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Product code LP5M
Product Type Basement wool LP
the size 79 14 x x 2500mm
Quantity 30 bars/box
Standard CL
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LP5M skirting board stands out with its dark reddish brown wood grain and is an interior decoration accessory, giving the living space its own luxury and warmth.

Detailed characteristics

PS LP5M plastic skirting board is also known by many other names such as plastic wool, LP5M skirting board, etc. Accessories are installed at the base of the wall, to cover the gap between the wall and the floor, create a highlight and contribute part to enhance the aesthetics of living space. Product specifications include the following indicators:

  • Product code: LP5M
  • Product Type: Basement wool LP
  • Size: 79 14 x x 2500mm
  • Amount: 30 bars/box
  • Standard: CL
  • Models: Dark reddish brown wood grain.

Advantages of LP5M wool

This accessory is increasingly popular with many outstanding advantages as follows:

  • Luxurious and beautiful natural wood grain: With dark reddish brown wood grain, LP5M wall skirting brings natural beauty and elegance to the project. Each skirting board is a unique work of art, creating a great highlight for any space.
  • Long term durability: The main component of this accessory is PS plastic. It is a highly durable material with many superior features such as: anti-termite, anti-moisture, less warping, difficult to crack during use. Thereby contributing to improving the life of accessories, giving users a beautiful and durable living space.
  • Flexibility in application: The product is suitable for many different decorative styles, from classic to modern. We can install it in the living room, bedroom, or even the office, etc. This flexibility has helped LP5M wool become the perfect choice for many different spaces and decorative needs.
  • Reasonable size: The size of 79 x 14 x 2500mm of each LP5M plinth is designed to be ideal for installation and creating a highlight in the living space. Each product box will include 30 bars, ensuring users have enough materials to decorate a large area without difficulty.


In the field of interior decoration, LP5M wall skirting Brings natural, rustic beauty suitable for any decorative space. Currently, Kosmos warehouse is distributing this line of accessories to many dealers nationwide. If you are in need of choosing accessories, please contact Kosmos affiliated agents immediately!

LP wall skirting section
LP wall skirting section

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