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Product Type Wavy fabric fabric
Color Anh Kim
the size 130 x 3000mm
Thickness 8 mm
Specification 0.39m2/bar
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Bamboo charcoal wave 6S-832 metallic fabric pattern has a luxurious and unique beauty. This is the perfect replacement material for traditional materials in decorative projects.

Detailed information fluted bamboo charcoal panel 6S-832

Below are the detailed product specifications that we need to know before choosing:

  • About color: Bamboo charcoal fluted panel 6S-832 has a luxurious, modern metallic fabric color. This color is suitable for many different interior design styles, from classic, neoclassical to modern.
  • About size: Bamboo charcoal corrugated metal fabric with dimensions of 130 x 3000mm. This size makes it easy to construct, suitable for many space areas.
  • About thickness: The product has a thickness of 8mm, this is a size with good impact resistance, meeting the usage requirements of many users today.
  • About specifications: Bamboo charcoal panel 6S-832 has dimensions of 0.39m2/bar. This parameter helps construction workers easily calculate and construct the product quickly.

Advantages of fluted bamboo charcoal panel 6S-832 metallic fabric pattern

Below are the outstanding advantages of the product:

  • Environmental friendliness: Bamboo charcoal corrugated iron is made from highly compressed bamboo charcoal core, this is an environmentally friendly material and safe for users' health.
  • Durable: The product is highly durable, can be used for a long time without damage, and is not afraid of termites or mold. Because fluted bamboo charcoal panel has good moisture resistance, fire resistance,...
  • High aesthetics: Bamboo charcoal corrugated iron has a unique and modern ripple effect, creating a beautiful space highlight. The metallic fabric color also helps us easily apply the product in many different interior design styles.

Prestigious distributor of bamboo charcoal fluted panel, 6S-832 metallic fabric

Kosmos is one of the distributors fluted bamboo charcoal panel 6S-832 reputable in Vietnam. The warehouse has many years of experience in the field of distributing interior decoration materials, including bamboo charcoal fluted panels, plastic wall panels, plastic wood, wooden floors,...

Currently, Kosmos provides a variety of bamboo charcoal fluted panel products with many different designs and colors, meeting all customer needs. If you are in need of using bamboo charcoal cladding for your project, please contact the nearest Kosmos dealer immediately!

Cross section of 6 waves of bamboo charcoal
Cross section of 6 waves of bamboo charcoal

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