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Should wooden floors be laid on marble floors?

Wooden flooring on marble tile floor is the solution chosen by many customers to replace tile floors after a long time of use. Because wooden flooring is a flooring material that does not affect the floor surface, installation is extremely quick.

In addition, according to the National Flooring Association (National Flooring Association, USA): Wood flooring is the second most popular flooring material in the United States, accounting for about 13% of the market share. Their research also showed that wooden floors are highly appreciated for their aesthetics, durability and heat retention.

Many customers choose to lay wooden floors on the old brick floors of their homes (Source:
Many customers choose to lay wooden floors on the old brick floors of their homes (Source:

It sounds simple, but we need to be careful that the tile surface must be flat, clean and dry. At the same time, it is necessary to check and handle plumbing problems such as water leaks, etc. to ensure durability and stability of the floorboard.

To lay wooden floors on standard, durable and beautiful marble floors, we need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Spread foam flooring
  • Step 2: Install floorboards properly
  • Step 3: Installation of laminate flooring accessories
  • Step 4: Complete inspection and cleaning

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Why are wooden floors often laid on marble floors?

Marble tiles are a popular and familiar flooring material. After a long period of use, flower tiles will degrade, become damaged and become boring. Because of that, customers will have a need to change their living space to bring something new. Faced with many choices of flooring materials, wooden floors are popular because they have the following 4 advantages:

  • Brings luxury and warmth to the home
  • The average lifespan of wooden floors is up to 20 years
  • Safe for users' health
  • Not slippery

Laying wooden floors on old tile floors is the perfect solution when customers need to replace the floor with a new one. They save time and money while still bringing luxurious space and sophistication to the home.

In particular, there is no need for surface treatment, just install it on top of the old tile floor to immediately have a new, luxurious and warm floor. In addition, wooden floors are very warm to walk on in the winter and do not create a squeaking feeling in the summer. They are also anti-slip and highly durable for up to 20 years.

Wooden floors bring luxury to the room
Wooden floors bring luxury to the room

2 things to note before laying wooden floors on tile floors

Before laying wooden floors on tile floors, it is necessary to pay attention and ensure certain floor requirements for the project to achieve perfect beauty and long life.

  • The most important factor is that the tile floor must be flat, clean and dry. If the floor is convex or not flat, it needs to be treated, filled with cement, etc. so that the floor has a certain level of flatness, not exceeding 2mm / 1m Only then can you proceed with wooden flooring.
  • Next, check and handle water pipe problems such as water leaks. At the same time, ensure the installation space is dry and free of furniture.
High-quality laminate flooring is extremely water-resistant, so it can be used as a bathroom floor covering on old marble tiles
High-quality laminate flooring is extremely water-resistant, so it can be used as a bathroom floor covering on old marble tiles

How to lay wooden floors on tile floors

After the floor is leveled, the worker begins proceed to lay wooden floors On brick floors follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Flatten a layer of foam approx 2 - 3mm on the tile floor and the construction worker will use tape to stick on the two edges of the foam board.

Note: Do not overlap the foam floor edges.

  • Step 2: Continuously install the floorboards in the direction of the light, along the length of the wooden bar to create the most beautiful effect, highlighting the wood grain and increasing the spacious feeling of the room. Note that when installing wooden floors, you must always leave a gap between the floor and the wall 10 - 15mm Leave space for the floor to expand and avoid warping due to weather.
  • Step 3: Install accessories such as braces, wool,... to complete the project.
  • Step 4: Check completion after flooring.

After completing the wooden flooring construction, you need to pay attention to check to see if the project is creaking or warped. If the furniture has been completed properly, you can put the furniture back in. However, be careful not to drag it. Place it gently on the wooden floor to avoid scratches, damage, and minimize physical impact on it. floor.

>>> Video instructions for constructing wooden floors on tile floors.


Frequently asked questions when installing flooring on marble floors

Does wooden flooring require removing old tiles?

This is completely unnecessary if the tile floor is flat and has no protrusions. If the floor is broken, making the surface convex, you need to treat it to make the floor completely flat before you can proceed with flooring construction.

Does construction take a long time?

Construction of wooden floors on old brick floors will take place very quickly, saving you time. The worker only needs to spread foam, put the floorboards together and complete with accessories to complete the project. Normally, with a floor area of ​​about 100mXNUMX2, it will take a worker 1-3 days to complete the construction. That is only an estimated time, the specific construction time depends on the worker's skills, installation conditions, type of wooden floor, etc.

How much does it cost to install flooring on a tile floor?

The cost to lay laminate flooring on old tile depends on many factors:

  • Brand and type of laminate flooring selected.
  • Size of wooden floor.
  • Related costs such as transportation, construction, etc.

Normally, the cost of installing wooden floors on old brick floors will range from 220.000 VND/m2 – 1.000.000 VND/m2 (April 1).

Where to buy beautiful wooden floors?

Kosmos Vietnam general warehouse has more is 10 years experience on the path to bringing wooden floors closer to Customers. Update the latest trends and designs from reputable wood flooring brands such as:

Full of famous wooden flooring brands at Kosmos Vietnam warehouse
Full of famous wooden flooring brands at Kosmos Vietnam warehouse

Every board delivered to consumers represents the enthusiasm and prestige of the warehouse. To give you peace of mind when using the product, Kosmos always offers Warranty Policy most complete. Therefore, Kosmos is an ideal choice for customers to refer to and buy quality wooden flooring for themselves.

Job wooden floors on marble tiles is an effective solution to help refurbish and renew living space. In addition, they also help save time and do not cost too much installation cost for consumers.

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