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Instructions for construction of plastic skirting boards

The skirting board or skirting board is an indispensable accessory after tiling the floor. Although this material is small, it has a big role to help adorn the wall more aesthetically. Invite you and Kosmos to refer to the process of building the simplest and fastest plastic skirting boards.


Necessary tools for the construction of plastic skirting boards

  • Tape measure
  • Cutting machines
  • Pencil
  • Hammer nail, nail
  • Gages
  • Special glue
  • Nailing machine
  • Putty, color (to cover the nail shooting spot).
Construction tools
Construction tools

Measure and treat the surface of the base of the wall that needs to be constructed of plastic moldings

First we need to clean the base surface in a turn, treat the protrusions and damage if any. In case you have to repair on the old baseboard, please remove the old wool and clean it from the beginning. This processing step is very important to help the new skirting board have a longer adhesion, without clumps or concave causing unsightly.

Then we will proceed to the measurement. The measurement here will determine the length of the bar after cutting, so you must be very careful.

  • We will use a tape measure to measure the length of the base of the wall to be installed and mark again. From the measurement, we will calculate the number of skirting boards to buy for our item.
  • We continue to use the measure of the size of the wall corners because each wall corner will have a different angle depending on the architecture of the house. Owning accurate angle measurements, you will cut the corner faces at these positions more accurately and aesthetically.

Carrying out the construction and installation of plastic skirting boards

The process of installing the skirting board only requires 3 steps, which is very easy and quick. You just need to pay attention to some corner and column positions to cut the cross section of the standard formwork to get the perfect skirting set, specifically as follows:

Step 1: Cut the corner of the plastic skirting board

First, in the corner area in the outer corner of the wall, we will use a cutter to cut the edge of the molding according to the measured angle measure. Note: at the corners, we always cut the formwork in two opposite directions.

Cut the skirting board according to the previously measured angle
Cut the skirting board according to the previously measured angle

Normally at a 90 degree wall angle, we will cut the opposite cutting surface of 45 degrees. Two 45-degree corners when put together will form a perfect 90-degree angle. Please use a cutter that will create perfect precision for the corners without opening. For skilled workers, we can measure manually and cut thread with a ruler and a regular cutter.

Step 2: Install plastic skirting boards

To install the plastic skirting board, we will use a glue gun to apply special glue to the back of the formwork and stick it on the base of the wall.

Apply glue to the back of the slats
Apply glue to the back of the slats

Note: We need to apply glue to the whole section to help glue the joints together and continue to install until the end of the wall.

Step 3: Shoot nails to fix the plastic molding

The final step is to shoot specialized nails on it skirting board, shoot on the 2 edges of the molding, evenly spaced and aligned to ensure the best aesthetics. Then we shoot nails for the plastic molding, helping to fix the product to the wall more firmly.

Shoot nails to fix plastic skirting boards
Shoot nails to fix plastic skirting boards

Finally, we use more putty on the nail marks and joints of the molding to cover the defects. You need to ensure that the color of the putty matches the color of the baseboard. Because the powder is white, when used for other colors, we need to mix the same colors. After covering the defect, we have completed the construction process of plastic skirting.

Note: The instructional steps are intended for the most basic cases of material installation, serving as references. However, flexible and appropriate construction methods are still prioritized, emphasizing the importance of surveying each specific site and proposing the most suitable construction approach.

Why should you use a skirting board?

We rarely use skirting boards, many people often do not use them, but when combined with wooden floors, plastic floors have a great effect. Since then, the application of skirting or skirting is almost mandatory when homeowners pave the floor.

  • Cover the gaps of laminate flooring, plastic floors to avoid long-term dust accumulation there.
  • Help increase the aesthetics of your baseboard. Woolen skirting seems to be a decorative accessory that cannot be projected for most of the ancient architecture in Vietnam.
The base of the wall helps to increase the aesthetics of the building
The base of the wall helps to increase the aesthetics of the building

>>> Watch more videos: Construction of plastic skirting boards.


How to choose the most beautiful plastic skirting board?

The average height of skirting boards is from 75mm – 90mm. But for low houses in many apartments and masterpieces today, we should choose low skirting wool. For projects with high and wide walls, we should choose higher skirting boards. From there, when looking at, there will be more harmony between materials and space.

Out size then we also need to know the combination between the color of the cornice and the color of the floor. Usually the two common colors used are wood grain and white, we can use the same color tone or different colors, both are suitable. You should prioritize the color harmony of materials and you will have a more beautiful work.

Thus, this article has guided the construction of skirting boards through 3 simple steps for your reference. Hope this article is useful for you to read. Any questions about the product please contact here or Kosmos Vietnam Fanpage

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