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Top models of beautiful plasterboard ceilings for interior space 2024

plaster ceiling (la gypsum plaster) is not too strange to Vietnamese households, making them wonder whether they should continue using it or switch to newer materials. However, developed technology has helped them possess many impressive advantages that you can ignore if you do not read the following article!

Gypsum ceiling pictures.
Gypsum ceiling pictures.

Is plaster ceiling good?

plaster ceiling (gypsum ceiling) is a type of false ceiling created by installation plasterboard panels onto a ceiling frame, creating a smooth surface that looks like a molded ceiling. The structure of the ceiling includes: plasterboard, skeleton (frame fixed to the real ceiling) and putty layer (creating smoothness for the ceiling surface).

Gypsum boards are thin sheets made with gypsum (a natural mineral). On the market, many gypsum boards are distributed according to function such as: sound absorption board, insulation board, fireproof sheet, moisture/waterproof sheet, etc.

Pictures of plaster ceiling construction.
Pictures of plaster ceiling construction.

Advantages of plaster ceilings

The advantage of this type of ceiling is that it is easy to construct/decorate/repair. Made from natural minerals, the ceiling is non-toxic. Not only that, the ceiling is also fireproof, protecting the safety of the family when there is a fire. In addition to the sound and heat insulation properties, the ceiling really brings a pleasant atmosphere to the user.

Easy to build and decorate

Ceiling plasterboard is easy to install and has a smooth surface. Create a good background for the decoration of more details such as the lighting system, cropping, shaping, etc. to create accents for the space.

The ability to create patterns to your liking and flexibility in design help create a gypsum ceiling with a unique beauty, showing the owner's own style. Competing directly with plastic ceilings in terms of aesthetics.

Gypsum ceilings are perceived by consumers as having good aesthetics.
Gypsum ceilings are perceived by consumers as having good aesthetics.

Easy repair

Gypsum board is quite light. We can disassemble and replace damaged panels simply and economically.

Safe and non-explosive

Thanks to modern foaming technology and the structure with more than 21% chemical composition, gypsum board does not catch fire, creating a safe environment in case of fire and explosion.

Gypsum ceiling has good fire resistance.
Gypsum ceiling has good fire resistance.

Soundproof - anti-noise

The combination of skeleton and plasterboard has created an effective soundproofing system (noise reduction is about 32-60dB). Helps control sound and create a quiet space, suitable for focused work and relaxation.

Plasterboards are also anti-reflective (sounds reflected from surfaces in a space). This brings comfort to the space by minimizing echoes.

Soundproof plasterboard effectively.
Soundproof plasterboard effectively.


The interior space becomes cooler and more comfortable when owning a plaster ceiling.

Disadvantages of plaster ceilings

Gypsum ceilings are easily affected by steam and are not very water resistant, leading to the risk of yellowing. Ordinary plasterboard will soften and expand when exposed to water.

Modern technology today has produced gypsum boards that are water-resistant and super moisture-resistant to overcome the disadvantages of this type of ceiling. In case you are living in an area with high humidity such as near the sea, there is a rainy season, you can consider using ceiling plastic panels.


How many types of gypsum ceiling panels are there?

There are 2 types of gypsum ceiling panels floating ceiling (drop ceiling) , and sunken ceiling. In the type of sunken ceiling is also divided into 2 different types: flat ceiling , and level jerk ceiling. To choose the right type of ceiling depends on the space architecture and your needs.

La font floating plaster ceiling - drop plaster ceiling

This is the type of ceiling that has small gypsum boards (size 600 x 600, 605 x 605, 600 x 1200) attached to the skeleton. The outstanding feature of this type of ceiling is the part exposed skeleton, creating squares on the ceiling surface, aesthetic and modern.

The plaster ceiling clearly shows the skeleton.
The plaster ceiling clearly shows the skeleton.

This type of ceiling is often used to cover the lines and pipes below the real ceiling (concrete ceiling, corrugated iron roof, tile roof).

Floating plaster ceiling image.
Floating plaster ceiling image.

La font ceiling plaster sink.

This type of ceiling has a skeleton structure hidden above the plasterboards. The skeleton of the ceiling is not visible from below, giving the impression that the concrete ceiling has been delicately painted and decorated.

This type of ceiling has 2 installation styles for you to choose from. Depending on the purpose of use and design style, users can choose between high-rise plasterboard ceilings or flat plaster ceilings to create a unique and aesthetic living and working space.

