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Discover 99+ simple, beautiful and sophisticated plaster ceiling models

plaster ceiling is one of the unique types of interior decoration used mostly for living rooms, bedrooms, ... and many large and small construction projects. The following article will help you better understand this type of ceiling and introduce you to the beautiful gypsum ceiling models that are popular with many users.


What is plaster? Beautiful gypsum ceiling construction

Gypsum is a sedimentary mineral composed of calcium sulfate salts along with water molecules. They are formed from weathered rock deposits, so they have existed for a long time on earth. Although discovered for a long time, it was not until the 1950s that this material was commonly used in construction.

Ceilings from plaster bring aesthetics to living space
Ceilings from plaster bring aesthetics to living space

Plaster ceiling or plaster ceiling is a type of ceiling that is finished from plasterboard panels. They are linked together through a sturdy concrete layer. This type of ceiling is increasingly popular and creates unique interior spaces full of creativity. Materials that create the beauty and solidity of the ceiling include:

  • Skeleton plaster ceiling: This is an important component that determines the quality of the ceiling. The main use of the skeleton is as a pillar frame, helping to fix the material panels while increasing the bearing capacity as well as the life of the building.
  • Font plate: This material is closely linked to the skeleton system by specialized screws to create a flat surface for the ceiling.
  • Paint baits: Used to create color fastness and smoothness for the ceiling. At the same time, this layer of paint also contributes to protecting the ceiling from the effects of external factors.
Install plasterboards into the skeleton system
Install plasterboards into the skeleton system

Advantages and disadvantages of plasterboard

That's common, but not everyone understands well about gypsum plasterboard, here are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of ceiling.

Advantages of plaster ceiling

The reason that gypsum has many preeminent features, users are increasingly preferring plaster fonts. Here are the outstanding advantages of this material:

  • Gypsum is considered a good fireproof material thanks to its core structure containing nearly 21% of chemical components. They have the effect of slowing down the heat transfer. Therefore, making ceilings from this material will ensure safety for users. At the same time, the sheets also have the role of anti-heat, bringing a comfortable feeling, especially in the summer.
  • Plaster also has the ability to reduce sound transmission by about 32-60dB. Therefore, ceiling as well as drywall is a great choice for soundproofing systems of many buildings.
Plasterboard is used in many large and small projects
Plasterboard is used in many large and small projects
  • This is a material with a flexible structure, quite light weight, and relatively simple installation tools. Therefore, the construction workers can install the ceiling quickly without having to spend a lot of effort. Although the material is light, but after construction, it will still ensure certainty, users can rest assured to install more ceiling fans as well as lighting systems.
  • In particular, this type of ceiling also has high aesthetic value, bringing unique features to each project. Ceiling and wall surfaces are also the smoothest of all popular materials today.


Besides the outstanding advantages, this type of ceiling also has a few limitations that users should note:

  • Requires precise installation techniques to ensure the aesthetics as well as the load capacity of the ceiling.
  • Gypsum is hydrophobic, so it is necessary to carefully check the roof before construction. Leaving the ceiling exposed for a long time with water will easily yellow, causing loss of aesthetics.
Install the ceiling properly to ensure the certainty of the work
Install the ceiling properly to ensure the certainty of the work

Classification of plaster ceilings

Currently, there are two main types of floating ceilings and sunken ceilings. Each type has its own unique points, giving users many perfect choices for living space.

Sunken ceiling

This is a type of ceiling with a skeleton system that is completely hidden behind plasterboards. Users will not be able to see this skeleton system, but only see the appearance like a normal concrete ceiling. Recessed ceilings are divided into two types: leveled ceilings and flat ceilings:

  • Ceiling jerk level: Simply put, this is a ceiling model that is pulled down each level, belonging to an architectural style of high artistic value.
  • Flat ceiling: A type of ceiling with a flat surface made up of a skeleton system and many other items and a layer of paint.
Modern leveled ceiling model
Modern leveled ceiling model

Floating ceiling

This is the type of floating frame ceiling, after finishing the user will see a part of the bare skeleton. Simply put, the ceiling panels will be hung on the skeletons.

In addition, this type of ceiling is also known as drop plaster ceiling. For installation purposes, the construction worker just needs to drop the ceiling panel neatly onto the frame and that's it.

Popular drop ceiling model today
Popular drop ceiling model today

Collection of 99+ beautiful and sophisticated plaster ceiling models

Here are the beautiful and popular gypsum ceiling samples for the living room, bedroom, etc. If you are looking for a unique ceiling style for your living space, please refer to it now!


3 tips to choose a beautiful gypsum ceiling model

To choose a beautiful ceiling model you can rely on many different factors. Here are suggestions on how to choose a quality ceiling style, you can refer to:

  • Choose the ceiling style according to the design style: Each decoration style will have its own characteristics in terms of color, layout, etc. For example, with classical styles, the ceiling is often highly sophisticated. Should use more decorative brace, molding to highlight its own aesthetic.
  • Choose a beautiful ceiling model by function: In addition to aesthetics, you can also choose ceilings according to functions such as soundproofing, fireproofing, moisture-proofing, etc.
  • Choose the ceiling type according to the purpose of use: Determine which spaces to use the ceiling in such as: living room, bedroom, kitchen area, etc., then make a choice of suitable ceiling styles.
Choose the type of plaster ceiling suitable for the purpose of use
Choose the type of plaster ceiling suitable for the purpose of use

Notes when using gypsum plasterboard

It is necessary to learn how to make gypsum ceilings with old spaces, before construction, it should be renovated to ensure the durability of the work later. In addition, you should also pay attention to the distance from the floor to the ceiling should be 2.6m or more depending on the type of ceiling high or low.

There should be a minimum clearance of 15cm between the panel and the original ceiling. This factor will support the convenient installation of ceiling lights, air conditioners, etc.

Above are the sharing about the plasterboard as well as the beautiful gypsum ceiling model most today. Hopefully the article will be useful and help readers have more choices for their living space. If you want to learn more about the wall and ceiling materials you contact here!

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