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EG plastic wool

Product Type EG skirting board
the size 90 15 x x 2500mm
Quantity 24 bars/box
Standard CL
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EG skirting board is a commonly used interior decoration material product. The product has many outstanding advantages in terms of aesthetics, durability, moisture resistance, fire resistance,...

Product information

  • Product type: EG skirting board is a product made from high quality plastic. The product is highly durable, does not warp, termites, mold, etc.
  • Dimensions: EG wool has dimensions of 90 x 15 x 2500mm. This size is suitable for most interior projects.
  • Quantity: Each box of EG wall wool has 24 bars.
  • Standards: EG skirting boards made from plastic meet CL standards, ensuring safety for users' health.

Color description

EG skirting boards come in a variety of colors, suitable for all design styles. Some popular colors of EG skirting board include:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Wood color
  • Black
  • Dark grey
  • Light wood brown color
  • Deep wood brown color

Application of EG skirting wool

EG skirting board is commonly used in interior decoration, including:

  • Wall base decoration: EG wool helps hide the defects of the base of the wall, creating a seamless connection between the wall and the floor.
  • Create a highlight for the space: This wall skirting line has many diverse designs and colors, helping to create a highlight for the space.
  • Helps protect walls: EG wall wool is moisture and fire resistant, helping to protect walls from environmental impacts.

How to choose EG skirting wool?

When choosing EG skirting board, keep in mind the following factors:

  • Size: The size of EG wool needs to match the size of the base of the wall.
  • Color: The color of EG wall skirting needs to match the interior design style.
  • Quality: You should choose products with good quality, ensuring durability.

EG skirting board is a useful interior decoration product, bringing many advantages to the space. The product is suitable for all design styles, helping to create highlights and enhance the aesthetic value of the home.

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