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99+ beautiful living room partition models, price list of all kinds

Guest room dividers Used to divide living spaces is a popular choice for many families today. Because they help the homeowner's living space become spacious, airy and highly aesthetic. Let's learn about the most beautiful and impressive living room partition models with Kosmos in this article.

Living room partitions are used to divide areas
Living room partitions are used to divide areas (Source:

What is a living room partition?

Guest room dividers are partitions that can be made from many different materials such as natural wood, industrial wood, plastic, plaster, cement panels, etc. for the purpose of separating or dividing the living room into separate spaces. in the home. The flexibility of these wall panels allows homeowners to replace rigid, difficult-to-move concrete walls as needed.

Partitions can create diversity in interior arrangement
Partitions can create diversity in interior arrangement (Source:

6 popular types of living room partition materials

With the increasing demand for partitions, people have used many products to create them. Below are 7 types of materials guest room dividers popular that you can refer to.

The house becomes luxurious when using partitions
The house becomes luxurious when using partitions (Source:

Living room partition made of industrial wood

This can be considered the most popular type of partition today. In interior decoration projects in the mid-range segment, industrial wood partitions are often the top choice because they have the perfect combination of high aesthetics, variety of designs and colors, and at extremely reasonable costs.

With this material, you can create simple partitions such as columns or design complex CNC partition models according to specific requirements. With its non-warping characteristics, variety of colors and designs, this material has become the top choice for many interior decoration projects.

Living room partition made of CNC-cut industrial wood (Source: Internet)
Living room partition made of CNC-cut industrial wood (Source: Internet)

Living room partition made of natural wood

Choose guest room dividers Natural wood is often used to create synchronization with wooden furniture in the house. The strength of this type of partition is the ability to create complex and unique designs, giving the space a cozy and sophisticated feeling.

Plastic living room partition

With the same beauty as industrial wood partitions, however, plastic partitions have the added advantage of being superior against water and termites. Therefore, this material, in addition to being used in living rooms, is also popular and widely used in locations with high humidity or in outdoor spaces exposed to sun and rain.

In particular, today customers are very fond of it guest room dividers made of wood imitation plastic because it is both cheaper than natural wood and industrial wood but still has the beauty, luxury and aesthetics of wood. Wood imitation plastic sheet Made from synthetic PVC and this type of partition can be constructed easily and saves both cost and time compared to many other types of partitions.

Living room partition made of plaster

In addition to being used to make ceilings or walls, plaster is also commonly used for making guest room dividers. They bring many benefits such as extremely effective soundproofing, heat insulation and fire resistance.

Because of these advantages, plasterboard partitions are often popular to divide the space between the living room and other areas of the house.

Living room partition made of concrete

Concrete partitions have a solid structure, creating high durability and extremely good insulation and moisture resistance. However, for houses with small areas, using thick concrete partitions can make the overall space of the house become narrower.

Tempered glass partitions

Tempered glass partitions are a popular choice for apartments or rooms with open spaces. Most partitions are made from tempered glass and have good bearing capacity, while taking full advantage of natural light sources to help make the living space more airy.


5 beautiful living room decorative partition designs

Let's explore with Kosmos the following living room decorative partition models to make the overall living space more impressive and luxurious.

Partition between living room and kitchen

The division between the seating area and the dining area is an essential element. Understanding how to properly arrange partitions for these two spaces will help create favorable conditions for daily activities.

>>> Please refer to 50+ latest trending living room and kitchen partition models

Wall separates the worship room from the living room

The altar room is a sanctuary and needs quiet, so separating these two areas is necessary. You should choose partitions with warm tones to help create a solemn and luxurious look for the living space.

Wall separates living room from stairs

Arranging a partition between these two spaces not only hides the shortcomings of the stairs but also creates a highlight for the living room area. Furthermore, partitions also promote ventilation, allowing light and air to flow naturally between these two areas.

Wall separates living room from bedroom

Guest room dividers with bedroom is a useful solution for apartments with modest areas. The simple design of the partition creates a comfortable space for rest and relaxation. They not only ensure quiet but also provide the necessary privacy for both rooms, helping the homeowner balance their emotions, creating a more complete and deeper sleep.

Living room partition combined with TV shelf

By combining two functions in one, you will create a new interior space, turning the separating walls into more diverse and unique. Therefore, guest room dividers Combining a TV shelf not only meets the function of dividing areas but also highlights the aesthetics of the house, creating a more beautiful, luxurious and modern space.

>>> In addition, customers can refer to beautiful and modern living room TV wall models.


3 important notes when designing partitions

Choosing and constructing partitions is an important step in determining the aesthetics of the house. So, let's learn 3 important things to keep in mind when starting to design partitions for your living space.

Partitions are an important element of interior design
Partitions are an important element of interior design
  • It is necessary to consider and choose the style and area of ​​the partition to suit the space, avoiding causing a cramped feeling.
  • Partitions need to be designed to match the color and material with the interior of the house to create uniformity and harmony for the space.
  • In small spaces, choose thin and airy partitions to optimize space usage.

Reference price for living room partition

Below is the most recently updated price list of living room partitions that you can refer to.

STT Partition Type Price
1 Regular PVC hard plastic partitions 130.000 – 240.000 VND/m2
2 PVC Nano hard plastic partition 300.000 – 1.300.000 VND/m2
3 Column-shaped wooden partition 1.600.000 – 2.800.000 VND/m2
4 Wooden partition combined with TV shelf 2.200.000 – 3.800.000 VND/m2
5 Wooden CNC partition 950.000 – 1.250.000 VND/m2
6 MDF wood partition 500.000 – 550.000 VND/m2
7 HDF wood partition 550.000 – 700.000 VND/m2
8 10mm tempered glass partition 750.000 VND/m2
9 Tempered glass partitions 1.400.000 VND/m2
10 Plaster partition 190.000 VND/m2

Here is all the information about living room partition pattern Beautiful and specific price list. Hopefully the sharing of Kosmos will help you find the right materials for your family.


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