Flat plaster ceiling

This is a type of ceiling where the plasterboards, after installation, lie on a level plane, without stratification. With simple lines, without many textures, this ceiling shape creates elegant beauty and sophistication for the interior space.

Flat plasterboard.
Flat plasterboard.

For more choices, you can refer to some other ceiling materials here.

High-rise gypsum ceiling

This is a type of ceiling whose surface is made up of many different levels/layers, usually 2-3 layers. This form of ceiling is highly artistic, surpassing the simplicity of flat ceilings.

Between the layers that are sealed is called “closed start up”, between the layers that are installed is called “open jump” or “light drop” because we can install additional lighting systems. clearance to increase the aesthetics of the ceiling.

High-rise plaster ceiling.
High-rise plaster ceiling.

To get a leveled ceiling is not simply a matter of arranging plasterboards according to different heights and lows. It requires ingenuity in shaping, combining shapes, creating a work of art on the ceiling.

Beautiful high-quality gypsum ceiling.
Beautiful high-quality gypsum ceiling.

As can be seen, a sunken ceiling is more difficult to install and repair than a drop ceiling, but it cannot be denied the aesthetics it brings to the house.


The ceiling models are beautiful plasterboard - the most sought after

The following gypsum plaster ceiling samples offer a variety of styles and applications for different interior spaces.

Beautiful bedroom gypsum ceiling model

The sound and heat insulation properties of plasterboard ensure maximum comfort for air bedroom space, helping you have good and peaceful sleep.

When incorporating the lighting system into the high-rise plaster ceiling, this creates a relaxed and dreamy atmosphere, creating the best conditions for a complete and enjoyable sleep.

Beautiful gypsum ceiling model in the bedroom
Beautiful gypsum ceiling in the bedroom.
Beautiful bedroom plaster wallpaper
Sample of beautiful bedroom gypsum font.
Modern bedroom plaster ceiling
Modern bedroom plaster ceiling.
Neoclassical plaster ceiling for the bedroom
Neoclassical plaster ceiling for the bedroom.

Beautiful gypsum ceiling in the living room

Gypsum board is environmentally friendly, has no paint smell and ensures health, so we can rest assured to use it for living room space. The following ceiling designs will create a comfortable and cozy environment for you to welcome friends and family. At the same time, it also gives them a strong impression when entering your living space.

Beautiful plaster ceiling in living room.
Beautiful plaster ceiling in living room.
Beautiful plaster backdrop model for living room
Beautiful gypsum font for living room.
Modern living room plaster ceiling
Modern living room plaster ceiling.
Neoclassical plaster ceiling for living room
Neoclassical plaster ceiling for living room.

See more beautiful plastic living room wall panels to combine with plaster ceilings here.

Beautiful gypsum font for the kitchen

Safety is always a top priority in design kitchen, and the use of gypsum board cladding is a solution of interest. The gypsum board has effective fire resistance, which can keep the whole family safe in the event of a fire.

The gypsum plasterboard models for the kitchen not only ensure safety but also bring impressive style to the cooking space.

Beautiful kitchen plaster backdrop
La font plaster kitchen beautiful.
Modern kitchen plasterboard
Modern kitchen gypsum board.
Neoclassical plaster wallpaper for the dining room
The neoclassical plaster font for the dining room.

Maybe you will be more interested 5 kitchen wall cladding materials and 50+ beautiful kitchen wall panels.

Beautiful plaster wallpaper for the office - office

Plaster fonts are a smart choice for working space or office, providing a balance between aesthetics and performance. The font models that Kosmos shares below not only create beauty but also improve the quality of the working environment.

The flat and clean font design helps create a professional look, while the bold, blocky fonts promote creativity and accent. The meticulous selection of colors, lighting and textures also creates a comfortable and inspiring workspace.

Modern plaster font model for office
Modern gypsum board template for office.
Neoclassical plaster backdrop for the office
Neoclassical plaster font for the office.
Beautiful gypsum plasterboard for study and work space
La beautiful plaster background for study and work space.

The total warehouse of interior and exterior decoration materials Kosmos Vietnam always listens and answers all information about materials for customers. Sign up now Kosmos . newsletter to receive information - new knowledge as soon as possible. What do you think about the information as well as the image of Kosmos plaster ceiling provided above? Don't forget to leave a comment for Kosmos right below!

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