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What is a round wave? Features, classification and detailed price list

With constant innovation in the field of decoration, round fluted panel has emerged in creating attractive highlights for every space. Outstanding with uniform curving waves combined with a unique semi-circular D-shaped design, this material has brought vibrancy and impressive style to projects.

Round fluted panel (semi-circular fluted panel)
Round fluted panel (semicircular fluted panel) (Source:

What is round fluted panel?

Round waves Also known as semicircular fluted panel, it has a D-shaped surface. Possessing a continuous wave groove structure, this product is the perfect choice for decorating living spaces.

Currently, this material is made from a variety of materials such as wood plastic composite, PVC, metal,…. Besides, semicircular fluted panels also have many sizes and colors for users to choose from. This is not simply a decorative material but also a harmonious combination of artistic and modern elements. We can easily use panels in many different decorative styles.

Round corrugated iron is a decorative material that helps make the living space stand out
Round corrugated iron is a decorative material that helps make the living space stand out more (Source:

Outstanding features of round fluted panels

Semi-circular fluted panels have brought freshness to the decoration field with many outstanding features. Typically, the D-shaped design helps create a more vivid and profound flexibility than other lines of wall and ceiling panels. Round wave grooves bring attractive and interesting beauty to the living space. Not only does it help increase aesthetics, this structure also has the effect of creating highlights and concealing defects on the construction surface.

The semi-circular fluted panel has beautiful circular wave grooves
Semi-circular fluted panel has beautiful circular grooves (Source:

Besides the impression of unique beauty, this material is also highly flexible and easy to install. Especially the lines round fluted plastic panel Being light in weight, we can easily change location or construct quickly and conveniently, saving time.

At the same time, current curved fluted panel models come in a variety of colors and materials, and can adapt to many different decorative styles. These factors have helped semicircular fluted panels become a popular choice when there is a need to decorate living spaces.

Semi-circular fluted panels create a highlight for the living space
Semi-circular fluted panels create a highlight for the living space (Source:

Classification of fluted semicircular panels

Considered a typical material line with a semicircle shape, this product is divided into two main types:

  • Round convex wave: Has a circular shape on a flat surface, thereby creating a striking and impressive visual effect. The prominent rounded curves also contribute to its unique appeal, increasing movement and creating subtle highlights. We can apply this material in many different design styles.
Fluted round convex wall panels are extremely innovative and unique
Fluted round convex wall panels are extremely innovative and unique (Source:
  • Concave circular wave: Also called fluted acoustic panel, characterized by concave circular grooves. This element contributes to creating depth and diversity for decorative spaces. The difference between the field surface and the ridges on the panel also contributes to creating a unique visual feeling, bringing creativity to the project.
Concave fluted panel (concealed fluted panel)
Concave fluted panel (recessed fluted panel) (Source:

There are many different types of panels on the market, depending on the purpose of use as well as the cost that you can consider to choose the appropriate product. Based on material, we have the following popular types:

  • Flexible fluted panel made of wood and plastic composite (main ingredients are plastic powder and wood powder)
  • Semi-circular wave lamellas from PVC/PS plastic
  • Corrugated panels from natural wood, industrial wood,...
Materials from plastic wood
Materials from plastic wood (Source:
Corrugated panels from industrial wood
Corrugated panels from industrial wood (Source:
Round plastic fluted panel
Round plastic fluted panel (Source:

Application of curved fluted panel

Currently, round fluted plastic panels are increasingly popular and have become a popular material, bringing many creative applications. With a unique design, semicircular fluted panels are often used to make living room TV partition, creating a more lively space highlight.

Besides, this product is also used to cover walls and ceilings, concealing defects on walls. This material not only creates a unique effect for the project but also contributes to protecting the living space from mold, preventing the walls from being scratched and saving a lot of costs compared to the application of traditional materials.

Apply fluted round wall panel to decorate living space
Apply fluted round wall panel to decorate living space (Source:

With the semicircular fluted panel line made from plastic wood, we can apply it to outdoor spaces for the purpose of covering walls and ceilings, creating unique highlights. Plastic wood materials can withstand harsh weather conditions, are highly durable, and are difficult to fade. However, we must also use, preserve and install properly to ensure product durability and longevity of the project.


Collection of beautiful round fluted panel models

Nowadays, semicircular fluted panels are increasingly popular with many beautiful designs. The following are outstanding product models highly appreciated by users:


Latest semicircular fluted panel price quote

Price of fluted round panel Currently depends on many factors such as: material prices, construction costs, accompanying accessories, etc. Product prices updated at the end of 2023 are about 600.000 VND/plate. Prices may vary depending on the production unit and different times.

Round wave panels create a unique spatial effect
Round wave panels create a unique space effect (Source:

What is the difference between round wave panels and Korean fluted panels?

Korean Style PS Fluted Panel is one of the lines of plastic wall panels that bring luxury and modernity to living spaces. This product is also called fluted panel PS, with main ingredients from plastic Polystyrene, dense structure, light weight and termite resistance up to 99,99%.

Korean waved panel (fluted panel PS)
Korean waved panel (fluted panel PS)

The main difference is: fluted semicircular panel , and fluted panel Korea is the exterior design. Round wave lamellas feature uniform circular grooves, creating a semicircular wave pattern. Korean waves have up and down grooves, sometimes big waves or small waves, sometimes big waves and small waves alternating, depending on the specific model.

Round corrugated louvers create a unique, delicate and soft space effect. PS wave lamellas show impressive and unique creativity in space. These differences have given users a variety of options suitable for many design styles.

Korean wave lamellas are highly appreciated for their aesthetics
Korean wave lamellas are highly appreciated for their aesthetics

Related question

Below are questions related to semicircular fluted panels that you can refer to:

Is the fluted panel easy to clean?

General, fluted panel lines are easy to clean because they are made from stain-resistant materials. However, to be able to use it for a long time, we need to clean and preserve it properly. Limit the use of strong detergents when cleaning to avoid scratching the material surface.

Clean properly to ensure the aesthetics of the panel
Clean properly to ensure the aesthetics of the panel (Source:

Which round fluted panel model should be used for modern interior styles?

Modern interior styles often favor fluted panel models with bright colors. Typically the colors are white, gray,... combined with cardboard pastel colors gently creates a feeling of spacious and comfortable space. This element also helps create a delicate space highlight, taking advantage of natural light to highlight a modern and luxurious living space.

The need to use round fluted panels today?

Based on the chart and data below, it can be seen that in recent times, the demand for semicircular fluted panels has increased significantly. In the construction and decoration industry, the application of cladding not only creates a highlight and decorates the space but also brings many other benefits. Since then, consumers have also increasingly focused on personalizing their living space.

In addition, fluted panel panels currently have a variety of designs, giving users countless choices to suit many decorative styles. The flexibility, diversity and many benefits of fluted round panels are the reasons why the demand for this material is increasing. This is the perfect choice for those who are looking and need to innovate their living space.

Unique design, diverse designs, high flexibility and ease of application, round fluted panel is considered an excellent decorative material. This product has brought classy projects, convenience as well as well met the needs of today's users.


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