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Installation instructions for Korean PS wall panel fluted

Korean Style PS Fluted Panel (PS plastic fluted panel) has a unique new design, bringing a unique beauty to the interior space. To get a beautiful wall or ceiling, the process construction of fluted panel PS Korea very important. In addition to ensuring aesthetics, proper installation techniques also help significantly increase the life of the project.


Prepare construction tools for fluted panel PS Korea

We prepare the necessary tools for the construction of PS plastic panel fluted such as: Cutter, drill, grinder, tape measure, specialized glue, protractor, pen, cutter, ...


Choose the appropriate construction plan for fluted PS plastic panel

There are 2 construction options for fluted Korean PS plastic panel:

  • Direct installation: Requires a flat wall surface, dry, not peeling or moldy, with high adhesion.

Video of construction of Korean fluted panel directly on the wall.

How to renovate a flat wall

If the wall surface is peeling, we need to remove all the rough crust on the wall surface by scraping. After that, we proceed to smooth the wall surface more flat. Finally, we paint a layer of primer (preferably waterproof paint) on the wall surface.

We can use plaster to improve the uneven condition of the wall. In case the wall surface is too rough, we should fill the foundation with cement mortar.

  • Mounting on the skeleton: Because the fluted panel is installed by shooting nails into the sound bar, we must use materials that are not too hard to make the skeleton such as: plastic poles, plastic wood beams, .... Or, use an iron skeleton with the beams as an intermediate.


  • The distance between the bars should not be more than 50cm.
  • An additional skeleton must be installed at the plate joint position.

Video of construction of fluted PS plastic panel on the skeleton.



Measure the location where the Korean fluted panel needs to be installed

Measure the walls and ceiling to calculate the number of Korean fluted panels needed. This step not only helps us to avoid shortage or excess of material, but also helps us determine the most suitable sheet cutting position.


Proceed to cut the fluted panel PS

Based on the size measured in step 3 and the design of the wall, we will cut the panels into different sizes.


Install fluted Korean PS panel with glue

Mounting on the skeleton Install directly on the wall
Apply glue to the flywheel, where it is in direct contact with the panel. Apply glue to the back of the Korean fluted panel.

Shoot nails into the sound of Korean fluted panel

Just using glue is not enough, we have to shoot nails to fix the Korean PS fluted panel on the wall/frame. The nailing operation is performed on the underside of the panel and the nail mark will be completely hidden when the next panel is installed.


Installation of accessories when constructing Korean PS fluted panel

We can use accessories such as: start bar, end blue bar, single bar to complete the finishing points of the work beautifully. Otherwise, you can use molding or aluminum brackets to cover the edges perfectly.

Note: The instructions are for the most basic construction cases of materials and are for reference only. However, there will be the most flexible and appropriate construction methods, but priority will still be given to surveying the project. specifically and propose the most reasonable construction plan.

Thus, Kosmos has shared all the steps construction of fluted panel PS Korea, hope this article is useful for you. During the construction process, if you still have questions, in addition to what Kosmos shared above, do not hesitate to call us immediately at:  (+84) 903 093 221, we will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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