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Product code LP21
Product Type Basement wool LP
the size 79 14 x x 2500mm
Quantity 30 bars/box
Standard CL
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Basement wool LP21 The dark yellow wood color is a unique decorative accessory and wall protector, bringing a cozy and luxurious space to the project.

Outstanding feature

LP21 wall skirting or wall skirting is always highly appreciated for its aesthetics and quality with the following technical specifications:

  • Product code: LP21
  • Product Type: Basement wool LP
  • Size: 79 14 x x 2500mm
  • Amount: 30 bars/box
  • Standard: CL
  • Color: Dark wood yellow color.

Advantages of LP21 wool in dark wood yellow color

The product has many impressive advantages such as:

  • Unique design: LP21 wall skirting is designed with a unique dark wood yellow color, creating a highlight for your decorative space.
  • Quality material: The product is made from high quality PS plastic, ensuring durability and stability. In addition, this accessory is also moisture-proof, termite-resistant, and less likely to warp or shrink during use.
  • Ideal size: With dimensions of 79 x 14 x 2500mm, this sub is suitable for installation in many different categories including bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen areas,...
  • Convenient packaging: The product is packaged in 30 bars/box, making it convenient for transportation and installation.


LP21 skirting board dark wood yellow color Easily compatible with many decorative styles from classic to modern. With a unique design, quality materials and high standards, LP21 wall skirting in dark wood yellow is the perfect choice to cover the gap between the floor and wall, while contributing to creating a unique feature for your home. space.

LP wall skirting section
LP wall skirting section

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