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Kosmos bond

Product Type Specialized interior adhesive
Weight 300ml/bottle
Trending Kosmos
Expiry 12 month
Uses Interior stickers, bamboo charcoal panels, plastic wall panels,...
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Uses of Kosmos glue in interior design

This product is the line special glue in construction, popular with the following uses:

  • Bonding construction materials such as metal, aluminum, concrete, wood, glass, etc.
  • Installing wooden floors, installing mirrors,...
  • Linking and installing all kinds of wall panels and wall panels such as stone-grained PVC, Nano panels, bamboo charcoal panels, etc.
  • Seal gaps or voids on the surface of material sheets, etc.
Kosmos Bond outstanding quality
Kosmos Bond outstanding quality

Instructions for using Kosmos glue properly

When using glue, it is necessary to follow all steps to ensure the quality and aesthetics of the work.

Clean the surface before applying

First, you need to clean the construction surface, making sure it is free of dirt, grease and other obstructions. These factors will affect the adhesion of the glue. The cleaner the surface, the better the adhesion of the glue and vice versa.

Prepare glue and necessary tools

Prepare Kosmos glue and necessary tools such as glue gun, protective gloves, cutter, ... Use silicone glue gun so that the glue lines are beautiful and accurate. Protective gloves will ensure the safety of the user and use a knife to cut the end of the glue tube.

Kosmos Bond produces beautiful, precise glue lines
Kosmos Bond produces beautiful, precise glue lines

Apply Kosmos glue to the area that needs to be bonded

Install the glue into the pump gun and shoot glue at the positions that need to be bonded. Remove excess glue to ensure a highly aesthetic surface. Then press the surfaces together to create pressure to help the glue stick firmly.

Kosmos Bond Silicone Glue has many preeminent properties
Kosmos Bond Silicone Glue has many preeminent properties

3 things to keep in mind when using Kosmos glue

Like other silicone glue lines, when using Kosmos Bond you need to note some of the following information:

  • To ensure safety, it is necessary to avoid contact with the skin and wear a mask when using.
  • During construction, the old glue should be removed when opening the lid.
  • Keep silicone glue out of reach of children.
  • For locations where it is difficult to glue, you should use tape to cover the edges of the joints. The construction will be quick and the cleaning process will also be easier.
Kosmos Bond - A line of silicone glue specifically used in construction
Kosmos Bond – A line of silicone adhesives specialized in construction

The superior properties of Kosmos Bond help ensure the certainty, durability for all projects. Hopefully the above sharing will help readers have a better overview of this silicone glue.

Total stock supply quality Kosmos Bond glue
Total stock supply quality Kosmos Bond glue

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