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LT plastic wool

Product Type LT skirting board
the size 14 76 x x 2500mm
Specification 30 bars/box
Standard CL
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LT skirting wool or LT plastic wool is a line of interior decoration accessories has many outstanding features. The product has many diverse designs, suitable for many different interior design styles. Below are detailed product descriptions, technical specifications and outstanding advantages.

Technical specifications of LT plastic wool

LT wool has the effect of creating a space highlight, covering the gap between the floor and wall, improving the aesthetics and durability of the project. Below are the detailed specifications of the product:

  • Product type: LT skirting board
  • Dimensions: 14 x 76 x 2500mm, providing flexibility during installation.
  • Specification: 30 bars/box, helps save space and is convenient during transportation.
  • Standard: CL, ensuring uniformity and safety for users during use.

Outstanding advantages

LT skirting accessories are mainly composed of PS plastic with many outstanding advantages as follows:

  • Top quality: The product is made from high-strength PS plastic, ensuring long-term durability and stability. Along with that, it is resistant to mold, termites, and is less affected by temperature changes,...
  • Flexible installation: With standard size and light weight, LT wool is easy to install, effectively saving time and effort.
  • Diverse designs: LT skirtings have a modern design and a variety of designs, from light to dark wood colors, plain white,... suitable for many decorative styles.

LT plastic wool collection

To meet the needs of consumers, LT plastic wool accessories are designed in a variety of colors, typically colors such as:

  • White
  • Pale yellow
  • Dark yellow
  • Light brown
  • Dark brown
  • Natural wood color
  • Walnut wood grain color
  • Oak grain color
  • Red wood color,…

Depending on personal preferences, decoration style, wood floor color, cladding, etc., you can consider choosing the right product.


LT skirting board is widely used in construction projects as well as interior decoration. Can be applied in spaces such as the living room, bedroom or office to create decorative highlights and effectively protect home walls.

With outstanding features in quality and design, LT wall skirting is the ideal choice for those who are looking for accessories to decorate the interior and protect the base of the wall. You should consider choosing a suitable LT plastic wool model or the same color as the decoration style to increase the aesthetics of the project!

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