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Decorative T-braces and applications in life

Decorative T-brace is a type of outstanding brace with a capital T-shaped design, which is used to connect the openings of the wall, floor or transition the material panels, etc. The following shares will help readers better understand the type of brace. this decoration.

T-brackets for home wall decoration
T-brackets for home wall decoration

What is a decorative T-brace?

This type of brace is shaped like the letter "T". They are used to finish the edges and joints of decorative materials. This is also a popular accessory with an eye-catching and delicate design that has contributed to the aesthetics of many details such as ceilings, walls, doors, wall corners, floor corners, etc.

Decorative brace with the letter T
Decorative brace with the letter T

Normally, T-brackets are diverse in size, so users will have many choices when installing. At the same time, this accessory is also produced in many different colors including gold, silver, pink, black, white, ... to match many decorative styles.

The most popular types of T-braces today

Based on the material, T-braces include the following common types:

Brass decorative T-brace

Brass T-braces are made of pure copper or copper alloys. Products are manufactured based on available T-molds in various sizes. Through modern production technology, this accessory is extremely durable, resistant to oxidation and defies all the effects of harsh environments. Decorative brace Brass T-shape has a shiny surface, bringing a luxurious and classy space.

However, the price of copper braces is quite high, especially brass braces, because the product is made from 100% pure copper. Besides, the scratch resistance of copper braces is not good, it is easy to tarnish when used for a long time.

Brass T-Brace
Brass T-Brace

Aluminum T-Bracket

Aluminum T-bar stands out with a variety of colors thanks to the high-grade anodized coating on the surface. Not only diverse models, this accessory also has an effective anti-corrosion feature, not rusting as well as not oxidizing during use.

In particular, the decorative T-shaped aluminum brace is quite light in weight, so transportation and installation is quite simple. Contributing to ensuring aesthetics and ease of construction in many large and small projects. Typically installed in apartments, villas, restaurants, hotels, cafes, commercial centers, etc.

Because of its light weight, the aluminum brace is easily deformed during transportation. The adhesion in this accessory is not high, so it needs to be installed with glue to increase the durability of the brace.

T-shaped aluminum splint
T-shaped aluminum splint

Stainless steel T splint

The T-shaped decorative brace made of durable stainless steel has good bearing capacity, does not rust and is colorfast over time. This accessory is usually manufactured from 304 stainless steel. The surface of the T-shaped stainless steel brace is shiny, beautiful, highly reflective, increasing the aesthetic value of the living space. This accessory is used in many luxurious projects such as villas, penthouses, villas, ... and places with many people walking such as elevators, reception halls, etc.

During construction, users need to use more glue or other accessories for reinforcement to ensure the strength of the brace. On the other hand, stainless steel braces have few models, users will not have many choices when using this accessory.

Plastic T-Bracket

T-shaped plastic brace It is a relatively inexpensive brace. Products are manufactured from high quality SPC, PVC plastic materials, contributing to long-term durability. In addition, the plastic T-Bracket is equipped with a decorative pattern, creating a wider variety of designs and colors. The most popular line today is the fake wood plastic brace, featuring beautiful natural wood grains, creating a luxurious and classy living space.

T-shaped plastic brace
T-shaped plastic brace

Plastic braces are also waterproof, have good adhesion and do not expand or warp like metal braces. However, being made of plastic, this product is not heat resistant. If installed in locations with high temperature, it will affect the quality of the brace.

Applications of decorative T-shaped splints

Currently, T-brackets are mainly used for decoration and concealment of joints on walls and floors and as an anti-slip accessory in the lobby, stairs, etc.

Connect the gaps in the wall

Gaps in the wall often occur at joints between sheets or due to the expansion of building materials. T-brackets are used to connect gaps in the wall, which improves the aesthetics and contributes to the protection of the wall from moisture.

Decorative T-brackets connecting wall panels
Decorative T-brackets connecting wall panels

Transition decorative material panels

Decorative T-brackets are often used to transition between panels of decorative materials such as plastic wall panels, floor panels, etc. This accessory will help the materials to be synchronized and firmly linked together. Bring a professional and sustainable decoration.

The article has introduced to readers of all kinds decorative T-clip the most common as well as the applications of this brace.

If you have many questions about T brace accessories, please contact Viet Nam Kosmos Joint Stock Company or contact here for an answer!

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