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Newsletter of bamboo charcoal panels

9+ beautiful, new, modern bamboo charcoal wall panels

Take attendance with Kosmos 99+ samples of bamboo charcoal wall panels The most anticipated of this year right here!

Bamboo charcoal wall panels (bamboo charcoal panels) are materials that bring aesthetics to your interior space. With eye-catching and vivid designs, we can use them to wall / ceiling tiles, improving the quality of life.

Samples of bamboo charcoal wall panels

Wood grain bamboo charcoal wall panels

This is the model of bamboo charcoal wall panel that is most welcomed by users. From oak to walnut, from light yellow to dark brown, the panel brings all the beauty of mother nature to the eyes of the user. Wood grain brings an invisible attraction to the viewer who cannot take their eyes off.

Special, wood grain bamboo charcoal wall panels sample owned rough surface It feels like touching real wood, giving the wall a natural charm.

Not subject to termite attack. They have a lifespan of up to 20 - 30 years without having to spend extra maintenance costs. Besides, bamboo charcoal cladding does not contain Formaldehyde and the ability to prevent fire spread of the plate also partly limits the risk of fire and explosion, ensuring safety when used.

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Pattern of bamboo charcoal wall panels with stone pattern

At a glance, the wall is covered with stone-grained bamboo charcoal panels, it is difficult to recognize that this is "imitation stone panels". Modern printing technology has made the line between real and fake increasingly thin. Then the dream of creating a luxurious and classy living space is no longer too far away for mid-range households.

It is not necessary to use large and heavy stones, that timeless beauty is easily stolen by bamboo charcoal wall panels with stone pattern. Especially, glossy surface of panels more radiant under the lighting system.

Besides, the light weight and simple construction operations have made the installation cost of multi-purpose bamboo charcoal fiber panels surprisingly low. See details Steps for constructing wall cladding materials This is convenient.


Model of 3D textured bamboo charcoal panel

This is a bamboo charcoal panel model with a rough surface with imitation stone, imitation leather, imitation felt fabric, etc. The product is artistic with sharp patterns, creating a multi-dimensional space with many levels of emotions. contact. Effect 3D textured surface of wall panels, ceiling tiles of bamboo charcoal have given wings to the creativity of interior designers.

Not tied to any framework, 3D patterned bamboo charcoal panels brought a breath of fresh air into the decorative materials market. Light up a ray of hope for free souls, love abstract design, ready to come to create a living space that suits themselves.

High-tech machinery production lines have contributed greatly to creating impressive effects, bringing many choices and great user experiences. However, they are not as expensive as we imagine. see more price list of bamboo charcoal panels.


Monochrome bamboo charcoal panel pattern

“Simple is the best!” – monochrome bamboo charcoal panel pattern attract users in a very unique way. Not only does it suit every style, the effect itself smooth surface , and independent color That's what young people today are looking for. This is an ageless bamboo charcoal panel, out of the flow of time.

The truth is that the more modern, the more everything follows a simple design. The monochrome wall surface brings elegance to the space and easily highlights the decor items such as wall paintings or luxury furniture, ..

You may not know, bamboo charcoal panels are one of five types wall covering material, waterproof, anti-mold most effective this year. Not only that, this smooth surface bamboo charcoal panel is also difficult to attract dust, making it easy to clean the surface with a damp cloth.


Model of multi-function panel with bamboo charcoal fiber with metal texture

Strong and proud – metallic texture creates a unique highlight for the space. They are often installed interspersed with other panels to complement each other. Currently, the silver and gold pattern are the two types that are most favored by users. The shiny and luxurious effect of metal creates a classy space, often applied to halls, corridors, reception desks, etc.

Thanks to the protective coating on the surface, the product is not easily scratched, keeping your living space fresh.

So 99+ models of multi-purpose wall panels afraid of bamboo charcoal The most anticipated this year are: wood grain, veinstone, 3D pattern, metallic pattern , and monochrome. In particular, the 3D pattern of bamboo charcoal panels simulates many materials such as: gray stone, leather, fabric, ... bringing multi-dimensionality in interior design. With the slogan "new materials - new design", Kosmos Vietnam warehouse always looks for quality materials for customers. If you have any questions about the product, you can ask for advice via Hotline (+84) 903 093 221 or get the latest information on materials here.

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