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Product code K3S200-010
Product Type Lam 3 low wave SPC
the size 198 15 x x 3000mm
Guarantee is 10 years
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Kosmos wave panel K3S200-010 is not only a regular interior decoration product but also a classy wall art work. The compactness and sophistication of the product not only creates an aesthetic highlight in the living space, but also helps optimize space and easily integrate into all types of interiors.


  • Product code: K3S200-010
  • Product type: SPC 3-wave low profile
  • Dimensions: 198 x 15 x 3000mm
  • Warranty: 10 years

Outstanding feature

  • Modern, luxurious design: Kosmos K3S3-200 010-wave laminate has a low 3-wave design with natural wood grain color, creating a luxurious and modern beauty for the interior space.
  • High-quality, durable material: This product is highly durable, impact-resistant, waterproof, mold-proof, fire-proof, and termite-proof.
  • Easy to construct and maintain: Kosmos K3S200-010 wave lamella is light in weight, easy to construct and maintain.


Corrugated lam K3S200-010 can be applied in many interior decoration items, including:

  1. Walling:
    • Kosmos K3S200-010 wave panel with unique wave design, creating an interesting highlight for the wall.
    • This wall cladding ability not only helps hide defects on the wall surface but also creates vividness and modernity for the living space.
  2. Ceiling:
    • With its size and light weight, this product can easily be installed as a ceiling, creating an overhead decorative highlight.
    • The variety of designs and colors helps create a unique ceiling space that matches the interior decoration style.
  3. Partition panels:
    • This material can be used to create flexible partitions between spaces, not only creating privacy but also adding aesthetics.
    • The unique wave design makes the partition more attractive, making the space come alive.
  4. Shelves and cabinets:
    • Flexibility in use and installation allows Kosmos K3S200-010 slats to be integrated into shelf and cabinet covers, increasing their aesthetics.
    • The combination of function and artistic design helps create a storage space that is not only effective but also classy.

Kosmos K3S3-200 010-wave laminate is a high-end interior decoration material that meets the criteria of aesthetics, quality and price. This is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a luxurious, durable and easy-to-install decorative material.

Low profile 3-wave SPC Kosmos plastic
Low profile 3-wave SPC Kosmos plastic

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