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Product Type Wood grain waves
Color Vàng
Characteristic Moisture resistant. scratch resistant
the size 130 x 3000mm
Thickness 8 mm
Specification 0.39m2/bar
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Fluted bamboo charcoal panel 6S-801 yellow wood grain is an impressive line of decorative materials with a unique wavy surface. The combination of bamboo charcoal powder and luxurious golden wood grain patterns and colors has contributed to creating modern, classy living spaces.

Detailed information fluted bamboo charcoal panel 6S-801

Fluted wood grain bamboo charcoal panel 6S-801 is one of the most popular bamboo charcoal panel lines today. Below are detailed information about this product:

  • Material: The product is composed of many layers: protective film, decorative PVC film layer, E0 glue layer, bamboo charcoal core layer and magnetic protection layer.
  • Color: Bamboo charcoal slats 6S-801 have a warm, luxurious yellow wood grain color, bringing natural beauty and intimacy to the living space.
  • Size: The product has dimensions of 130 x 3000mm, thickness of 8mm. This size is suitable for wall cladding, ceilings, partitions, etc.
  • Product specifications: 0.39m2/bar.

Advantages of the product

6S-801 bamboo charcoal wood grain fluted panel possesses many outstanding advantages such as:

  • High aesthetics: 6S-801 cladding panel has a beautiful wood grain surface with a luxurious yellow color. The product contributes to enhancing the aesthetics of any project and is suitable for many different interior styles.
  • High Quality: 6S-801 bamboo charcoal corrugated iron is highly durable, termite resistant, waterproof and resistant to fire spread thanks to the modern and advanced production process.

It can be seen that the yellow bamboo charcoal fluted panel 6S-801 is a high-end interior decoration product. The product has left a strong impression on users thanks to its elegance with beautiful wood grains and a unique ripple effect that creates a highlight in every space.

Fluted bamboo charcoal panel 6S-801 when combined with bamboo charcoal panel TT-801 will create an extremely lively wall from flat surface to wavy surface. This is considered the perfect combination of this material.

Not stopping there, the product is also highly appreciated for possessing many superior features, especially the ability to round corners, bend 90 degrees, convenient for installation at right angle positions,... If you are If you are looking for a line of durable and beautiful interior decorative panels, please refer to them bamboo charcoal fluted panel 6S-801 wood grain .

Cross section of 6 waves of bamboo charcoal
Cross section of 6 waves of bamboo charcoal

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