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Kosmos waterproof outdoor wooden lamellas cause a market fever

Outdoor wooden slats Also known as outdoor fluted panel – Absolutely waterproof, the product has a perfect heat and sound insulation waveform structure. This is considered the most popular wall and ceiling material today. Completely overcome the disadvantages of previous materials.


Outdoor materials – the selection trend of current exterior works

Outdoor wooden slats are excellent exterior decoration materials with many outstanding advantages. The product is being positively received by users and is the decoration trend of the future.

Advantages of outdoor materials

Kosmos . outdoor plastic wood with good durability, ensuring the aesthetics of the works.

Kosmos outdoor plastic wood has good durability.
Kosmos outdoor plastic wood has good durability.
  • Durability is quite high: Use time up to more than 20 years. Outdoor materials are the right choice for exterior works compared to old materials.
  • Waterproof, good water resistance. Well adapted to outdoor conditions, can withstand the sun and rain.
  • Effective against termites.
  • Reasonable price, low maintenance cost.
  • Diverse models, suitable for many exterior construction styles.
  • Simple installation: construction of outdoor materials is quite fast, takes little time.
  • Genuine warranty period depends on the brand. Wood plastic Kosmos 5 years warranty.

Outdoor wooden slats – the trend of the future

With water-resistant properties, long life, and low maintenance costs, outdoor materials have become the current trend in exterior design and construction. Since then, this new material system has also developed increasingly rapidly. Bringing many new items, besides outdoor plastic wood floors, ceiling tiles, and outdoor wall tiles. Currently developing more systems outdoor plastic wooden slats Optimal water resistance. Has good sun and rain resistance while still being durable and beautiful over time. Construction of outdoor fluted panels is also quick, compact, and cost-effective.


Optimum water-proof outdoor fluted panel – New system of the Kosmos brand

Kosmos . outdoor plastic wood brand

Kosmos is one of the leading and "popular" outdoor materials brands on the market today. Kosmos laminates are manufactured according to European technology. All products are certified with quality standards and are environmentally friendly. Safe for users, especially for children and the elderly.

Famous for its high quality, Kosmos plastic corrugated wood panels are 100% termite-free and completely suitable for the Vietnamese climate.

New product line – Waterproof outdoor wooden slats

Realizing the increasing demand of the outdoor market, Kosmos Vietnam launched a product line of outdoor wooden slats. Researched and developed based on Vietnam's climate conditions, overcoming the problem of harsh rain and sun.

Great waterproof outdoor wave
Great waterproof outdoor wave
  • Made of more than 60% wood pulp, 30% plastic powder. Kosmos outdoor laminate is durable but still effective against water and moisture.
  • At Kosmos, the outdoor laminar system is also 100% resistant to termites. Exterior works will be more secure.
  • Does not stick to moss, making it difficult to clean the outdoor wooden laminar system.
  • Reduce flight, silver color. Discoloration rate is very low (less than 10%) within the first 3 months after installation, after that will reach steady state. This phenomenon is normal due to the product characteristics and the frequent impact of the natural environment.
  • The construction of outdoor wooden slats is quick, sure, not cumbersome and requires complicated requirements. Homeowners do not incur other costs incurred during the construction of the fluted panel.

The superiority of the Kosmos brand in the market

Kosmos plastic wood has completely overcome the common problems of this material system in other brands on the market:

  • Kosmos outdoor materials are thicker than similar products on the market.
  • Kosmos plastic wood is not discolored.
  • The lifespan of Kosmos plastic wood comes with years.
  • Meet a variety of items and models. Kosmos launched the outdoor wooden lattice system, serving the maximum needs of exterior decoration of domestic and foreign projects.

Kosmos outdoor slats color codes and how to apply

Kosmos outdoor wooden lattice system has 4 most used color codes, giving the building a beauty that is in harmony with the outdoor nature.

Outstanding color codes of the waterproof outdoor fluted panel system

  • Light wood color – This is a light wood tone. Sun and rain resistant very well without fading, discoloring.
  • Coffee color – This tone is a personal coffee color, very easy to clean.
  • Dark gray - Luxurious dark gray tone.
  • Copper brown color – The final color is a modern copper brown tone, suitable for a variety of design styles.
Kosmos outdoor wooden slats - Not afraid of the sun, not afraid of rain
Kosmos Outdoor Laminates – Not afraid of the sun, not afraid of the rain

Diverse applications of the outdoor wooden lattice system in the project

- Kosmos outdoor laminar system is used to decorate exterior works in spaces: houses, villas, resorts...

The house is completely clad from fluted outdoor panel kosmos
The house is completely clad from fluted outdoor panel kosmos

– Wood plastic sunshade system: facade sunshade, balcony sunshade, terrace sunshade… In general, Kosmos outdoor fluted panels are used in a variety of applications, helping to raise the level of “luxurious – genuine – smooth” construction. ".


Kosmos – Distributor of optimal waterproof outdoor panels

Kosmos Vietnam Company was established in 2012, has nearly 10 years of experience in the distribution of outdoor fluted panels, wall cladding materials, wooden floors ... Trusted by the nationwide market and by agents.

Kosmos is the largest and reputable distributor in the market with a scale of up to 10.000 square meters with 4 large warehouses. Reached 1.000.000 square meters sold with revenue of nearly 300 billion.

Kosmos Vietnam specializes in providing outdoor decorative wooden slats.
Kosmos Vietnam specializes in providing outdoor decorative wooden slats.

Distributor of Kosmos Vietnam honored to cooperate with Agents and Partners at home and abroad! Kosmos waterproof outdoor fluted panel is one of the new brands at Kosmos Vietnam warehouse system. Agents and markets are very popular with this product line because of its high applicability, reasonable price of outdoor panel, as well as reasonable support, warranty and discount policy of Kosmos Vietnam.

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