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Brass braces – Accessories to enhance modern living space

Brass brace It is a type of accessory used mainly in interior decoration. If you still have many doubts about this brace, please follow the article below of Kosmos!


What is an interior decorative copper brace?

Brass brace is a kind of copper interior decoration accessories, popular in restaurants, hotels, commercial centers, etc. With simple structure, long service life and high aesthetics, type This brace brings elegance and class to every project.

Use a copper yellow V brace to create accents for the living space
Use a copper yellow V brace to create accents for the living space

In terms of composition, there are two common types, which are brace made from alloy copper and brace made from pure copper.

  • Alloy Braces: Manufactured from copper alloy, used to protect the edge trim of material panels. The alloy mixture of this brace is a combination of many metals such as zinc, nickel, aluminum, ... creating a brace with higher hardness and durability than conventional braces. Most types alloy brace It has beautiful colors and high gloss, so it is popular to use as accents in decoration.
  • Pure copper splint: Pure copper is a ductile, soft metal that conducts electricity and does not oxidize in air. Often used to decorate and protect the edges or gaps between material sheets. This type of brace has a variety of colors, from simple to complex, so they will suit many different design styles.

The most popular types of copper braces

Depending on the external appearance, we will have many different types of braces. Each type will have different uses. Here are some common types of braces made from copper:

Splint Type Installation location Uses Illustration
L-shaped brass brace – Corner of wall or door

– The place where the floor meets the wall or between the material sheets

– Cover the connector or floor-to-wall termination point

- Effective floor protection

- Create a luxurious beauty for the space

V-shaped brass brace – Edges of stairs

– Corners or in gaps between walls and floors

- Protect floor edge, stair edge

- Anti-slip on stairs

– Covers right-angle joints and gaps in corners

- Interior decoration

T-shaped brace – Joints of material sheets or intersection points between floors – Covering gaps in the wall, joints between material sheets

– Floor link between two rooms

- Create accents for the interior space

U-shaped brace – At the edge of the wall, the edge of the floor

– On doors, windows

– Covering the defects of interior materials

- Create accents for living space

F-Brace – Edge of floor, edge of wall, steps of stairs

– On doors, windows

- Anti-slip on the stairs

- Decoration for interior space

- Used to finish the floor to increase aesthetics


Pros and cons of brass decorative braces

Each type of brace will have its own highlights and limitations. Here are the pros and cons of braces made from copper.

Advantages of copper braces

Braces from copper alloy are diverse in design with many designs. Therefore, they are highly flexible and can be installed in many different locations. At the same time, this factor also makes the construction of the brace easier. Thereby bringing high aesthetics and luxury to the interior space.

Copper braces have a variety of models for users to choose from
Copper braces have a variety of models for users to choose from


Copper alloy brace has not high scratch resistance. Besides, they are quite limited in color (translucent bronze and golden bronze). Some types are susceptible to corrosion or tarnishing in high humidity environments.


Applications of copper braces in interior decoration

Currently, decorative brass braces are applied for many purposes such as surface protection, bonding of material sheets, anti-slipping, ..

Wall and ceiling decoration

Featured with anti-corrosion, high strength and easy to bend properties, copper braces are applied to create decorative patterns on walls or ceilings. This helps to bring a luxurious, durable space. This will be a great choice for those who want their family's living space to be more beautiful and impressive.

Use copper splints to decorate doors and partitions

This accessory is also used to decorate doors, windows, partitions. Contributing to bring modernity and sophistication to living space. On the other hand, copper material is resistant to corrosion, this will contribute to effective door and partition protection, helping homeowners save on repair and maintenance costs, etc.

See more: Video on how to install wooden floor braces.

Decorate and protect the joints of material sheets

Brass made from copper is also an accessory used to cover the connection between the material plates. Contributing to increasing the connection of decorative materials as well as protecting and creating a unique beauty for living space. Because of its durability and ease of use, decorative brace This is applied in many types of buildings from houses to offices and public works.

Copper splints as joints between material sheets
Copper splints as joints between material sheets

Notes on using copper decorative braces

Each type of brace will have different thickness and hardness, so learn to choose the right brace for your use. During the installation process, the construction worker also needs to prepare special glue to increase durability and ensure the aesthetics of the brace.

Brass with solid thickness
Brass with solid thickness

Besides, users should clean the splint periodically to keep them fresh and shiny, just use a soft cloth to wipe it. At the same time, limit the use of acidic cleaners. If you do not need to use copper braces, please store them in high-thickness packaging to prevent the brace from being bumped.

Above are Kosmos's sharing about copper splint as well as the most common types of brass braces. Hope the article will be useful and give you the right choice.

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