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Product Type Wavy fabric fabric
Color White records
Characteristic Moisture resistant
the size 130 x 3000mm
Thickness 8 mm
Specification 0.39m2/bar
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Bamboo charcoal wave 6S-824 with fabric texture Not only is it a combination of natural materials and luxurious fabrics, but it also brings uniqueness to interior decoration. The following is specific information about this product

Outstanding features of bamboo charcoal fluted panel 6S-824

Bamboo charcoal fluted panel 6S-824 is a unique decorative material, with many outstanding characteristics. Here are some important features of the product:

  • 6S-824 bamboo charcoal corrugated iron fabric with fabric pattern is made from bamboo charcoal powder with a highly compressed core layer, the surface is covered with a modern decorative film, has long-term durability, and effectively prevents scratches.
  • The product is highly resistant to moisture, termites, and fire spread thanks to the application of modern technology in the production process.
  • Possessing a unique fabric surface, this bamboo charcoal fluted panel line brings luxurious, modern beauty to projects.
  • Product size is 130 x 3000mm, with a thickness of 8mm, suitable for many different uses such as wall cladding, ceiling cladding, TV wall decoration, space partition,...
  • With a size of 0.39m2/bar, it facilitates calculation and construction in interior decoration projects.


Bamboo charcoal fluted panel 6S-824 with fabric texture is considered a versatile interior decoration material, which can be applied in many different spaces such as:

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen,…

Using fluted bamboo charcoal panel 6S-824 contributes to increasing the aesthetics of the space with a unique gray-white fabric surface, bringing luxurious beauty. The product also has good sound and heat insulation properties, making the living space quieter and more comfortable.

Bamboo charcoal wave 6S-824 gray white fabric pattern is a versatile interior decoration product, bringing many benefits to users. In particular, this is a panel line that has the ability to round 90-degree corners, completely overcoming the disadvantages of many other material lines. This will be an ideal choice for those who are looking for a high quality, aesthetically pleasing interior decoration product.

Construction of fluted bamboo charcoal panel 6S-824

Cross section of 6 waves of bamboo charcoal
Cross section of 6 waves of bamboo charcoal

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