Proceed to peel off the protective layer of glue to apply wall decoration paper
Proceed to peel off the protective layer of glue to construct decorative wall paper (Source: Internet)
  • Step 3: Proceed to paste paper and foam on the wall

We should glue the material from left to right and from top to bottom. This rule will help constructors easily adjust materials and help decorative panels be more balanced.

Construction of wallpaper from top to bottom, from the inside out to ensure the beauty of the project
Construction of wallpaper from top to bottom, from the inside out to ensure the beauty of the project (Source: Internet)
  • Step 4: Remove excess wallpaper

We will use a paper cutter to remove excess stickers or cut materials at locations such as electrical outlets, decorative shelves,... and you're done.

Cut off excess material to ensure space aesthetics
Cut off excess material to ensure space aesthetics (Source: Internet)

Kosmos – A reputable and quality supplier of wall and ceiling materials today

Viet Nam Kosmos Joint Stock Company is a reputable general warehouse distributing wall and ceiling materials in the market. The warehouse has a capacity of up to 10.000m2, providing large quantities of wall panels to customers. The products that make up the Kosmos brand today are:

Most special is the appearance of the line bamboo charcoal panels, a new decorative material today. This product impresses with its unique designs and 90-degree curved feature, meeting all current user needs.

In addition to product diversity, Kosmos Vietnam also owns a system of more than 500 agents nationwide. From individual partners to businesses, construction design companies choose Kosmos as a material distributor and companion in many large and small projects.

>>> See more about Kosmos warehouse:

Above are Kosmos's sharing about Cheap wallpaper, good quality and is the most popular interior decoration material line today. Hopefully this article will help you gain more useful knowledge. If you have any concerns about decorative materials, please contact us here for immediate answers!


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