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Buy Egger wood flooring with accessories promotion

Egger Laminate Flooring 1 German laminate flooring today with outstanding advantages such as permanent termite resistance, 1.000 hours water resistance, true wood grain, European-style colors, absolute safety for users including children. small. Egger is always the first choice of consumers when they have flooring needs. In particular, for 5 consecutive years, the annual volume of Eggers sold has always increased sharply. In response to the love that consumers have for me – Egger has launched the program buy Egger wood flooring – accessories promotion.

Egger - No. 1 German wooden flooring on the market
Egger – No. 1 German laminate flooring in the market

Promotion content

Entering the Vietnamese market since 2016, Egger has been a reputable wood flooring brand in the construction and decoration industry. Not only a flooring material, Egger wood flooring is also a symbol of luxury and class in many living and working spaces.

The user's love for Egger is increasing day by day. To thank our customers, Egger is grateful for a special promotion from the day 01/09/2023 until the end of the day 31/12/2023:


“Buy Egger Laminate Flooring – Accessories Promotion.”


This program is a great opportunity for those who want to experience the class and convenience in living space. You not only get a quality floor, but also have additional accessories to optimize the installation process. In addition, you will be supported with delivery within the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City when ordering Egger wood flooring with a quantity of 50m2 or more.

Egger floor elevates living space
Egger floor elevates living space

The gift list includes:

  • Skirts LP and LT
  • Plastic brace
  • Styrofoam floor

4 reasons Egger laminate flooring is chosen by many customers

Many users not only choose Egger flooring because of its quality, but this product also brings a sense of peace and warmth to the living space. Here are 4 main reasons why Egger is always the first choice when customers want to use wooden flooring for flooring.

Egger is a German laminate floor with many outstanding features
Egger is a German laminate floor with many outstanding features

The only wood flooring brand that offers a 1.000-hour flood warranty

Egger laminate flooring is manufactured from Germany under the Egger Group. This is the only European wooden floor with a representative office in Vietnam. At the same time, the only wooden flooring brand that commits 1.000 hours flood warranty. Egger Aqua+ products are also recognized by Nalfa about the 72 hour surface water lock feature.

Egger laminate flooring is water resistant up to 1.000 hours
Egger laminate flooring is water resistant up to 1.000 hours

Egger Aqua is anti-termite forever

Not only outstanding with water resistance, Egger laminate flooring is also effective against termites. The product has undergone many termite tests certified by Kosmos Vietnam. Besides the policy 1.000 hours flood warranty, Egger Aqua is also committed LIFETIME termite warranty.

Egger laminate flooring has many outstanding features
Egger laminate flooring has many outstanding features

Egger is a line of wooden floors that are safe for children

Egger laminate flooring has a TPU surface coating that is resilient and anti-slip. Parents can rest assured when children play without any collision problems.

Besides, the product is also applied DPL (Direct Pressure Laminate) technology without PVC. Since then, the concentration of Formaldehyde gas reaches E1, ensuring safety for all users.

Egger is safe for children - Peace of mind for parents
Egger is safe for children – Peace of mind for parents

Egger laminate flooring has high aesthetics

Egger has elevated the living space of the client through a modern design that blends perfectly with the natural beauty of wood. Possessing many unique collections such as: Pure Nature, Light Urban, Perfect Imperfection, etc., it easily fits many decorating styles. Egger has become the perfect choice for interior decoration to add class.

Egger is a decorative material with high aesthetics
Egger is a decorative material with high aesthetics

User experience of Egger wood flooring

Egger not only appreciates customers with attractive promotions, but also provides an excellent user experience. Here are some of the positive reviews that Egger has received over the years:

Egger laminate flooring is always appreciated by users
Architect Mr. Alex

Admittedly, this Egger laminate floor is extremely durable. I've been using it for a while and haven't seen any scratches. This makes me really feel secure about the quality of the floor, I am 100% satisfied with this investment.
Egger floors are used in many different spaces
Flower shop owner Ms. Maria

I am impressed with the variety of Egger's designs. There are many floor color options, giving me more options when designing my living space.
Egger is the first choice for a safe and modern living space
MC Thanh Giang

What I especially like about Egger laminate flooring is that it is safe for children. With two small children in the house, choosing materials that are not harmful to children's health is my top priority. Egger laminate flooring has made me completely secure when giving my children a play space on the floor without worrying about health.
Egger wooden floors - Safe wooden floors for children
Egger laminate flooring – Safe wooden floors for children

Join the program "Buy Egger Wood Floor - Accessories Promotion" today to save money for your family. If you have any further questions, you can ask for further advice at: (+84) 903 093 221 for a quick response.

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