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Korean molding construction guide – standard molding ps

Trend Korean molding construction (molding ps) is increasing because of their convenience and high aesthetics. The phoenix only brings to the work a more solemn and more elaborate work than ever before. The article will guide you in detail how to install Korean molding for you.

Standard Korean molding construction steps

Korean thread molding is molding made of ps plastic (Polystyrene). This type of molding is produced in a variety of designs and designs including:

White Korean molding set
White Korean molding set
  • Phở Chi bare;
  • The back of the wall;
  • Eccentric frame only;
  • Concentric frame only;
  • Basement only (wool base);

Construction of standard Korean molding (ps plastic molding) includes 8 steps:

Step 1: Prepare tools before the construction of Korean molding

The tools used to construct and install Korean molding include:

  • Molding PS (Moulding PS)
  • Laser meter and ruler
  • Thread and ink (used to "snap the ink", mark)
  • Glue gun and double-sided tape
  • Staple gun
  • Saw machine
  • Putty and sanding paper

Step 2: Measure and mark the installation location of Korean molding

To install Korean molding correctly, please use a laser meter and tape measure to measure and determine the position to be installed.

Use a laser to measure more accurately
Use a laser to measure more accurately

Then, we use the ink soaked thread to flick (mark) on the wall according to the exact beam.

Use the string just to flick the ink and use the pencil to mark the place
Use the string just to flick the ink and use the pencil to mark the place

Step 3: Proceed to trimming Korean molding

You use the ruler to measure the molding according to the size you need, and then fine-tune them with the cutting tool (saw, knife).

Use a ruler to measure molding
Use a ruler to measure molding
  • The right angled panel must be cut at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Connecting the molding bar on a flat wall should be cut at an angle of 30 degrees.
Use a cutter to cut the molding to the right angle
Use a cutter to cut the molding to the right angle

Step 4: Glue the tape and apply glue on the back of the bar

After preparing all standard sized Korean molding bars, we will use special glue to stick them on the wall. Specialized glue is injected into the back of the bar, accompanied by a double-sided tape to fix while waiting for the glue to dry. We stick the mold along the marked ink line.

Use special glue and glue to apply on the back of the molding
Use special glue and glue to apply on the back of the molding

Step 5: Use a staple gun

For the long-term durability of the construction, we should shoot pins to fix the panels firmly. Note, we are forced to shoot pins at 90-degree angles (joints), so that the 2 molding bars connect together.

Use pins to secure the molding bars
Use pins to secure the molding bars

Step 6: Apply glue on both sides of the molding

We use milk silicone glue to evenly apply both sides of the molding. Apply glue on the edge to cover the gap and effectively prevent dust.

It is recommended to use more silicone glue to cover the grafting edge to increase aesthetics
It is recommended to use more silicone glue to cover the grafting edge to increase aesthetics

Step 7: Cover stapling and joint marks when constructing Korean molding

To make sure Korean molding is indispensable, it is indispensable to shoot with pins. However, splashes on the surface will reduce the aesthetics. At this point, we will use putty to cover the stapling and defects. Finally, please proceed to sanding or wiping with a towel to smooth the place where the powder has been applied.

Korean thread floss has many diverse patterns such as:

  • Exquisite white ps only.
  • Only ps ps warm wood grain .
  • ps only luxury gold motifs.

We can easily use white putty to conceal white Korean molding. For Korean color molding, we have to mix more color paint into the putty.

Completed Korean molding project

Watch more videos: Korean molding construction guide.

2. Notes when applying molding PS

You need to know the following 7 notes to make the PS molding installation process convenient.

  • It is necessary to choose a template according to the architecture and drawings of the house.
  • Should pay attention to the uniformity, straightness of the molding.
  • Look closely at the actual molding size and the drawing, is there any movement?
  • Make sure the molding distance is balanced and appropriate. Carefully check whether the molding touches an obstacle such as an electrical outlet or not?
  • In order to ensure the aesthetic of the apartment, the molding and interior items must be properly distributed.
  • Apply glue evenly so that molding ps adheres to the surface of the work. Note, avoid letting the glue stick to the molding surface.
  • PS molding should pay close attention to the cross section. Deviated joints are the most obvious mistake, they can lower the aesthetic of the apartment.

In short, just follow the steps Korean molding construction that the article listed above, your project will be completed perfectly. Setting up molding ps is quite easy, right? let's contact Go to Kosmos to own your favorite molding set right now!

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