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Product code LP22
Product Type Basement wool LP
the size 79 14 x x 2500mm
Quantity 30 bars/box
Standard CL
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Light gray LP22 skirting board is an interior decoration accessory popular, helping to make the living space more luxurious and sophisticated.

LP22 wool specifications

LP22 skirting board is also known by another name as PS plastic skirting board. The product stands out with a modern light gray tone, easily compatible with many different decorative styles. Below are detailed product specifications:

  • Product code: LP22
  • Product Type: Basement wool LP
  • Size: 79 14 x x 2500mm
  • Amount: 30 bars/box
  • Standard: CL

Advantages of wall wool LP22

This accessory is a popular choice with the purpose of covering the gap between the floor and wall, enhancing aesthetics and creating an effective space highlight. LP22 skirting board has many outstanding advantages including:

  • High quality, durable materials: The LP22 skirting board is made from PS plastic, which stands out for its long-term durability, is mold-resistant, termite-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Standard Size: LP22 skirting board has standard size and light weight for easy construction, suitable for many different spaces, from living room, bedroom to kitchen,... and many other items.
  • Reasonable price: LP22 skirting board has a reasonable price, suitable for the budget of many users today.
  • Long term durability: This accessory is less affected by temperature changes, does not shrink, warp or crack during use.


Light gray LP22 skirting board is a decorative accessory with many outstanding advantages such as: high quality material, durable and beautiful, ideal size, reasonable price, moisture resistant, termite resistant,... This accessory will help make the living space more luxurious. important and sophisticated.

LP wall skirting section
LP wall skirting section

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