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Discover the TOP 5 most popular wall brackets

Corner brackets is a decorative accessory used to increase aesthetics and protect walls from external influences. Currently, wall brackets are made from many types of materials such as plastic, stainless steel, plastic wood, aluminum, copper, ...


What is a corner brace?

This is an accessory used to cover the edges and corners of the walls in construction projects such as houses, apartments, offices, commercial centers, etc. With the continuous development of modern technology, types decorative brace Used for wall cladding is also increasingly diverse and is widely used in many different architectures.

Use V-shaped aluminum splints to decorate the edges and corners of the wall
Use V-shaped aluminum splints to decorate the edges and corners of the wall

Why use wall brackets?

Many units have chosen to use braces to trim wall corners because they bring the following benefits:

Corner brackets protect and increase the durability of the wall

Splint accessories are considered an indispensable component in interior design works. They play an important role in protecting as well as contributing to the durability of the wall. With high-quality materials with good bearing capacity, the brace will shield the wall from scratches and limit impact from impact.

Make the corners of the wall more complete and beautiful

Not only is it used to protect the wall, this accessory also helps to make the corners of the wall more complete and aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, they also contribute to creating sophistication and synchronization for the living space.

Wall brackets, wall edges help to increase the aesthetics of the space
Wall brackets, wall edges help to increase the aesthetics of the space

Reduce the cost of wall repair due to scratches

Because of the ability to protect the wall, prevent scratches as well as avoid peeling, etc. The brace is not only a decorative accessory but also a solution to help users save a lot of money. They will not have to spend money to repair due to damaged or peeling walls due to impacts.


Types of popular wall corner braces today

On the market today, there are many different types of wall brackets. Based on the material, we have the following popular types:

Plastic wall brackets

Plastic corner wall brackets are accessories made from plastics such as PVC, PS, PU, ​​SPC, etc. The highlight of this brace is durable and easy to use for many installation locations. They are widely used for wall decoration and protection purposes.

today, plastic brace Used for wall paneling with different colors and sizes. Not only that, this accessory is also resistant to moisture, termites and does not rust like metal materials. This will be the perfect choice for those who are in need of interior decoration.

Edge and wall brackets from plastic
Edge and wall brackets from plastic

Aluminum corner brace

Aluminum wall brackets stand out with many eye-catching colors such as glossy gold, matte gold, scratched white, matte white, mirror white, ... Not only diverse in color, aluminum splint It also has the characteristics of not being rusted, long-term durability, etc., contributing to creating a living space with high aesthetics and always beautiful.

Aluminum alloy outer corner brace
Aluminum alloy outer corner brace
Inner angle aluminum splint
Inner angle aluminum splint

Brass wall brackets

This type of brace is made of copper and other alloys. This product has left a strong impression on users with its high rigidity and luxurious surface. Besides, warm copper tones contribute to the aesthetics of the space.

Currently, the corner braces from copper have many different sizes. This is also considered a splint with a high shine and does not degrade after a long time of use.

Brass V-shaped wall brackets
Brass V-shaped wall brackets

Wall brackets made of wood and plastic

Plastic wood is a new line of materials that is very popular in the field of interior and exterior decoration. With preeminent properties such as being unaffected by weather factors, water resistance, termite resistance, good bearing capacity, etc. wooden plastic wall corner brace is the first choice in today's construction projects.

Plastic wood braces used to cover the edges and corners of the wall
Plastic wood braces used to cover the edges and corners of the wall

Stainless steel wall brace

Stainless steel is a material with high durability, good oxidation resistance and color stability over time. Therefore, use wall corner brace made of stainless steel will help make the space sharper and more aesthetically pleasing than conventional plastering methods.

Now, the construction and installation of stainless steel braces is also very easy. Therefore, many families who need to decorate and protect the wall have chosen this type of brace.

Stainless steel wall corner brackets
Stainless steel wall bracket (Source:

Notes when choosing and using wall brackets

Although corner braces are increasingly popular, not everyone knows how to choose and use them for the right purpose, here are some notes you may be interested in:

Choose the type of brace suitable for the purpose of use

Because brackets used for wall corners are made of many different materials, you should choose the type of brace that is suitable for your use. For example, if you want to look for cheap indoor decorative braces, you can choose plastic braces. And when you want to use impact-resistant braces, you should give preference to braces from metal lines.

Choosing the right splint accessories to help the project have high aesthetics
Choosing the right splint accessories to help the project have high aesthetics

Use the appropriate size brace

The size of the brace needs to match the size of the wall. Therefore, you should measure the size of the installation location, from which you can choose the appropriate size brace. If the correct size is not used, the brace cannot cover the wall corner and is prone to cracking.

Install the corner bracket correctly

For the brace to be installed properly, choose a reputable construction company. They will install the brace according to the correct procedure with accompanying tools such as hammer, glue… At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the wall position is clean so that the brace is firmly attached.

Maintain and clean splints regularly

In order for the work to be aesthetically pleasing and the brace to be durable, you should maintain and clean this accessory regularly. The splint can be cleaned with a wet cloth, for stains, use a specialized cleaning solution to clean. Limit the use of harsh cleaning agents as they can affect the quality and beauty of the accessory.

Maintain the brace regularly to ensure the quality of the work
Maintain the brace regularly to ensure the quality of the work

Corner brackets has well solved the angular problems when constructing with a variety of different materials. Hope the above article will help you better understand this type of brace. If something is still unclear, please contact here for more details!

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